Andre Miguel Wilson

November 9, 1992  – April 1, 2017


Andre Miguel Wilson

Andre Miguel Wilson

Andre’ was a vivacious, extremely bright, energetic young man with a smile that would light up a room and a heart full of compassion for animals and mankind. Andre loved the outdoors and lived every day in the moment. He had many friends around the Northwest and though his life was too short he left an impression on everyone he crossed paths with.

Andre’ leaves his 4-1/2 year old son, Thoren Andre Wilson, Mother Colleen Wilson, sister Beth Wilson, half-sister Maurissa (Misa) Cowdrick, Grandparents Kathleen and Pierre Forgette and Roy Schramm, best friend, Kyle K., and countless Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends.

Andre’ will live forever in our hearts. Rest in peace until we meet again; you were so very loved and will be missed by all.

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  • Sharon Galloway says:

    A son, brother, grandson, father, cousin, nephew, godson, and friend with a big heart and many gifts was taken too soon. God must have need of him in Heaven. Now he’s an angel and can be at peace while helping to keep us safe. There is a hole in our hearts but we know we will see you again on the other side. Lots of love..RIP

  • Chris and Kathy Beltran says:

    We hope that where you are now you can truly know how very loved you are. You are well remembered by those who remain on this earthly plane. Go with God.

  • Alexa Zeutschel says:

    Dear Andre (Merlin),
    You always called yourself by the name of a wizard and there’s not a name that could be more fitting. The conversations we’ve had since I was 12 are still locked away in my mind and I remember them as if they were yesterday. To this day, I haven’t met another person more intelligent than you on this planet. The honesty and objectivity is just incredible, the facts and knowledge you shared with me were always invaluable. I had been coming out of a severe depression when we met, meeting you I wouldn’t have ever stayed out of it. You literally taught me how to think and keep my mind in a positive state. You’d shown me strength and perseverance. We always said that you were my brother in a past life and I still believe it. I love you just as much as I always have, and I always will. When I see you in the after life, you’re getting a whooping for dying. Thank you for everything you’d done for me, I don’t think you know how much you impacted my life. I still listen to the songs you’d shown me, and follow the advice you gave me. HS Buddy Boo <3

  • Jossie Marie Hicks says:

    There aren’t very many things that make me laugh hard. The kind of laughing that makes me cry and makes my face and sides hurt. The kind where even years later I still chuckle more than I should. Andre could draw that kind of laughter out easily. It’s a rare gift and I’m glad I experienced it with him. I’ll miss that. But I will have the times we’ve laughed in the past to remember when my present needs to be a little brighter. Good bye brother, Rest In Peace.

  • Autumn Russell says:

    I’m having a hard time thinking of what to say. I am so, so lucky to have gotten to meet Andre. He had the kindest heart. I remember a lot of nights up late talking, I felt like I could tell him absolutely anything. You will be so, so missed, Andre. <3

  • Jenny L Terrell says:

    Birth mother Jenny Lewis Terrell I reside in Great Falls Montana now and have not seen you since you were seven years old I miss so much with you I made some very bad choices in life that affected my children and family I’m sorry eternally for them and only wish that I could have spent some time with you thank you for leaving such a beautiful grandson hopefully their family will allow me to be part and my dad part of your son Thorns life while you were on this Earth my wish for you was the God would Grant you always a Sunbeam to warm warm you a Moonbeam to charm you a Sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you laughter to cheer you Faithful Friends near you and whenever you pray heaven to hear you.

    Thorns Mother read this please contact me at 406 781 7482 and anyone else that would like to talk with me about Andre I’d be more than happy to speak with you thank you God bless my son rest in peace in heavenly

  • Jess Martin says:

    Just now seeing this and it hit me that you’re really gone. I’ll always remember our late night phone calls and my space chats, then meeting you for the first time ever, years later. All the crazy years in Kent. You will be missed by everyone. We love you, Merlin.
    Ivy & Ruca.

  • Jeremiah Taylor says:

    I just found out about it today….I’m at a loss for words, you were my buddy, my road dawg, my friend but most importantly you were my brother. I met you long before I stepped foot in kent. I remember we used to walk the trails in maple valley just talking about random things and how awesome things would be if pokemon were real and just things like that. I’m hurting right now man you were taken from us far too soon. You were one of the only people who kept it real the entire time. Love you brother! This isn’t goodbye but more of an I’ll see you later much love fam!


  • Colleen Wilson says:

    Andre, you have been gone now for over 4 months and the pain of losing you is still raw and debilitating. I miss your smile and when you would say “hey, Mom”. I can’t believe I won’t hear your voice again. I have so many good memories of you. You are still my best boy and I love you with all my heart. Keep them laughing up there in heaven. I will see you up there when my time comes. I love you honey!! Love, Mom

  • Kathleen & Pierre Forgette - Andre's Grandparents says:

    Dearest Andre,

    So many of us who knew and loved you are left bereft at the realization you are gone from our world. You left the love and caring of your heart with each one of us, who knew you during your brief sojourn on this planet earth. WE’LL ALWAYS BE PROUD OF YOU.
    Grandpa and I miss you already knowing we shan’t see you again until we have died and left this earth for the rest of eternity. You’ll be there to welcome us home to heaven along with all of our family who have gone before us.
    You were a very special grandson, who was blessed with compassion for all the souls you met along life’s way. Though your life was cut all too short for those of us who knew and loved you, you are with God and all the saints in Heaven. We both miss your wonderful joyful smile. Blessed are you, Andre. We’ll see you with God when it’s our time. Luv’nhugs, Grandma & Grandpa

  • Colleen Wilson says:

    Hey buddy,

    I heard a song the other day and one line in it stood out and screamed your name. You were such an adrenaline junkie and would try anything for a thrill or just for the change of pace. I loved your enthusiasm but as a Mom, you scared me to death more than once. I miss you. I wish I could hug you and hear your voice. You live on in your son, he is so much like you. I am so blessed to have him in my life. You would be so proud of him.

    Anyway, the line that jumped out at me was:

    “Everything that kills you makes me feel alive”.

    I love you so much and know you are up in heaven with family and friends. I will see you when I get there and can hardly wait for my hug. Rest in peace honey.

  • Kathleen Forgette says:

    Hello again, dear Andre – you have been in heaven for a year this month. Your ears must be burning from time to time. None of us in your family will be able to forget you, your love and your humor. I wish to tell you how lovable your son, Thoren Andre is. He looks a lot like you and I love Raquel, his mother so much – good choice, Andre. You had an uncanny for choosing the right folks to love in your life. I look forward to that day when we shall meet again. Love, Grandma K.

  • Colleen Wilson says:

    Hi honey,

    Been thinking about you so much lately and I miss you so much. Your son will be 6 next week and you would be so proud of him. He is so much like you it is uncanny. I haven’t gotten over you leaving this earth but I am learning to accept it. I am so proud of you and applaud all of your efforts and accomplishments. I miss you and will see you again someday. I love you so much, love Mom

  • David c hablewitz says:

    You were such a very amazing child.i never knew you as an adult.The last time i saw you you were sitting on my lap at little davids(your brothers) funeral.RIP my dear boy i will never know the reasons you chose to leave the world but i do know that you were amazing

  • Colleen Wilson says:

    Andre, it has been over 5 years since your passing and I still think about you every day. I miss your smile, your hugs, your dry sarcastic comments, your cleverness, your compassion, and mostly I miss you. Grandma passed away this June but I’m sure you have already seen her. I asked her to give you a hug and my love. I miss her. Your son just turned 10 and you would be so proud of him. He is getting straight A’s in school and loves it. He is inquisitive and smart like you. You picked a good Mom for your son in Racquel; she is doing a wonderful job. Beth is really flourishing and is adulting quite well. She is working for the Hilton properties and is living with me in Ohio right now. COVID threw us all for a loop and has continued to change the way of the world. I will be there someday to give you a big hug. Take care of Grandma please, you know she loves the attention. I love you with all my heart and soul my precious boy. Till I see you again…

    Love always and forever, Mom.

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