Peter Klar

(July 9, 1926-October 5, 2016)

img_1687Born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1956 Peter escaped Hungary.  Peter married his wife of 59 years in Munich, Germany in October, 1957.  Together they immigrated to the United States in 1961.  They lived and worked in New York until their retirement.  For the last 14 years they lived in Issaquah, Washington where Peter died peacefully on the evening of October 5th.  Of their 59 years together Ilona remembers both the good times and the difficult times.  He was a really good man.

Peter is survived by his wife Ilona, his cousins Susan, Kati, Tibor and Xenia, his nieces Maria and Aniko, his godson George and his goddaughter Maria.

The family wishes to thank everyone at the Swedish Issaquah ICU, particularly Dr. Lee and Nurse Deanna for their extraordinary care and compassion in Peter’s final days.

7 Responses to “Peter Klar”

  • DIANA NEMETH says:

    Peter, I will miss you and I know Ily misses you immensely as do your family and friends. You were so kind to both Joe Sr. (Joska) and me and I am so glad that Joe and I had the opportunity to get to know you and Ily. Diana Nemeth

  • Mari Szécsényi says:

    Péter Bácsi,

    I missed you so much when I was a little child and you left Hungary, and I miss you again.
    I resemble you very much, same as my son, David, and Ani’s son Dani. You knew that and it made you smile.
    I loved you.

  • Szecsenyi Mari says:

    Péter Bácsi,

    I missed you so much when I was a little child and you left Hungary. I miss you again.
    I resemble you very much like as my son, David, and my nephew, Dani.
    Yuo knew that and it made you smile.
    I loved you.

  • Angela Monteleone says:

    Aunt Ily. Aunt Susan and Mokie,

    We are so saddened by the loss of Uncle Peter. He was such a wonderful man. So eloquent, so funny, so kind. I have many wonderful childhood memories of him at Aunt Susan’s house. I was so glad I got to see him and visit last year in Seattle. I hope that he is in heaven having coffee with my Dad, Uncle Philip,Grandma and Grandpa and catching up XOXOXOXO Love you all❤️

  • The Bercsa family and Hargitai Erika says:

    Dear Uncle Peter!
    We still can’t believe, that you’re gone. We were all so sad to hear that you are no longer with us!
    We didn’t think, that our last talking will be our final opportunity to hear your voice. There were a lot of things that we couldn’t tell you…
    Our family has lost a wonderful member again.
    Because of the distance, we take leave of you here, in Hungary.

    You are forever in our hearts,
    Niki, Dóri, Attila, Nóri és Erika

  • Hargitai family, Ilona, Marianna, Attila says:

    Peter was a great man. His sense of humor and knowledge made him a true man about town. Trough his life, he lived in several countries and mastered many languages. He was a bit sarcastic too and used to just spectate life. Although his loving wife, Ily stood up for the two of them and Peter could always depend on her strength he grew a bit tired lately. His favourite saying was “some say according to my age, I lived a decent life” also he was a bit shocked everytime when he realised how fast the years go by. We think he lived a whole life, and destiny gave him that everlasting love who he deserved.

    We’ll never ever forget you Peter!

    Your sister-in-law: Ilona
    Your niece: Marianna
    And her son: Attila

  • Gabriella Metzger says:

    I met Peter and Ili in the Hungarian “Forever Young” club. I enjoyed their company and missed them when they no longer attended.
    Was sorry to find out that Peter is no longer with us, but I know he is in a good and peaceful place.

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