Andrew Boyle

andrew coupleAndrew was born June 12, 1967 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky to Beverly and Jerry Boyle. His dad delivered him at home. His dad was excited because Andrew was his first son. Andrew had 7 older sisters: Sarah, Elisabeth, Naomi, Joanna, Deborah, Rebecca, and Mary. Two years after his birth, his younger sister, Susanna, was born. We always joked that we had to go to Kentucky to get a boy.

Andrew grew up with a passel of sisters. When he was 5, his dad remarried a family pyrimidwoman with 2 children, Karen and Jeff. Andrew loved having a younger brother follow him around.

Andrew married at the age of 16 and had 2 children, Anna and Nathon. He worked hard as a contruction worker, but he married too young and his marriage did not last. He had a rough few years and made some serious mistakes he always regretted, but he turned his life around

17 years ago, he met the love of his life, Andrea. She had 9 children, ages 12-27, but he didn’t mind. He supported her and loved them. As grandchildren from both sides came along, he loved each of them as his own. He loved being a grandpa and wished he had more time to spend with them.

family 2013Andrew kept himself busy and started his own construction business in 2001. In 2014, after Andrea was diagnosed with cancer, he worried about her. Every weekend, he drove from a job in Montana to Washington to be with Andrea. When she lost her hair to cancer treatment, he didn’t care, he loved her just the way she was, but because she wanted them, he bought her wigs.

December 23rd, 2015, Andrea woke and found him at 6 AM. She was distraught. The love of her life had passed away in his sleep. He died of advanced heart disesase and high blood pressure that he did not know he had. He was tired and had heart burn, but since he didn’t go to doctors, he had no idea he had a bad heart. Andrew was only 48 when he died.

Andrew had a big heart. He didn’t hold grudges and helped people whenever he could. Whether it was helping someone move, helping his mom get or fix a car, or inviting people to pizza on his dime, Andrew was there when he could be.

He left a hole in the lives of Andrea, his mom, children, grandchildren, sisters, and other relatives and friends, even in his dog Bosco’s live. Andrew had Bosco for about 8 years and even took him to work with him.

Andrew loved the Seahawks and hosted a Seahawk party on game days. Last season, he even got the oportunity to go to a live game. He was buried with Seahawk memoribilia.

Andrew was by no means perfect, but he loved God, and today he is with the Lord. He was a big man with a big heart, He will always be missed. We love you Andrew, and someday, we will see you again.

8 Responses to “Andrew Boyle”

  • Mary Whittemore says:

    I loved little brother, will miss you lots in earth but can’t wait to see you again in heaven. You will be missed. Love you

  • Mary Whittemore says:

    I loved you little brother, will miss you lots in earth but can’t wait to see you again in heaven. You will be missed. Love you

  • Janet says:

    Andrew is missed so much. He is loved and will always be loved. Thank you for sharing his beautiful story. All my hugs and loves to his children, Andrea and her children,his grandchildren, sisters, mom and family. Gone way too soon. Love always and forever, Cousin Janet Shaw Herron

  • Sarah Taylor says:

    Andrew I love you so much, and I am very sad for empty spot your passing has left in my life. I so wish we had spent more time together. Looking forward to the day I see you again. Love your oldest sister Sarah.

  • Susanna Boyle says:

    I will always miss my big brother Andrew. I do not have one childhood memory without him in it. Andrew gave the most amazing hugs, he gave them straight from his heart. It’s still hard to believe that I will not be able to hug Andrew on Earth again, but I know I will in Heaven. I will forever love you Big brother. Biggest hugs of love from your little sis♡

  • Chrissy says:

    Andrew, my girls and I love you and miss you, just like sooo many of us do.You have a wife, mom, kids, grandkids, and many friends. You have space in all of our hearts. I am thankful to have known you. Losing you too soon, has brought awareness and saved others. I know you are healthy, dancing with Jesus, riding a lion and wearing a smile that does not end. We will see you again someday.

  • Bri mueller says:

    You are missed so much. I just found out 2 days ago about your passing. It was meant to be for me to run into breanna that night and her calling asher to comfort me. My heart was hurting. You were my family to me. I love you and your whole family.

  • Elisabeth Boyle says:

    Miss you little brother. You were bigger than me, but always my little brother. Love you always.

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