Thomas Clinton Floyd

Thomas Clinton Floyd was born in Hampton, Virginia on March 29, 1952. He was the fourth of six brothers and one sister raised by five strong Christian women in Boston, Massachusetts.  The first of his family to go to and graduate from college, Thomas played the position of running back for the Boston University Terriers and received his Bachelor Degree in Health Science.  After trying out for several NFL teams, including the Washington Redskins, St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers, his hopes of pursing a football career were cut short as a result of a hamstring injury.  Thomas instead decided to teach physical education to middle school students for ten years in inner city Boston during the height of the affirmative action era.  After that experience, he claimed he developed an allergy to middle schoolers.


Thomas would say that he “pursued the American dream” and bought the house, the boat, and the car (he had a thing for fast cars, and the Corvette was his jam back in the day).  One year he was sitting at home in Boston watching the New Year’s Day Rose Parade, which was filmed in sunny Pasadena, California.  With eight feet of snow piled outside his window, he envisioned himself wearing shorts and a t-shirt as one of the parade onlookers. That moment prompted his move to the west coast the following year and he never looked back.  Thomas lived in Los Angeles, CA and was a personal trainer to the stars while competing as a bodybuilder on and off for eight years.  If you were ever out on the Venice Beach boardwalk back in the 80’s, chances are you saw him out there taking pictures with the tourists in his turquoise posing trunks.


After residing in San Diego, Atlanta, and Oklahoma City, Thomas moved to the Pacific Northwest in the mid 90’s.  With one last desire to explore geographical moves, he landed in San Francisco, CA for about four years, where he tried his hand at selling Persian rugs, dabbled in physical therapy, and worked with adolescents with special needs.  Thomas made his way back to Seattle in May 2004 and has called it his home ever since.  It was October 2004 when Thomas was working as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym on Capitol Hill where he met his beloved Maggie and the two were pretty much inseparable ever since.


From the moment he got a set of dumbbells from his uncle on his sixteenth birthday, working out quickly become an outlet for Thomas, and you could easily find him in the gym five times a week.  Walking the warehouse at Costco was considered a field trip, and became his ‘Cheers’ where everybody knew his name.  He was known for his smile, his strength, his voice, his kindness, his wisdom, and his relentless pursuit of helping others.  Thomas was a huge fan of the ocean and recently had the opportunity to have some relaxing getaways at Ocean Shores, WA, Seaside, OR, and Port Townsend, WA.  He also loved going to the movies and would often bring a buddy and some snacks and sometimes even sneak into a second movie just for fun.  By now he has certainly made amends with the theater gods and begged for forgiveness.  Those extra hours of free entertainment were worth every second.


In June 2015, Thomas began having stomach pain and was diagnosed with stage two pancreatic cancer in August 2016.  After four rounds of unsuccessful chemotherapy and a determination that he was not a candidate for surgery, hospice was engaged in January 2017.  Thomas lost his brave ten-month battle at the Evergreen Health Hospice Care Center in Kirkland, WA and took his last breath here on earth the morning of May 17, 2017.  Thomas’ love for his creator stayed evident to the very end and he would be the first to tell anyone that his relationship with Jesus Christ was stronger than ever. Big T was loved by so many and will be greatly missed but his legacy will live on in any of us who had the pleasure of crossing paths with this gentle giant.


7 Responses to “Thomas Clinton Floyd”

  • Jean Stephens says:

    What a wonderful tribute to a truly awesome person. He will be missed. Love to you Maggie.

  • Tali Kiboigo says:

    I believe I first saw Thomas at Gold’s gym on 99 in Seattle. Shortly after I started seeing him weekly(cruising the samples) at the Costco where I worked. Through our friendly conversations we came to realize we shared interests in working out, watching movies and God! Watching the way him and Maggie interacted with each other was always an inspiration. As I recently became married I will always carry the lessons I’ve learned from Thomas through life. Apart in body but together in spirit forever!

  • Elliott says:

    I have yet to meet another person who could be such a positive influence on so many people. You will be missed.

  • Mark Brand says:

    I am really saddened to learn of Thomas’ passing. I was his workout partner in San Francisco for a couple of years. Thomas was great! Aside from being a great workout partner, he was fun and warm. He taught me the term “equally yoked.” He had funny but harmless nicknames for many of the characters who used to work out at Gold’s in SF. I am glad to hear he settled down with Maggie. He seemed lonely when I knew him.

  • Evan Lieber says:

    Hi, Ive found this article searching for my birth farther. Theres a strong possibility that he was my dad. If anyone reads this and can contact me I would greatly appreciate it! Feel free to contact me on facebook or by email.
    Thank you

  • Jane Gomperts Rocha says:

    I was saddened to read this obituary, 2 years after Thomas’ death. I bookmarked it and have looked at it several times over the last couple of months. I would love to connect with you Maggie, or anyone that may be tracking loved ones comments. Respectfully,
    Jane Gomperts Rocha

  • David Raymore says:

    I met Thomas in 2004 at Gold’s Gym as my trainer. We immediately bonded as friends, and we had so much in common. I will never forget his warm smile and tender heart. Sometimes we had to go to other gyms since the new owners of the Capitol Hill Gold’s Gym refused third-party trainers to use their facility instead of their trainers.

    One day I received a call from him telling me he had to move to Kirkland for a new job at another gym. I was heartbroken losing my friend. I tried reaching out to him, but we never connected again.

    After eight years, I discovered this obituary and am incredibly devastated. I remember we had an appointment to meet at the Capitol Hill Gold’s Gym for a workout session, but he never showed up. He told me he was sorry but felt exhausted, and his stomach was hurting. This had to be a warning sign of his future diagnosis.

    Now that I found out he had terminal pancreatic cancer, this explains why his precious life was coming to an end. I will miss him terribly. I even dreamt of his big smile welcoming me to the gym, a good memory from the past. I wish I could have paid my last respects to him before he passed. He was such a good man to me and so many others.

    May Thomas Rest In Peace.

    I love you and maybe someday we will meet again.


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