Robert Charles Fahnestock (“Robby”)

Robert Charles Fahnestock

Born December 29, 1943 Died May 29, 2018

He entered this world on December 29, 1943, and for the next 74 years, five months and one day he changed the world he lived in and everyone he encountered.

He was born with two amazing blessings: he possessed outstanding athletic ability especially in the sport of basketball.  As an all-star and all-state point guard he was considered the greatest passing guard in Washington State history.  In his 20 years of organized basketball, even though he was an outstanding shooter, he always passed the ball to his teammates first, making all of them better players.

He also was born with immense love.  From day one his charming personality, his overwhelming “charisma”, and his quick and whacky wit made all the thousands he encountered a more joyous person.

After a mid-life crisis (a deadly brain aneurysm) he was inspired to turn his life over to the Lord.  He then joined the Unity Church and after two years of intense study at their Monastery in Independence, Missouri he became a fully ordained Minister.  He dedicated the rest of his life performing hospice work with the sick and elderly.

After a double stroke, followed by cancer, dementia, and Parkinson disease, Robby was forced to retire.  In his final five years he was confined to a small nursing home in Shoreline, Washington.  During that time he was continuously surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones as he was right until the hour he passed away at Northgate Hospital.

He will be missed and never forgotten.  All of his friends are invited to join us in a joyous celebration of his life.  This will take place at Unity Church located at 200 7th Ave N, Downtown Seattle (across from Denny Park) on Saturday, June 16th, at 2 pm.


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