Fern Adele Martin

Fern Adele Martin

Fern Adele Martin

Fern Adele Martin passed away peacefully on Sunday March 20 in Everett WA. Her spirit is now resting in peace with her maker, the Lord God.


She was born on May 21, 1930 to Robert and Fern Hamsher in Los Angeles, CA. She is survived by a son, Bill Martin of Portland OR, a daughter, Kathy Iguchi of Medford OR and two grandchildren, Jake and Ben Martin of Phoenix AZ and San Francisco CA respectively. Her son Jim Martin preceded her in death in 1993.


Fern was a very loving mother and grandmother and wonderful friend to many. She worked as a medical secretary at the UCLA Medical Center for many years and lived in the Seattle area for most of the last three decades, mostly in Redmond. She was very active all her life, both as a traveler and physically, entering running races, hiking, and later in life got into biking, even doing the Seattle to Portland bike ride at the age of 70.  But most of all she was a person concerned about others and always willing and able to help family and friends. Although she didn’t attend a particular church over the last few years, she maintained her strong Christian faith and lived a life worthy of someone who was a believer. This is what she will be remembered for by all who knew her.

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