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Kevin Kelley

Kevin Kelley was born on February 25th 1953 in Indianapolis Indiana. Kevin was the third oldest of six children born to Katherine and Merideth Wayne Kelley. Kevin’s childhood was difficult and turbulent.   He lost his parents and brother Gary at age eleven, twelve and thirteen. Following the death of his mother he lived in various foster homes before moving to Torrance California to live with Aunt Vivian, Uncle Paul and three cousin brothers.  Kevin was most grateful for his new family and their love and acceptance. Kevin lived with a continued ache and longing for siblings Don, Gary, Jane, Tim and Kathy.

In California Kevin found joy, solace and grounding with Boy Scouts, baseball and gymnastics. Kevin received the Order of the Arrow and was one badge short of receiving the Eagle Scout merit.  Kevin’s high school gymnastics team won the state championship in the years he attended. His favorite event was the long horse. Kevin was an amazing baseball player! He played top-level baseball in the Connie Mack baseball League. He continued to play in men’s softball leagues until the age of 45.  Kevin hung up his glove following a serious injury that followed a “Pete Rose” slide into home plate.  We’re quite sure he would have stayed in the game had he been called “safe”.

Kevin and Nancy both attended Narbonne High School in Harbor City, CA.  They were casually acquainted until several years later when Kevin rescued Nancy on the side of the rode following a car breakdown. After the rescue Kevin invited Nancy to see the latest addition to his aquarium, “bubble eye” fish! The day extended into the evening with a walk on the Redondo Beach pier. Kevin’s quick wit, humor and gracious spirit quickly stole Nancy’s heart.  Kevin and Nancy were married on March 9, 1974.  Nancy is the 2nd oldest of eight children. Kevin quickly embraced the love of this large family, especially his position as Nicholas and Clair Moran’s 4th son. Kevin affectionately called Nick  “Number One” (there are currently 4 Nick’s in the family).  Within a few months the newlyweds packed up and headed north to Seattle Washington where Nancy’s family had recently relocated. Kevin and Nancy purchased their first home in Juanita, Kirkland two months later. Kevin was 21 years old and Nancy 19. Oh my, so young!

Kevin and Nancy have four beautiful grown children, Christopher, Katie, Colleen and Carolyn. Each is now married and raising their own family. Kevin’s grandchildren brought him so much joy!  Kevin’s eleventh grandchild is due to arrive on his birthday, February 25th.  Kevin could often be heard saying, “If I knew grandkids were this much fun I would have had them first”!

Kevin cherished the early years of child rearing. He was the biggest and proudest fan while cheering on his children in soccer, baseball, volleyball, piano, trumpet, ballet and wrestling.

Kevin was very social and wasn’t shy with a microphone.  He relished the opportunity to add color at Katie’s high school soccer games from the Pop Keeney press box.  Although it wasn’t apparent coach Casella appreciated Kevin’s humor rest assured the fans did! He also loved the role of emcee at the annual neighborhood 4th of July block party.

The majority of Kevin’s working career was in aerospace, predominately University Swaging/Primus International. He started his career as a machinist and was soon promoted to shop foreman. Early on it became apparent Kevin excelled in human relations and he eventually moved to a full time position in Human Resources. Kevin was a fan of slapstick comedy movies. At University Swaging he proclaimed himself as one of the “Three Amigos”, along with Conrad Scheffleur and Greg Davenport. He loved to quote lines from this movie along with excerpts from many others. Kevin took a brief hiatus from the aerospace industry and worked as an agent for Andy Mirkovich Productions. Andy Mirkovich is owned and operated by long time friend, John Perugini. Once again Kevin found opportunity to charm audiences behind the microphone as an emcee at a variety of different venues.

In 1979 Kevin was invited to attend a men’s retreat hosted by Crossroads Bible Church. Kevin was struggling with unresolved childhood trauma. This group of men loved and accepted Kevin unconditionally, right where he was. It was at this retreat Kevin surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He came to realize that what he knew and believed of Jesus must also take root in his heart. Although the journey wasn’t easy Kevin never lost site of God’s holiness and the price Jesus paid to bring him home. Kevin met his death with dignity, grace and bravery.  Although it sorrowed him greatly to leave his earthly family he trusted the Lord to bring him safely home.  His hope was founded in God’s Word “therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1) and “now we are confident and are pleased rather to be absent out of the body and to be at home with the Lord. ”  (2 Corinthians 5:8) Kevin has worked alongside Nancy in Children’s Ministries teaching Sunday school for 35+ years.

Kevin has been dealing with health challenges for many years. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 53. Shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with diabetes. As the disease progressed it led to congestive heart and renal failure.

We are very grateful for the outstanding and compassionate care Kevin received from Evergreen Medical Center, Evergreen Home Health, Life Care Center of Kirkland, Northwest Kidney Center and Evergreen Home Hospice.

I (Nancy) am so appreciative of the love lavished on Kevin by friends and family during Kevin’s darkest hour, especially the continued presence and adoration of our children.  We would also like to thank former neighbor (nurse) Nancy Krause. Nancy lives in Maryland but traveled to care for Kevin following his final dialysis treatment. Nancy’s medical skill, support and care for Kevin was exceptional and such a blessing!


If one could sum up Kevin’s life in a few words it would be this:

·       Kevin loved the simple things in life!

·       He loved belonging to a family

·       He loved the Lord Jesus, and worship music

·       He loved making people laugh

·       He loved singing to Andre Bocelli

·       Kevin was transparent and loved to compliment his wife, and children openly and unashamed

·       He loved playing air guitar to old rock n roll

·       He loved watering and overseeing the garden

·       He loved doing figure 8’s in his wheelchair, in the cul-de-sac alongside his grand-babes

·       He loved his mother-in-laws cooking and neighbor Freddy’s lumpia wraps

·       He loved Tim’s Cascade jalapeno potato chips and Welch’s fruit snacks

·       He loved you!


Rest in peace Kevin. You will reside in our hearts forever…….


A Celebration of Kevin’s life will be held on Saturday, October 6th at 10:00 AM.

Canyon Hills Community Church
22027 17th Avenue SE
Bothell, WA 98021

In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the American Diabetes Association or World Vision.

8 Responses to “Kevin Kelley”

  • Gerry Eagle says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I loved teasing Kevin as he rode by my house “breaking the speed limit.” Thank you for sharing Kevin’s story Nancy. God bless you and keep you as you move forward. I will be out of town that weekend, but my heart will be with you. Maybe we can get a walk in when you feel up to it.
    May the amazing love of our Savior Jesus wrap you in His love and warmth.
    Love, Gerry Eagle

  • Mike Cato says:

    Kevin, you’ve been a great friend and neighbor. I will so miss having you next door to banter with. The wheel chair races were the best! Adios Amigo!!

    Nancy, I’m so sorry for you loss. Please don’t hesitate to let Barb or me know if we can do anything for you.


  • Mark Leopold says:

    I met Kevin when I, like Kevin, married into the Moran family in 1981, a few years after the Kelley’s move from California to Washington. Kevin also loved being the #1 Brother-in-Law, and I was the #3 Brother-in-law in a family that would soon grow seemingly exponentially. But more than that, Kevin became the big brother that I really never had, providing me a true role model for centering my life around family. When I first began dating my soon-to-be bride Peggy (Sister #4), I can still remember visiting Kevin and Nancy, sitting on their sofa in their home and Kevin grilling me about what I was going to do with my life, what kind of job I would get to support Peggy and my eventual family. I never had anyone talk to me like this, but it became evident that Kevin’s difficult childhood made him appreciate family and not take it for granted; and to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure that family came first. Yes, Kevin reveled in his role as the #1 Brother-in-Law and was always welcoming and jovial, but he also took his role seriously! He wanted the best for his little sister (Peggy) and I needed to aspire to bigger things to meet Kevin’s expectations. That’s what a big brother can do as a role model, and I owe much of my family values on what Kevin taught me, in words and in deeds. I was grateful to have been able to share this story with Kevin over dinner the week before he passed as we shared hugs, laughter, and tears together for one last time. And today I share this story so all of Kevin’s extended family and friends can see the side of Kevin that I knew so well.

    Kevin, you will be missed, but your influence in my life will remain forever and I will always aspire to be the man, the husband, the father – and yes the grandfather – that would have met with your approval!

    Your loving brother, Mark

  • Dione and Mario Garcia says:

    Dear Nancy,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May your hearts be comforted.

  • Annie West and Family says:

    Dear Nancy and family. Kevin was a Shepard among us…Spreading joy with words and actions. Years back When Kevin heard I was going to Bible Study he appeared with a Parable Bible as a gift. He did not want me to miss a thing! That was Kevin…If you listened closely to Kevin there always was a gift…

  • Annie West and Family says:

    Kevin was a Shepard among us spreading joy with his words laughter and actions. Years back when Kevin learned I was going to Bible Study, he appeared with a Parable Bible at our home. As a gift. He did not want me to miss a thing! That was Kevin. If you listened closely to Kevin there always was a gift.

  • Pattie Burnell says:

    Nancy and family,
    I was so sad to hear about Kevin. I would often run into him at our shared doctor’s office. He always had something funny to say and seemed to enjoy making people laugh.
    I loved sharing our Sunday school kids with both of you. What faithful servants you both were and are, all the way to Kevin’s homecoming.
    I will miss him!
    My heart is breaking for you Nancy, as well as for your family. It is never easy to see our loved one go home, even though we know where they are going.
    Much love, prayers and hugs are being sent your way.

  • Sally Kirkman says:

    Oh Kevin, you will be missed. I look back on so many get-togethers over the years as you and the Morans accepted Jim and I as members of your family. Jim always looked forward to spending time with you. I like to think that he welcomed you last week, and you are now sharing a fine shot of tequila and watching over us all…cheering us on as we succeed and reaching down with a comforting hand when we stumble. Please rest assured that we will all rally around Nancy and the kids. Sweet rest and God’s blessings to you Kevin.

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