Douglas Austin Krajina

November 16, 1992 – October 24, 2017


image of Douglas Austin Krajina

Douglas Austin Krajina

“When I die, I Hope people don’t mourn too much or try to bring me back. I want everyone to know that I’ll be at Peace when I’m gone. I don’t want anyone to say that I was too young to die. I’m not too young to die. I feel like I’ve lived countless Lives before this one, and numerous Lives within this one. But this one is the last one, and this one has been and will be the most memorable. And I want to be here with the people I Love for as long as I can be, living and learning and Loving, but when the time comes, I’ll be ready. I know where I’m going and it’s incredible. So I hope no one will think that my Death is a tragedy. My Death will be beautiful. And I Hope you don’t think this is a suicide note. Any of us could go at any time. When I’m gone, I simply ask that you remember me for who I am and try to be happy for me. Please be happy for me, because Death is the end of a long and seemingly never-ending struggle. Death is not a tragedy. The tragedy is how we perceive Death. These bodies are just tools that our Mind uses to explore and to expand Consciousness and to prepare the Soul for what is to come. Bodies deteriorate , but Spirit lives on. And when I die, my Spirit will be Free. Until then, I’m just living and learning and Loving. And y’all are the reason this is all possible.”

– written by Douglas Austin Krajina on May 2, 2012

3 Responses to “Douglas Austin Krajina”

  • Ronnie Lynn Holley says:

    Doug,I look forward to meeting you in a life without suffering and struggling… a life full of love, peace and happiness.

  • Louise Krajina says:

    Christmas was very different this year.
    You were not physically with us.
    We tried so hard not to shed a tear.
    I remember how much you loved Christmas Day.
    You always loved opening gifts.
    You also loved giving,and you became a generous soul.
    We miss you so much,Douglas.
    I have a feeling that you know.
    We had snow on Christmas,which was quite beautiful.
    You spent Christmas with Jesus in Heaven.
    I felt a sense of your happy Spirit.
    Knowing that you are Free brings me peace.
    If only I did not feel this emptiness.
    I want the emptiness to remain.
    Because that empty place in my heart is you.
    Watch over us,my youngest child. Love, Mom

  • Christopher Hanson says:

    Doug, you are one of my best friends. I have so many fond memories of just laughing and having a great time hanging out with you. I remember when you and Peter were on the opposing basketball team as I was and we were joking around while we were in a “serious” game of basketball. Or the time we looked thru our yearbook and said which girl we thought was the cutest. Thanks for being such a great friend to me. I miss you homie, see you again when I pass away.

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