Michael Lee Paduano

Michael Lee Paduano, 70, quietly left our lives on Jan. 18, 2017.  He was born on Dec. 11, 1946.  Michael was preceded in death by his mother, Vera Paduano,  his father, Michael Paduano II and his first wife, Kay Paduano.  He is survived by his loving sister, Jill Jamieson, beloved godson, Taylor Everts and cherished stepdaughters, Trisha Balderrama and Lisa Mederaris.  He also leaves behind a great legacy of many life-long and treasured friends and loved ones.


Michael’s father passed away when he was just 3 or 4 years old, and consequently was very spoiled by his mother. Being a boy in a tight-knit Italian family, he was also spoiled by uncles whom he said would slip him cash at family gatherings.  When he began to act up, he was sent to military school.  He ran away and was later sent to forestry camp which he thoroughly enjoyed, and where he found the loving discipline and mentor/father figure that he needed.  He later graduated from Lincoln High School.


Since 1969, Michael was the hard-working and highly-respected owner of Spotless Sign Co.. His beautiful signs displayed throughout Seattle and beyond remind us of his brilliant artistic talent, flair for design, interesting color combinations, exceptional skills and eye for detail.  His endless list of talents included hand-sculpted letters and old-school hand-painting and leafing, and he was equally capable of making glamorous, upscale signs, or his personal favorite, distressed-looking signs.


His artistic talent, love of color and appreciation for the unusual carried over into other aspects of his life, including his treasured and eclectic decor, clothing, cars, friends and most of all, his colorful personality! He was truly ONE OF A KIND! His Cheshire Cat grin and devilish personality, infectious laughter, huge heart and sense of fun drew people to him like a magnet!  Even when he was a merciless tease and prankster, one could not help but love him.


Over his lifetime, he had countless fabulous cars and hot rods, the most memorable probably being “Proud Mary,” his 1949 Chevy panel truck. It was more of a “rat rod” – low key (but cool) on the outside, built to the hilt under the hood.  Many friendships revolved around working on or restoring cars together.


He had a talent for remaining great friends with nearly everyone he dated or was married to.  That says a lot about a man.


Michael loved to travel to exotic, sunny places like Belize, Mexico and New Zealand.  He also loved a good road trip.  He enjoyed a good concert and nearly all types of live music.


Many adjectives have been used to describe Michael: LOVABLE, brat, lovable brat, loving, traveler, road-tripper, endearing, stubborn, “little shit,” courageous, fun-loving, “Peter Pan,” button pusher, buddy, generous, talented, life of the party, artist, good dancer, obnoxious, merciless tease, kind-hearted, stylish, handsome, risk-taker, devilish, designer, practical joker, GREAT FRIEND,… the list goes on.


Toward the end, Michael said, “I’ve lived a charmed life!”  Michael Lee Paduano, you charmed all of OUR lives, and you are TRULY UNFORGETTABLE!  In your own words, we’ll  “SEE YOU SOONER THAN LATER.”

6 Responses to “Michael Lee Paduano”

  • Betty Batchelor Miles says:

    I will miss you, You were such fun. Betty miles

  • Michael Redfield says:

    A fun, talented, kind of crazy guy, with a not well concealed kind and loving heart. You are already missed Michael.

  • Janet Eicher says:

    I took for granted that Michael would always be here.
    I am so sorry that he is gone.
    I offer my sincere condolences to those
    who were blessed to know him more closely.
    RIP Michael, may we meet again.

  • Karen says:

    Michael… i can’t stop thinking about you and I’m missing you so much. I have been so blessed to have known you since we were nine. I love you now and always. I wish our last night together would have been the beginning instead of.. I know I will see you again you old fart.. Missing kissing.. Your old bag–Ruthie

  • Jo Mastroluca says:

    You were such a good friend from the time I met you in Reno at a blackjack table in 1995 to the last phone conversation we had. Our silly phone calls where always so much fun & you always had me laughing! You were a pain in my ass at times, but, you knew I always loved you to pieces! I was drawn to you & your silliness as I watched you pull $100 bills out of your boot to play @ the table. Then as much as I protested, you kept blowing your cigarette smoke in my face! You really knew how to push my buttons, that’s for sure. I so remember when I received my cancer diagnosis over the phone from California while visiting you & how you were there for me during some tough times. I’ll always remember you and your kind heart & will miss you forever! Until we meet again.. xox Jo

  • Patricia O'Connor says:

    I am sad to read about Mike. I was a friend of his and Kay’s during their days together. I have tried to locate them over the years and am glad to hear Mike was blessed with many family and friends. He was a sweetheart.

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