Roger De Vos

Roger De VosAugust 14th 2016, my brother Roger took his last breath.  He was born August 18 1957 in St Thomas Ontario, to Edward and Simonne De Vos.  1969 the family moved to Seattle and settled down in Shoreline in 1970.  Roger lived most of his life within 15 miles of the family home.  Roger was never married. His only son, Brandon was killed in an auto accident in 2010.

Roger will be missed, his smile and laugh.  His cooking and gardening and his ability to see good in all.

Hugs to you for all of eternity!  Please give mom a rose, Dad a swift kick (you know what I mean haha) and Brandon a hug.  And to all our other family and friends that went before us, say Salute! from us down here on earth.

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