Dr. Ronald Newman Waltz


rnwRon passed away at age 73 on Friday, March 4, 2016, at Harborview Hospital after a happy and charitable life. Ron was religious and went out a Catholic so he was at peace in the end. He will be truly missed by his family who dearly loved him. Ron was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, on March 15, 1942, to Ellen and Newman Waltz. Ellen passed away in 1946 when Ron was only four years old. After his mother died, his dad married Marie who raised and loved him along with his brothers and sisters. Being the oldest of seven children, he excelled in his role as the big brother. In 1953 the Waltz family moved to Everett, Washington, and Ron lived in the Seattle area ever since. After graduating Everett High School as Valedictorian, he served in the US Army in Germany. He then came home and completed college at PLU and Medical School at the UW. Ron ran his own family medical practice for 40 years where he made many lifelong friends and treated his patients like family. He had a deep desire to help others and loved serving his patients, which he did so until this past week.

What set Ron apart was his care and compassion for everyone he met and his infectious upbeat and positive attitude. Ron’s life was filled with hard work, dedication, family, friends, laughter, and a kindness hard to match. Ron was very adventuresome and loved the outdoors. He flew his own Yankee airplane for many years and enjoyed snow skiing, scuba diving, fly fishing, kayaking, river-rafting, and supporting his grandchildren. Ron and his wife Katie shared many of these passions with their children by taking them on numerous ski trips and also an epic river rafting trip down the Rogue River that his grandchildren will never forget.

Most of all Ron loved family and rarely missed a family event or get-together. Almost every relative benefitted from his generosity. He was always generous with his time and attended every event possible to watch his grandchildren participate. He attended countless baseball games, lacrosse games, soccer matches, swim meets, and volleyball matches. Deliveries of Christmas bread to friends and family was always a welcome treat. He was also gifted working with wood and enjoyed making items for others.

Ron was preceded in death by his mother Ellen Waltz (1946), father Newman Waltz (1982), granddaughter Corene Brown (1995), and stepmother Marie Waltz (2009). He is survived by his loving wife Katie Clack-Waltz; brothers Tom, Jim, and Bob; sisters Kathy Kerker, Daloris, and Nancy; daughters Maya Olivares (Orlando) and Carlene Brown (Cary); stepchildren Erin Reid (Jamie), Brian Clack, Megan Castello (Steve), and Jason Clack (Katie); grandchildren Caitlin, Cari, Cory, Gillian, Jake, Jett, Quinn, and Spencer; and others considered “family,” including Lori and Robin Lerner. All of us will miss him very much.

In lieu of flowers, charitable donations in memory of Ron can be made to Children’s Hospital.  Children’s Hospital Foundation P.O. Box 5371, Seattle WA 98145

Katie is welcoming all family and friends to a celebration of Ron’s life. Please contact the family for service arrangements.


This Man is a Success

He has lived well,

Laughed often and loved much

He has gained respect of intelligent men

And the love of children

He has filled his niche

And accomplished his task

He leaves the world better than he found it;

Whether by improved poppy,

A perfect poem or a rescued soul

He never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty,

Or failed to express it

He looked for the best in others,

And gave the best he had . . .

35 Responses to “Dr. Ronald Newman Waltz”

  • Cheryl Hoefelmeyer says:

    Ron was the most amazing person I’ve ever known. He was such a loving and compassionate man, respected and loved by all. He touched so many lives. I’m certainly a better person for having known him, and will remember him always. He has eternal life, and I take comfort that I’ll see my friend again.

  • Bill Smith says:

    Ron was amazing! He was an great doctor, caring, concerned, genuine and interested in everyone. He was a good man and I miss him.

  • michael j. bucella says:

    My most sincere condolences to Katie and the entire Waltz family.The last memory that I have of Ron is when he visited our family in Pennsylvania and he tried to instill in me the need to go to a Manheim Steamroller concert. I must confess that I never have but will certainly do so in the future . During the visit , Ron was part music critic , part dietician , part home -care physician and all LOVE I did have the thrill of a lifetime when Ron took me up in his single- engine bomber and buzzed almost every building he recognized , especially aunt Marie and uncle newman’s. Ron also was responsible for a special tour of the KING TUT EXIBIT in Seattle , which I will never forget. I will be singing at a funeral mass here in Pennsylvania on Monday and I will send up a hymn in Ron’s memory. God keep you in His loving care Ron until we all ONE! Love, from cousin Mickey!

  • Roy Carlson says:

    Ron was our family doctor as well as friend and colleague. He was never too busy to see you. He always had an encouraging word.
    He loved to talk about his heli skiing adventure and his summer rafting trip with his friends.
    He worked out most mornings and would come to the office carrying his professional clothes. We arrived occasionally at the same time in the parking lot and chatted as we walked to our offices.
    He was loved and respected by those who crossed his path.
    Thank you Ron for being part of our lives.

  • Sherri Simonoff says:

    To Katie and the rest of the Waltz family I extend my sincere condolences. Dr. Waltz was one of the first people I met when I moved here in 1979. His compassion and genuine care for his patients drew me in and comforted me when I needed it most. There are so many instances I don’t know where to begin. Needless to say, I respected him, loved him and will miss him dearly.

  • Larry and Virginia Chapman says:

    Dear Waltz family,
    We were so shocked and saddened to hear of Dr. Waltz’s death. He was our family physician for 35 years and we trusted and loved him as he knew us and treated us all as his family. Due to changes in our coverage, we had to change physicians last year. Several times I felt prompted to write to him and thank him for his wonderful care and friendship. I am ashamed to say I never did this. Somehow I feel he ‘knows’ now how much we appreciated him. Well done, Dr. Waltz. you were the best.
    Larry Ginny, sons Brian and Scott
    God Bless you all in this time of mourning this sad
    loss of Dr. Ron Waltz.

  • Lorraine Bjorklund says:

    Dr. Waltz was my doctor years ago in the early 70’s up to the 90’s at the Lake Forest Park Medical Clinic. Everyone who was a patient felt like he/she was the only special person in Dr. Waltz life. He truly had a gift of kindness. So many are wondering where they will find a caring Doctor like Dr. Waltz. My brother, my Life partner and many friends in Lake Forest Park will truly miss him. Thought this little saying might be appropriate at this time.

    I’ve finished life’s
    chores assigned to me,
    So put me on a boat
    headed out to sea.
    Please send along
    my fishing pole,
    For I’ve been invited
    to the fishing hole.

    To all of those
    that think of me,
    Be happy as I go out to sea.
    If others wonder
    why I’m missing….
    Just tell them
    I’ve gone fishing.

  • Traci Mott says:

    Since moving from Arizona to Edmonds, I received the best opportunity and that was to work for Dr. Waltz. Only knowing him for 6 months I can truly say I’ve never met anyone so amazing! He was such a genuine man. He was someone that made you feel like family. He loved his patients and I mean everyone of them alive or deceased he had something wonderful to say. He could remember stories about everyone. I will miss our early chats before we opened and listening to his stories. RIP Dr. Waltz as I will never forget you.

  • Theresa Rivkin says:

    I am in total shock as I saw Dr. Waltz about two weeks ago.

    For 17 years he took great care of me, the whole me.
    I can’t tell you how much I will miss him.

    Lifting up prayers for his family.

  • Patsy Gilbert says:

    I am truly sorry for the loss of Dr. Waltz. My thoughts and prayers go to his family. I will miss him. He was the best Dr. I have ever had. He took the time to talk to you and always made you feel like you were the only one he took care of. I don’t think there is another Dr. out there that is close to our area that I will be able to find like him. He is such an example of what Dr.s should be like and for that matter, people. RIP Dr. Waltz.

  • Kim Simonoff says:

    Mom was so proud of herself when she walked into the Lake Forest Medical Clinic and asked for the youngest doctor there because she hated it when the doctor “retired on her”. One of the best decisions she ever made. Dr. Waltz has been part of our family in one way or another since August 1979.
    His hallmark was kindness, caring and warmth. He went out of his way to care for his patients; I always felt more like family than a client. When I was being seen by him I felt like there was no one more important than me.
    The world is a lesser place than it was before.

  • Jean Linhardt says:

    Dear Waltz Family,

    Our family is shocked as we hear of the news of Dr Waltz home going. He was our family physician for years at Lake Forest Park and we trusted him as he knew us and treated us as if we were his only patient. Due to changes in our coverage, we changed our Dr however one of our adult sons continued to see him.

    Can you send us a email to let us know when his celebration is?

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Ivan and Jean Linhardt and Family

  • Valerie (Simonoff) Lescantz says:

    My deepest condolences to his family and friends on the loss of this special, special man. Years ago, because of a chance (but telling) demonstration of his extraordinary commitment to his patients, my father spent his last hours surrounded by his loved ones. There are no words to express my unending appreciation for Dr. Waltz. I am just one of many people Ron helped in many ways over many years. He will be remembered with love, and missed terribly.

  • Sylvia Moore says:

    So sad to hear of Ron’s passing. He was the most caring family physician in Lake Forest Park. My son Greg was having surgery at N. W. Hospital, Ron was off that day & going flying, but stopped to check on Greg. I had surgery and he came to assist with it also on his own time. What a remarkable man. Katie we are thinking of you too. Take care.

  • Don and Robin Frankhouser says:

    Condolences to Katie and family. We are so sorry to hear of Rons passing. We loved him as our family physician and for Robin a great previous employer. Such a sweet and kind man and will be sorely missed. Please let us know of any services

  • Barbara Josefsen says:

    Ron was a man of true quality
    A doer, achiever, who loved family
    A sportsman, who traveled with high energy
    A doctor, provider, with much empathy
    He made his life choices with great dignity
    Above it all, Katie, devoted to thee

  • Darryl & Judy Zaccaria says:

    We only met Dr. Ron a year ago or so through St. John Vianney. In that short time we learned what a wonderful person he was. In his last days we were blessed to witness his baptism into the Catholic faith at the hospital with Katie at his side. It was amazing and beautiful to see him at peace. God bless you Dr. Ron and all your family.

  • Brian Scheffler says:

    I’m so blown away, he was one of the best men and doctors I’ve ever had the chance to know. He always treated me more than just a patient, with my countless medical issues he’d go out of his way to call me and check in with me to make sure I’m ok, as well as Inviting me to the office to sit and talk about life my life. He always lifted my spirits and moral when I was down and frustrated with my health. This really hits deep, he’s cared for me since I was 13 and I’m 33 now. I’m deeply saddened by the news of his passing, it really breaks my heart. I had no idea he was not doing well. He impacted a lot of people’s lives and had such a wonderful way of treating patients and helping others.

  • Steve Ryder says:

    I’m deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Waltz. He has been my primary doctor for over 25 years. When you would go to see him, it was like going to see a trusted friend. He was always professional, but more importantly personable. He made you feel comfortable. I’m sure that’s why I continued to come to Edmonds after moving across the water to Kitsap county over 10 years ago. He was truly one-of-a-kind! He is going to be missed throughout the community. My condolences to the entire Waltz family.

  • Bill & Carol Brayer says:

    After reading all of the comments submitted above, there is little more that we can add. Dr. Waltz has been our family physician and go-to guy for over 40 years, and the news of his passing has left us both shocked and deeply shaken. Professionally and personally, he was a one-of-a-kind, exhibiting incredible knowledge while never losing his gentle and caring “bedside manner,” and infectious sense of humor that always brightened your day. He obviously had a deep personal concern for all of his patients, a rarity in today’s world of modern medicine. He always had time for you and, as many have mentioned, treated you like you were the only patient he had. He literally saved Bill’s life more than once with his uncanny diagnostic ability and excellent specialist referrals. We join with many others in our sorrow and concern that no one will ever be able to fill his shoes. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and family.

  • Blossom Morris says:

    Having worked for Dr. Waltz for 15 years I came to know him in a very special way-as a man of absolute integrity, compassion, humor and amazing dedication to every one of his many many patients. So many of them were with him since his beginning practice and would follow distances to still be his patient. He was also a wonderful friend to me and my husband Arthur as well as the best Boss ever! As a neighbor he would often drop by and sometimes Katie would be with him.

    After I retired I still missed the office everyday-well almost every day. So our family will miss Ron very much but he is in our hearts always. We wish Katie and all the family all our love!

  • Trisha Ruis says:

    Dr. Waltz was our family doctor for more than 30 years. He has known me since birth and I will be forever grateful to have been under his care for the past 35 years. A trip to the doctor was never an uncomfortable experience, instead it was like going to visit a family member or friend. Dr. Waltz was very different from other physicians because he genuinely cared about each and every one of his patients. His compassion and dedication to his patients will never be forgotten.

    My sincerest condolences to his wife, children, grandchildren and family. He will be missed by so many.

  • Irene Labyak says:

    Ron has been our Doctor and family friend for about 35 years. He took such wonderful care of our family, stopped by from time to time to visit and/or get help with computer problems, and as he and I were chocolate lovers,he would share some of his yummy chocolate patient gifts with me.

    Pretty much everything that was said in his obit,is the Ron Waltz, we knew and loved. On my Doctor visits, we always mixed business with pleasure, talking about books we’d read, answering my many questions about medical things, or helping me solve the problems I was having with my Kindle.

    We will miss him terribly, R.I.P dear Ron, we love you, Irene & Jim

  • Lorelei Begalka says:

    I am honored to have known such a remarkable, dedicated man as Dr. Ron Waltz. He was my physician for a good 40 years and always made time for me throwing in a little German and humor to lighten the day. He was a genuine quality individual exemplified in his every day. His intelligence, quick wit with a twinkle, compassion, honesty, love for life, and sincerity made him the man you would trust and respect. I am still in shock that we lost him.
    He will be sorely missed by this North Seattle community. Katie, my prayers are with you. My deepest sympathy and condolences to you and family. He loved those grandkids! He will always be in my heart—the best doctor of my life! Rest in peace, Ron.

  • Jean Hughes says:

    Dr. Waltz was my physician for but a short time, but during that time I came to appreciate his kindness, sensitivity and his focused attention when I was in his office. He treated me as a whole person, instead of as “the headache in room 2.”
    He loved his stepmother Marie unreservedly and shared his sorrow with me at her passing. I wrote a memorial message from him to Marie on one of the steel beams when the Providence tower was being built in Everett. When I told him he teared up.
    I’m sorry he is gone, but the world is a better place because he was in it.
    My condolence to his family and to Blossom.

  • Peter Mueller says:

    Ron was my physician for more than 20 years. I followed him from Lake Forest Park to Edmonds when he moved there. I can only echo the comments, memories and tributes others have shared above concerning his caring ability to relate to patients, his intellect, his comprehensive medical knowledge, and genuine friendliness. It was an important and pleasant part of my life to see him as a patient several times each year. Whenever my medical issues needed consultation of a specialist, he always knew a good one to refer me to, often, to my amazement, jotting down their office telephone numbers from memory. We shared an interest in scuba diving, travel, skiing and had both served in the Army in Europe as young men. My medical appointments with him often diverged into chats about family, current events and shared interests. He knew that I had started a second family at an age when most men are grandfathers, and always asked about my now 12 year old son, Nick, and my wife, Mamie, (who also became a patient). I happened to be in his office neighborhood with Nick last December, and took the opportunity to drop in without an appointment just to introduce my son to him, whom he hadn’t seen since he was a baby. Ron kindly took a few minutes from his schedule to come out and chat with us. I was really pleased because I could tell he was truly delighted that we had stopped in. His passing has left a big void in my life. I feel I have lost a good friend.

  • John Mills says:

    Dr. Ron was the only Doctor I could really confide in. He had such a great bedside manor, direct, to the point in a way you knew he truly cared about you. I will always remember him as a “old country doctor” he touched my life and I could tell him anything knowing he was listening like a friend.
    Rest in Peace my Friend, your compassion and good will to others will be missed. Thank you Katie for sharing your wonderful husband with us all. I saddened for your loss.

  • Bruce and Marcia Young says:


    Whenever we needed you, you were there. Thank you so much my friend, for taking care of us and our girls. this is one family who will miss you. Sleep well my friend.
    Love You

    The Young family

  • Dorenna Hoyle(duvall) says:

    Dr. Waltz was amazing. He delivered both my girls in the seventies at Edmonds hosp. He was our doctor at lake forest park medical center. I cried on the phone to the on call nurse when I went into labor with my 2nd saying I had to have Dr. Waltz deliver this one too. He was actually on the runway getting ready to leave on a plane and he came and delivered my other daughter. I have great respect for this man. God bless him and his family. The Hole family

  • Robert Stevenson says:

    After seeing many different Doctors in my adult life I was fortunate enough to come upon Dr. Waltz. As many have stated he was the best doctor I’ve ever had. His gentle soul and kind heart are sorely missed. I am lost and he is found.

  • Stephen Rountree says:

    I just found out about his passing from a letter I received today, and I am heartbroken.

    Dr. Waltz was a brilliant doctor. He had a genuine concern for me as a person, professional, husband, father, and patient (since 1994). I will miss him dearly as he and I had many interesting discussions about family, life, and other topics over the years. He was a kind and distinguished man and he absolutely cared for his patients, but he adored his family. Truly, one in a billion kind of person and I feel blessed to have known him. Rest in peace doctor Waltz, I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

  • Pam (Caudill) Tavoularis says:

    My mother and father were patients of Dr. Waltz for decades. I would like to thank Dr. Waltz (and Mrs. Waltz) for the wonderful care he gave to them. Even when my mom or dad needed him at short notice, he managed to provide time for them. We will always be grateful, especially for his caring for Dad until the end of his life.

  • Barbara Wilson Hubert says:

    I was just a teenager when I first met Dr. Waltz back in the 1970’s. I was working at the LFP Medical Clinic as a transcriptionist and he came in as the new young doctor. I remember having the privilege of housesitting for him and driving his car and scratching up the side of it. He was so understanding about the car. I was a nervous wreck because I had damaged the car, but needn’t have worried. My condolences to Katie and family.


    I just learned of Dr. Waltz’s passing and was so sorry to hear of your loss. Dr. Waltz had been my primary care doctor from the time when I was in elementary school and continued to be my doctor for nearly 37 or so years. I remember seeing him at Lake Forest Park and then not knowing what to do when he was briefly out of practice. I was so relieved when he opened his office in Edmonds! I am fortunate to have rarely needed care, but made a point to stop in to say hello when I was near his office. He was always so personable and caring of our whole family. I appreciated his humor, kindness and boundless memory for details and facts in his patients life and will also remember him as an artist (thinking of the lovely photographs he shared). He was a type of doctor that I don’t believe commonly exists any more and will be impossible to replace. Please accept my sincere condolences. Jessica Johnson Harris

  • Kathy Hill says:

    I wasn’t able to attend the funeral due to a conflict with work responsibilities, but I really wish I could have gone. I got the privilege of being able to work for him on a long term temp assignment several years ago. He was a great employer and a wonderful and caring doctor. I’m very sad that he is no longer with us. I benefited so much from his wisdom and insight. I’m thankful that this life isn’t the end, that one day I will see him again in heaven.

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