Thomas Gerald Mathiasen

Thomas Gerald Mathiasen

Thomas Gerald Mathiasen

Thomas Gerald Mathiasen passed away peacefully at his home early morning on August 28, 2016. Tom was born February 20, 1970 in St. Cloud Minnesota and later move to Fargo North Dakota with his parents. He attended school in West Fargo and graduated in 1988.

In 1992 he met and fell in love with his best friend, Dena. They were married at Elim Lutheran Church, Fargo on October 1, 1994. They were overjoyed at the birth of their daughter, Sydney, in 1996.

Tom worked for Phoenix International in Fargo for several years. In 2006 he moved his family to Seattle, WA where he advanced his successful career with Nintendo.  He had tremendous passion for Seattle and the Seahawks, we will always honor this 12th man.

Tom was by his wife’s side on July 13, 2014 when she lost her battle with breast cancer after fighting for 5 years.  After Dena’s death he took some time away from his career to focus on their daughter Sydney and himself, during this time he once again found love in his life with Carmen and her children.

He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.  He was preceded in death by his wife Dena Mathiasen, parents Jim and Marian Mathiasen and brother Jimmy Gross.  He is survived by his daughter Sydney Mathiasen, Seattle WA, Carmen Murray, Seattle WA and her children Tynisha (Tiny) Murray, Derreck Williams, Junior Murray and Khloe Murray, sister Dee Gross and her wife Becky Masica, Elk River MN and their children Matt West, Tara West, Heather West, brother John Gross and his wife Barb Mikkelsen, Chino Valley AZ and their children Ryan Brademeyer and Seana O’Brien., brother Mark Gross, Cold Spring MN, mother-in-law Shirley Norman, Fargo ND, father-in-law Denis Olstad and his wife Janet, Detroit Lakes, MN, brother and sister-in-law Chad and Tracey Pringle, Jamestown ND, their children Medora and Ryder Pringle.

14 Responses to “Thomas Gerald Mathiasen”

  • Caleb Hamilton says:

    Tom was like a dad to me. I’m Sydney’s boyfriend and I love her so much, and I love her with all my heart and soul, and I will always take care of Sydney; that is my promise to Tom

  • Katie Bell says:

    I love you, buddy.

  • Joyce Dinndorf says:

    Rest in peace brother Tom! I am so sad and heart broken that me and your godson Adam weren’t able to reconcile and rebuild our relationship with you before God decided to call you home.

    My deepest sympathies to Sydney & Caleb, Carmen & her children, Dena’s family, and my own siblings, some estranged, as they cope with such a tremendous and unexpected loss of a good man who loved life!!

    Tommy to me you will always be the sweet little brother who I cared for and loved dearly while we were growing up. Those memories no one can take from me.
    Love your big sister,

  • Carmen murray says:

    There are no words to describe the love I have for you and the emptiness in my soul. You are truly my angel and saving grace . I thank you for teaching me my worth and showing myself and our children what true unconditional love is. Being with you was heaven on earth and although our time was cut short we will carry you with us forever. I miss your eyes and your laugh the most.. My baby, I love you to the moon and back forever and ever till the day I die .

  • Richard Lovelace says:

    I have always admired you Tommy. And I always will! Here is to a great friend, father, and most of all, a good man!!!!! RIP MY FRIEND

  • Lynn Kenyon says:

    I worked with Tom at Nintendo and we quickly became great friends and partners in crime. We could truly tell each other anything which is hard to find in a friend. I supported him through all the tough years of his wife’s battle with cancer. He was such a strong man. I am so happy the last year of his life was filled with fun and new love. Thank you for including me in your family dude. I will always make sure there is lots of color. Love ya.

  • Pete Bostwick says:

    Already miss you buddy. Kicking my own ass daily for not finalizing plans we made to go have a few beers. While your passing saddens me, it is a reminder to make sure my intentions are clear when I join you for a beverage.
    Rest in peace buddy

  • Shirley norman says:

    Tom was my son-in-law for over 20 years and I loved him. He always treated me with respect and made me feel welcome when I visited. We spent a lot of time together during the five years Dena battled cancer. I watched him care for her with such love and strength. I am glad he found happiness again and I know it has been good for Sydney. I will miss our heart to heart talks and his “smart ass humor”. I’ve never known a person that was loved by anyone he met. He had a wonderful soul. I love you Tom.

  • Scott Kenyon says:

    In the time I knew Tom, I found him to be a devoted Husband to his wife and steadfast Father to his daughter Sydney. He was a very dedicated and valued employee for Nintendo of America, as my wife can attest too. Tom and I shared a special interest, that was our passion for our local sports teams. Cheering them on during their victories and feeling their pain when they lost. One last thing Tom and I had in common was our love for music, we attended many concerts and enjoyed them all. So in the immortal words of Steven Tyler “Sing with me, if it’s just for today, maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away”. Rest in peace Brah…you will be missed.

  • Joe Pizzichemi says:

    I only knew tom for a day but I saw so much kindness in him we wert that different me and him he saw that I wS a good guy I saw that he was a good guy I would love to have had more time to spend with him me and him both liked the band tool I know he is free now and happy he is with his wife now up there in heaven Most likely met my mother Pam such a wonderful woman she is and always was dear god thank you for letting me get to know tom he was a really great man and father to his girl Sydney and like a second father to my bro bro c.j. R.i.p. Tom i love u buddy

  • Judith Hamilton says:

    It is with great sadness that I write this simple memorial. Thomas and I met as a result of his lovely daughter Sydney and my youngest son Caleb beginning a journey together as girlfriend and boyfriend a year ago..I knew right away there was something special about this man who was concerned enough as a father to reach out to me and suggest we as parents of these two young lovebirds get together and meet…from that first get together I had with both Thomas and his girl Carmen at Starbucks I was overwhelmed with a warm heart knowing they had such love for Sydney. Just as heartwarming was the acceptance of Caleb into their lives which I don’t know if Thomas ever truly knew he touched this young mans life …I am grateful for the time although short as it was…getting to know this young family..Saddened for the loss of this special father, familyman, and clearly a friend to many..Godspeed…my prayers are with Sydney, Carmen, Caleb and family…

  • John Miller says:

    I was a high school buddy of Toms. Although we went different directions in life after high school, I often thought of him and wondered where his life took him. I knew he married Dena who was a year younger than us, but we didn’t keep in touch much after that. He was like a brother to me those few years in high school that we knew each other, we had a pretty special connection in football as he was my center while I played quarterback. But we had way more memories off the field than on, that’s for sure. I experienced some unique times with Tommy and the rest of our West Fargo friends. That’s one thing about people from WF, no matter how our lives separate us we are like a fraternity that binds us in a way that distance can’t separate us. Rest in Peace my friend. I’m sorry I didn’t keep in touch more often, you were truly one of my best friends.

  • Billie Brandon says:

    I met Tom and Dena when our girls were in 7th grade, and just grew after that. They welcomed me into their family. I’m very sorry we lost touch after Dena died, but I’m so glad he enjoyed a new life and love after. I enjoyed our football connection and will cherish our trip to the Superbowl XLVIII, of which we toured with our girls the city of New York. God speed Tom, till we meet again.

  • Kiki Bauer Schneiderhan says:

    In the 1970’s I went school with Tom at Lincoln Elementary in St. Cloud, MN. I was chatting with some ladies I haven’t seen since elementary school and Tom’s name came up! He was the guy who would always let the girls play “Smear” (a kind of flag football) when none of the other boys would and he was ALWAYS the first to defend a girl if she was being teased.
    I was shocked and saddened to learn that he had died but so very happy to know he had had a family he loved dearly. I wish I had known you as an adult, Tom. Thanks for letting us “girls” play and taking some heat from the guys for doing it. I will remember you always.

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