Fred Taylor

Born in Marburg, Germany July 8, 1941. Died Bellevue, Washington May 13, 2016.


Fred Taylor“Fred” was  named Alfred Carl Sachs by his mother, Hilde Sachs. He lived in Marburg  Germany until age 8 when his mother married an American soldier, Walter C. Taylor.  They left Germany and traveled with “Pop” to many army posts including Panama, Puerto Rico, Boston and eventually Lakewood, WA, where Fred graduated from high school. Fred enjoyed living in the many destinations the army took them learning along the way.

Fred loved cars and working on them, music and playing drums in a band. He then spent 4 years in the Navy as a radioman becoming an expert in Morse code, which he loved. Fred shared his last 20 years with his partner, Barbara Sandgren, living in Kirkland and Bellevue, whom he met while out dancing. They enjoyed many activities together including family, friends, gardening, travel and history. There
were several exchange students who also shared from a few weeks or a year from Japan, Germany, Korea and Taiwan with us and we learned much from them and they from us.

Fred TaylorFred leaves behind a son Eric, daughter-in-law Christi. They were blessed with granddaughter, Caroline with whom Fred spent time visiting her at her preschool sharing grapes and chocolate as well as visits especially on holidays. Eric and Fred enjoyed a love of cars and spent many garage hours working on them as well as bicycles in the young years, traveling to Oregon and spending time with family at the beach. Fred also leaves behind sister, Heidi and spouse Hugh with whom he shared their love of Germany. Fred also leaves behind Lars-Erik Sandgren, Barb’s son whom Fred considered his stepson as they shared much including Jack his son. Jack was grandson to Fred, who was Jack’s Opa (Granddad). Fred and Jack shared much including going to Freds’ Dr. appointments, eating, reading and laughter. Barbs daughter also thought of Fred as a father sharing much. Fred also leaves behind nephews Josh and Andrew, grand nephew and grand niece. Emma and Stephen as well as extended family and friends.

After leaving the Navy Fred worked several jobs eventually working at the Chevrolet dealership in Bellevue beginning in parts and then on to sales. He spent his entire working career there which he enjoyed immensely meeting wonderful people and remained friends with many. He received letters from customers saying how much they enjoyed their car-buying experience.
Fred leaves behind many extended family and friends and their many fond memories and lasting impression. His various experiences included dirt biking, rock setting, building fences, gardening and other projects. He was a great historian and had a thirst for knowledge sharing with all who would listen. He leaves a legacy as someone who was a friend to all and will be remembered as such.

Thank you Fred for being who you were, the love of my life for 20 years, Dad, Opa, brother, and uncle and friends and family.
The date and place of service is yet to be determined.


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  • jodi gaut says:

    I met Fred at the Hotdog/Espresso stand that I owned at the Bellevue Home Depot a few years ago. He would visit with me every time he came to shop. I loved our visit. I later worked at Overlake where I came to see him again. I visited him on my breaks several times and He was special to me. He crossed my mind today and I went looking for him online. I am sorry this is where I ended up. I know the last time I saw him he was very sick. I just sad I didn’t get to have one of our talks just one more time. I am sorry for your loss.

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