Charles Corya

Charles Corya, born June 18th, 1943 in Minnesota to Frank and Sylvia Corya, passed away January 30th peacefully with daughters Teresa and Stacy at his side.

He was One of five siblings and was a twin. He was raised in Seattle Washington. Charles served in the Army in the mid-sixties as a cook and also discovered he was also a sharpshooter. He worked at DFW Airport for Braniff Airlines for about 15 years as a baggage holder and a skycap at Sea-Tac Airport for about 10 years.

He raised three kids, Teresa Beach of Snohomish, Washington, Stacy Corya of Portland, Oregon, and Donald Corya, who passed away at the age of 5 in a tragic accident. Dad was good for adopting kids that didn’t have a place and Teresa and Donald were just two of them. Leo Tommy was in dad’s heart and added about 25 years ago, and will always be considered as one of our family members. Crystal Hill loved dad was an adored niece that was loyal to the call as dad needed help. Linna Barrett of Seattle who was one of dad’s best drinkin buddies passed away a few years ago also had children Johnny barrett of seattle and Lisa and Dwayne Grochowski of federal way he always considered deep family as well. He had five grandchildren Andrew, Gabriella, Olive, Joshua and his sweetheart as he called her Rachel with two great-grandchildren Jack and Norah.

Dad had a very big family and will always be considered that amazing temperamental person who rolled his eyes at you but stuck himself out there to help if you gave him a chance. I call him the most misunderstood person. He loved his Rainier beer and could drink and smoke with the best and really enjoyed his bar time..but the last 10 years he had a beloved and loyal dog named Tessa by his side 24/7.  She passed away the end of December suddenly which we knew took a toll on him with his already failing health. She was his girl and is also to be remembered as she was the biggest part of his life in the end and gave him the best company ever.

The services will be held February 11th at 2:30 at the Holyrood Cemetery where he will be placed with my brother Donald. All are welcome to attend this special time to honor my dad with a guard and flag folding ceremony

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  • Teresa says:

    I love you dad.❤❤❤ You are the most misunderstood man but i know you were amazing..cant wait to have a beer with you in heaven..your daughter Teresa

  • Crystal says:

    Chuck will truly be missed. He loved his football games and baseball. He enjoyed cooking. He was kind.

  • Anastasia Corya says:

    My father made friends everywhere he went. He was always greeted by his comrades upon entering his favorite haunts. When he visited my restaurant in Portland. He disappeared for like an hour and wonderered down N Mississippi BLVD. chatting up my neighbors in their establishments. I was amazed when my neighbors visited the restaurant inquiring about my dad for many weeks after. They always had a grin while speaking of him. I am so grateful that he had many friends that loved and supported him. I love you Dad. May god be with you. Rest In Peace. ❤️ Anastasia

  • Lisa Grochowski says:

    I know you are still with us in spirit as I heard a strange bang one night. Thank you for letting us know you made it safely and in peace. I always told Chuck, he was our stepdad and wondered how he put up with mom (Linna) for so many years. He would laugh. He was such a big part of our lives. Under that tough skin, was a kind, sweet and always willing to help you guy. But other days, he could be a porcupine. Mom always said he had beautiful eyes and nice hair. That’s why they talked at the bar. His family became our family and vice versa. Our families grew up together. I was the one that brought Tessa home to Mom but Tessa liked Chuck better. He fed her junk food of coarse. It was love at first sight and they never parted even in the end. Chuck called Tessa his wife, lol. I love you Chuck and want to say thank you. You will always be with us, smiling down with an eye roll. Have fun in heaven with those you love and have missed. You are at peace.

  • Michelle Becerra says:

    So sorry to see Chuck had passed. We enjoyed many New Years at the Barrets with Linna and others. Chuck and Linna will enjoy their time together now with their puppies that have gone before them. Comfort to his family. Love to Lisa and Johnny.

  • Jordan Hill says:

    Hi, just proud to say we got to know our Uncle was a good man in spirit and he respect you if you respectfully showed him goodness.He had a kind sport to him and we the Hill and Corya families will forever miss Chuck, may he rest in peace. thanks for his beautiful children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I will alway’s have a place in my heart for him and his twin Mike who loved his brother.I remember that he loved having coffee at Silvia’s home in the Central district,he attended my son funeral and I loved him for that and shall have him in my prayers.Much love to my cousins .Love Jordan Hill

  • Jordan Hill and Liana Hill says:

    Hi, just sending You all from Texas to Seattle our love due to our beloved Uncle Chuck passing.We were included in many events with our Uncle and loved sharing a few Rainier beers with him And Johnny’s mother,Linna,the love of his life,along with his wives from his great past, he loved his girls,Stacy and Threasa along with Donald who passed at age five.He was my cousins favorite and this family was never short of these type of tragedies, I too lost a son and we always could trust in Chuck on this matter.He loved people and we really loved our Uncle Charles Corya. thanks for the love and support in a tough time. I have sent my condolences to you all through this message. Love Jordan Hill and Liana Hill.

  • Leo Tommy says:

    Words cannot convey how much I love my Dad Chuck… My life’s two greatest regrets are missing Dad’s funeral bc I got loaded when my sister Teresa Beach told me he passed and got sent to prison and not making him proud before he died… My dad was my hero and Savior. He raised me like his own and gave me so much love and a huge family to go with it. I never listened and was always doing the wrong thing but Dad never gave up on me and that’s a rare thing in my life. I’ll forever miss scratching his back and giving him massages when he’d get home from work. I used to hate doing it then but now I’d give anything to do that for him again. Thank you Dad for all the happy memories you gave me growing up and teaching me how to ride a bike and so much more. My heart weeps I wasn’t there in the end but one day I am certain, we will rejoice in heaven and on that day I got a good back scratching in store for you!!! May peace be with you forevermore. Your loving son – Leo

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