Ruth Laura Harold




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Ruth Laura Harold

Ruth Catsiff was born in New York City on July 16, 1931, and grew up in New Jersey.

Her life took a more adventurous turn when she chose to go to college in Tucson, fell in love with the western landscape, and never looked back. Graduating from the University of Arizona in 1952, she moved further west to the University of California at Berkeley where she earned a Master’s Degree in bacteriology, and met her husband, Frank Harold.

They settled in Colorado, first in Denver and later in Fort Collins.

Ruth was passionate about mountains, hiking, science, and traveling to the far corners of the world. All her life she was active, engaged, and productive. She ran a home, raised a daughter, conducted research in microbial physiology, and in retirement painted watercolor landscapes. With all that she still found time to roam and see what the world has to offer to lovers of antiquity, art, and the high hills.

Ruth is survived by her husband Frank, daughter Stephanie, granddaughter Jordan, and her sister Beth Unger.


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