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Eleanor Bohren-Turner

Eleanor (Sherlock) Bohren-Turner was a kind, caring person who loved to laugh and have fun. She was born in Manchester, England in 1942. Her mother and father, Kathleen and Edmund, were both from Ireland and her father was stationed in India during WWII. She disliked the smell and taste of curry because her father used to bring it home to use in cooking.

Life was hard for the family after her father died of muscular sclerosis when Eleanor was fifteen years-old and her mother was sponsored by a Catholic priest to move to California with Eleanor and her then nine year-old sister, Ann (Sherlock, Hammond) Young.

Eleanor graduated from Point Loma High School in San Diego and went on to work as an assistant to the first female dentist in California. She met her first husband in the dentist chair and told her boss, “That’s the man I’m going to marry!” Jan K. Bohren was a student at San Diego State University at the time and they were married a year later. They had a daughter, Shannon (Bohren) Celli-Harney, in 1962, when Eleanor was just 20 years-old.

Eleanor’s 1st husband, Jan, worked for the Federal Government and after living for many years in southern California, his job took them to Washington D.C. and then to Honolulu, Hawaii (her favorite place!), finally settling in Bellevue, Washington in 1975. During that time, Eleanor continued to work as a dental assistant. Her sister, Ann married Jim Hammond and together had Eleanor’s beloved only nephew, Brett Hammond, in 1971. Eleanor’s mother passed away from lung cancer in 1975.

In 1982, Jan and Eleanor divorced after 20 years of marriage. She then worked as a claims adjuster for an insurance company and then continued her schooling to become a Medical Assistant.

Her daughter, Shannon, had Eleanor’s first grandchild, Tyler (Celli) in 1984. Eleanor despised the Seattle weather and, with her daughter grown and with a family of her own, “El” (as her friends called her) moved back to sunny San Diego in 1986. Her sister, Ann, had remained in southern California since moving there from England, and Eleanor moved into the house right next door.

Eleanor met her second husband, Maurice P. Turner, at a exercise class. At the time she was only in her early 40’s and Maurice, a long time insurance broker, was almost 15 years her elder. The 6’4” Maurice towered over the petite 5’2” Eleanor but he was smitten with the feisty little English woman and they were soon married at their beautiful home in the Bay Park area of San Diego.

Maurice soon retired and they spent many years traveling to foreign lands, including most of Europe – Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Italy, France Prague, as well as the Virgin Islands, Fiji, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, the Amazon and more. She loved to travel, stay in nice hotels and eat in the best restaurants.

Eleanor was active in life and worked as a medical assistant. She enjoyed going for walks and working in her beautiful garden. She loved to sing and dance, being the life of the party. She was a great entertainer and threw elegant dinner parties. She enjoyed hosting her sister, nephew, daughter, and grandchildren’s visits regularly and spoiled them with love.

Maurice had two grown sons, Jeff and Scott, and two grandchildren of his won. He was a jazz aficionado and was the guest DJ on a local San Diego jazz radio station. Eleanor’s daughter re-married John “Ross” Harney in 1991, each bringing a seven year-old boy to the marriage, Ross’ son, Brandon Harney and Shannon’s son, Tyler Celli. Together, Ross and Shannon had two more children, Lucas and Olivia Harney. Eleanor is survived by five of these grandchildren – Brandon passed away in 2000 when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. Maurice battled Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the Eleanor cared for him for many years until his passing in 2009.

After Maurice’s passing, Eleanor reacquainted with an old friend from Seattle, Charlie Sheckler, who lived in Cannon Beach, Oregon. She spent time traveling to Hawaii and Cuba with Charlie and maintained a long-distance relationship until Eleanor developed Alzheimer’s and could no longer travel.

In 2013, Eleanor’s disease had progressed significantly and she was unable to continue living on her own. Ann and Shannon moved her up to the Seattle area so that she could be closer to her Shannon who could help care for her.

After living in several care facilities, Eleanor finally found a new adult family “home” that she enjoyed with friendships and opportunities to sit in the sunshine on nice days. Her caregiver’s, Daniel and Daniella Sas were especially kind to her and treated her with great respect and love.

She passed away on August 4th from complications developed from diverticulitis and Alzheimer’s disease. Eleanor’s sister, Ann Young, was able to spend her final days with Eleanor and she was visited by her oldest friend, Argentina Melchior, prior to her passing. Her daughter Shannon was able to be by her side, holding her hand and stroking her face when she passed.

Eleanor was a happy person, extremely empathetic and compassionate. She was able to laugh at herself and always enjoyed helping others. She is survived by her daughter, Shannon Harney; sister Ann Young and her husband Cheui Young; nephew Brett Hammond; grandchildren Tyler Celli, Lucas Harney and Olivia Harney, plus Maurice’s sons, Scott and Jeff Turner.

Before her passing, she learned that her oldest grandson, Tyler and his wife Jenna, were expecting Eleanor’s first great-grandchild, due in February 2018.

The family appreciates the outpouring of kindness and love that we have received on behalf of Eleanor. She will be greatly missed by all of her cousins in England and Canada, as well as friends who knew and loved her.

Services will be held in Manchester, England and San Diego, California on dates yet to be determined. Remembrances may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association at http://www.alz.org.

For more information, contact Shannon at:

3 Responses to “Eleanor (Sherlock) Bohren-Turner”

  • Ann Young says:

    My sister Eleanor had a kind heart. I was the younger sister and she felt a great responsibility to protect me , and she did. She comforted me in troubled times, and was always there to listen. She was good to me.
    We enjoyed wonderful times together, family get-togethers, traveling and hanging out.
    My son Brett and I will miss her, and think of her often
    We love ❤️ you El and are happy you are at peace .

  • Meredith Kennedy says:

    Eleanor was one of the sweetest & kindest person I’ve ever known. She had an extra sparkle in her eye whenever I was fortunate enough to see her. A remarkable hostess with a wonderful sense of humor & a loving heart, she was a fun hostess at her fabulous dinner parties.
    The song has ended but the.melody lingers…rest in peace, dearest Eleanor. You are missed.

  • Shannon Harney says:

    I still think of you every day, mom. I love you so much and miss your beautiful smile.

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