Wu Jiandou


Wu Jiandou passed away on the morning of December 12, 2017, in Seattle, WA, at the age of 91.

He was respectfully known to the younger Wu family generations as great uncle, second great uncle, YeYe, second YeYe, second Waigong. Respected elder great man, Wu Jiandou, was born in Yixing, China in 1927. Since he was young, he diligently worked hard, very earnest on whatever he was doing; he always respected teachers and elders, got along with his brothers and sisters; his whole life, he set an example for others, and he specialized in research and desired to learn. In our elder generation, he read more books than everyone and got the highest education: he received his B.S. from Fudan University, and Master’s degree from China People’s University. He was a professor in Law and Philosophy with real talent and solid knowledge. He loved and cared for the growth of the next generation, and personally taught and guided the next generation even though he was extremely busy. He taught us, the next generation, with in depth knowledge. He finally passed away and had to leave us due to old age. He will have a funeral service in Seattle in U.S. time December 14th, 11 A.M. Let all the relatives express our deepest respect and true love eulogies to him! We will always remember him! Peace!


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