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Carol Cota

Frances Carol Cota, of Kirkland, Washington, passed away November 13, 2017.  She was 73.

Carol was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Frances Molesky and Francis Kenneth Cota.  She and her brother Ken Cota spent their young lives traveling the world as military brats, stationed in various locations around the world including Panama.  As a young adult, she worked as a civilian for the military from 1958-1960. While stationed in Germany, she met Elvis Presley and had her picture taken with the singer.

A firm believer in equality for women, she worked her way up from a secretarial position at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to join the male-dominated analyst division and helped pave the way for future generations of women. Carol retired as a Systems Analyst from the FAA in 2006.

She spent her retirement enjoying walks at St. Edwards State Park with her dogs Isabella and Sadie, keeping up with politics, and gardening.

She is survived by her three children: Michael D. Masyn, Carolyn Jean Ebert and Cynthia Anne Peterson, and two grandchildren, Collin and Quintin McCready.

Services will be private, family-only.

Suggestions for remembrances: ALS Association, Seattle Humane Society, Citizens for St. Edward State Park.





7 Responses to “Frances Carol Cota”

  • Julie and Greg Hoskinson says:

    She was a strong lady that loved her children. Always had a special place in her heart for her son. Mike always put his Mom first before anything else. I know he told her in words how much he loved her, but she knew it by his actions. Prayers and love to her family~

  • Nicole says:

    My heart is so sad , I was very lucky to meet her she was a fireball of a woman!
    She will be truly missed !
    Lots of love to her family in this difficult time .

  • Daniel charvet says:

    I work for mike mayson. And over the time ive known him i have never seen a better example of how to love ur mother. Ive learned so much from u mike. Im becoming a better man in all areas of my life because of it all.. thank u for showing us all what love looks like in action. Truly an inspiration. May god truly bless u during this hardship. All my love to u and ur family.

  • Mark says:

    I just heard about your mother passing away. Carol was a great person and a great spirit. Her wisdom still stays with me.

    I’m sorry for your loss and I’m sorry that we’ve lost touch.

    I hope you are all getting through this and are doing well.

  • Dick Aarons says:

    Just learned of Carol’s death. She was a good friend in Mt. Holly New Jersey. She has always been in my thoughts. I have pictures of her from 1959/60 if any of her childrent/grandchildren want copies. Let me know.
    She was a beautiful, strong, kind person.

  • Collin says:

    I am her grandson by the way, I searched her name in google because I wanted to see if it knew anything about people in my family’s history and I found out things I did not know before.

  • Carolyn Ebert says:

    Mr. Aarons, this is Carol’s daughter Jean. I would love to see photos of my Mom from 59/60. Thank you for your kind note on this page.

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