Thomas Merl Graham

Tom Graham

Tom Graham

Thomas Merl Graham (Tom), 72, passed away unexpectedly in Seattle, WA on March 8, 2016.  Tom was the only child born to Lester and Florence Graham on July 3, 1943 in Seattle WA.  Tom graduated in 1961 from Roosevelt High School.  Tom earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology Degree in 1965 from Washington State University graduating with high honors.  He lived all of his life in Seattle.


Tom liked old vehicles.  He will be fondly remembered for his 1930 something green Dodge pickup.  Tom liked books and was an avid reader.  Tom particularly enjoyed reading about different countries and their culture and was very knowledgeable and interesting to talk to regarding these subjects.  Tom spent two years traveling throughout Europe.  Tom enjoyed cooking especially trying different Italian recipes.  His passion was blacksmithing.  He was member of Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America (ABANA).  He was one of the founding members of the Northwest Blacksmith Association and served as the organization’s Treasurer from 1979 to 1994. Tom Graham 2


Over the years Tom was employed as a driver for several companies.  Upon his passing Tom was employed by Coast Construction Supply.  He was an excellent employee—first to arrive, last to leave.


He had a relationship with his life partner, Helen Lagmay, for 54 years.  Even though little is known of Tom’s family, he was considered a part of Helen’s family, the Lagmay’s, spending many holidays and family celebrations with them.  Many of Helen’s extended family were at Tom’s bed side when he passed.


Tom was preceded in death by his parents, Lester and Florence Graham, and his stepmother, Myrtle Graham.


Tom, you will be missed.  Aloha.


A celebration of Tom’s life was held in Seattle on April 16, 2016.

6 Responses to “Thomas Merl Graham”

  • Sue Pasco says:

    Tom, Tom, Tom! That’s all I could say every time I opened up one of those many bags when I was cleaning. You were a collector of many things which let us know what your passion in life were. You and Helen have been reunited again in heaven. The both of you will be missed.

  • Stefany Martinez says:

    Tom, you new something about everything. I would ask you a question and you would give me the whole history on it. I thought, he must like to read. Then i saw the books! It was always nice to see you at our family gatherings with aunty Helen. Be with her and at peace. Love, Stefany

  • Susan Merle Salter says:

    Cousin Tommy – My mom Merle Ward was your first cousin. Even though I never met you, you sound like you loved life and your Helen. I wish to tell Helen’s family that you are remembered and loved by family. While you didn’t have much contact with your Graham, Munroe and Ward side of the family, we have gotten together and shared snippets of stories we have all pieced together. Your passing has brought our family closer together. My brother and I are traveling to Ireland in June to visit the Graham ancestral home in Cavan. I have also found the Graham family in Quebec where your grandfather emigrated to.
    Rest in peace.
    Your first cousin, once removed.

  • Sally K Berets Allwine says:

    Cousin Tom, my mother, Kathleen Graham Berets, was your 1st cousin. My grandfather William Walter was your uncle! I believe we met when I was a small child , probably with Betty and Bob and her family in Federal Way! I have great sadness that time made us unknown to each other! Helen was a beautiful woman and may you both RIP together…

  • Amanda Webber says:

    I am sorry that I didn’t get to meet you, Thomas. Lester was the brother of my grandfather, Glenn Graham. I think my mother is your first cousin. I’d be your second cousin. You are a third cousin to my kids Tyler and Skye.

    Other than my grandfather I didn’t have much information about the Graham side of the family. I knew Les was a pilot in AK. Must run in the family. My brother is a pilot and flew in AK for many years. He graduated from The University of Alaska. Anyways, I am sad to hear of your passing and that there was family so close that never got to meet.

  • Tim Riley says:

    Tom, your gentle spirit and deep wisdom are missed. I have fond memories of Christmas Eve parties at my parents with you and Helen. I trust that you are resting in peace with those that you love.

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