Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Anna Bornowski Jenkins

Elizabeth Anna Bornowski Jenkins

Elizabeth – age 16

Mrs. Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Anna Bornowski Jenkins, 94, peacefully passed away Monday, December 19, 2016 at her home in Issaquah, WA with her daughter by her side. Elizabeth was born in La Jolla, CA on April 29, 1922.

Her parents emigrated from Germany in 1908. Her father was Andres (Andrew) Bornowski (1882-1953) and her mother was Anna Catharina Jantzen Bornowski (1885-1981).






Her predeceased brothers and sisters were:

Frank Bornowski (1908-1979)

Anna Maria Bornowski (1910-1911)

Dorothy Olson Bornowski (1912-1978)

Catherine Ann Kessler Bornowski (1917-2006)

Martha Marie Marshall Bornowski (1920-1978)

Albert Bornowski (1924 -2007),

Thomas Bornowski (1929-1990)




Elizabeth was married to Sidney Jenkins for fifty five years until his death in 2003. They loved to camp and travel. Elizabeth was a devoted wife and stay at home mother to her only daughter, Lori Huska. She lived in Chula Vista for fifty years. In the last few years, to assist with her care, Elizabeth lived with Lori and her husband, David Huska of Vista, CA. Elizabeth relocated just two weeks ago with Lori and David to Issaquah, WA. She has two grandsons, Ryan Huska and Cody Huska who currently reside in Oceanside, CA. Elizabeth will be interred next to Sidney Jenkins at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego, CA. Elizabeth was a kind, generous, and a compassionate person who will be greatly missed, but forever in our hearts.



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  • Pamela keevil says:

    This message is for Lori. Your mother will always be in your thoughts and in your heart. My prayers are with you always. I just lost my mother August 27th. I always will remember the day that you brought Elizabeth your mother to my home to meet my mother. They became instant friends. Your mother was four years older than my mother. And they had so much in common. All of their brothers and sisters passed away before they did. They were both the surviving siblings. Your mother made a wonderful impression on me when I met her. The minute she came into my home she introduced herself as Elizabeth. She just was so gracious and so sweet. Just remember that I’m very upset that your mother’s gone. But I know that she’s in a better place. She’s not suffering her body has been restored to its normal State. She is with our Savior Jesus Christ. The angels are singing. we’re not only celebrating Our Saviors birth but we’re celebrating your mother’s rebirth. God bless

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