Richard David Ingalls

Dick Ingalls

Richard David Ingalls, 83, from Seattle Washington passed away 8/23/16 in Seattle. He was born on 11/23/32 in Spokane, WA to Earl Serge and Genevieve (Gunderman) Ingalls. In 1956 he married Marjorie (Barry) Ingalls at St. James Cathedral in Seattle, WA. He was the first ever art major at a Jesuit University when he graduated from Seattle University in 1956. He earned his Master’s Degree from San Francisco University in 1960, and created the Art Department at Gonzaga University in 1962, where he was a professor for 17 years. For 53 years, together with his wife Marjorie, they owned and operated the highly successful Tourmap Company, which produced beautiful maps of cities all over the world.

 He was a poet, an artist, a lecturer, a world traveler, a loving husband and father. He’s survived by his wife Marjorie: his daughters Pam Ingalls & Cynthia Rose Ingalls Smith and his faithful Old English Sheepdog, Tiffany. He was truly an inspiration. Dick, we miss you from the bottoms of our hearts.

His funeral service will be held at Seattle University’s Chapel of Saint Ignatius at 12 noon on Monday, August 29th, 2016. He will be buried at Haven of Rest, Gig Harbor, WA.


3 Responses to “Richard David Ingalls”

  • Your daughter Cynthia says:

    I miss your dad every day, I didn’t realize how much my days are a part of you. How I think how I act I guess it makes sense because you taught me all of the These things. I’m thankful for such a wonderful father but I miss you so much. Thank you for all the things that you taught me. I hope I will always make you proud.

    Love you little girl Cynthia Rose

  • Your daughter Cynthia says:

    My mother wrote to my father

    Words cannot express, how much you mean to me!
    You are my shining light. The light that leads our way. The light that welcomes our day!
    You are the light of life itself! You brighten the colorless days. You unlicensed the adventures we face!
    We taste and enjoy everything we do! It’s you that shows the way. It’s you who perfect each step we take!
    We search the globe, experience profound wonders of the world! The magnificent, imposing and tremendous strength and beauty of endearing time!
    We stand to gather meeting the past and the present with enthusiasm,
    You open the doors you show the way!
    And this wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t light the way!
    I love you, forever, Marjorie
    Written November 23, 2010
    On my father‘s birthday

    My father Wrote back to my mother!
    If I am your shining light, then you are the spark that ignites the light.
    Love always — Dick

    My parents had such a magnificent love and respect for each other it was a wonderful life to experience with them. I miss it very much. I miss my father’s humor he was always coming up with some sort of happy joke and happy way of looking at things.

  • Jay Ingalls says:

    7 Mar 2022

    Sorry to hear Dick died in 2016. Surprised it was so long ago. I corresponded with him about 2007-2014. Are any of his brothers or his brothers sons alive? I would like to have at least one of them have the yDNA test at to see how closely they are related to me. Please write to me at

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