Michael Foerester

Michael Foerester passed of natural causes on February 9th, 2016. He is survived by one son Dana Michael Foerester and many close friends.

Michael was born in Seattle, attended Queen Anne High School and spent many years in the family fur business. In lieu of flowers please make donations to the American Heart assoc. or the charity of your choice.

Michael will be remembered at Daniels Broiler Bellevue on Sunday Feb. 28th at 1:00 and a mass celebrated at Saint Mary of the Valley Monroe, on Wednesday March 2nd at 11:00.

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  • Art Manegre says:

    Loved Mike as a great friend over many, many years– he will be missed by me and many friends.

    My sincere condolences to Dana and the family for their loss.

    Art Manegre

  • Marlaine Paulsen Cover says:

    My husband and I are living in Boston and just learned of Michael’s passing from family members. Both of us wholly heartbroken….and doubly so to have missed his memorials. I first met Michael at Henry’s Off Broadway when I was twenty. I’d just returned from living in Germany two years and he gave me a part-time position while I began college at SCCC. As friends and family know well, I made more money kicking his butt at backgammon than I did in salary and he laughed through every loss. Oh my gosh how we laughed…..Weekends we would all barrel up to the cabin in the convertible blasting Michael Jackson to water ski.. no number of family and friends ever too many for Michael…. When I separated from my husband at age 34 and moved back to Seattle with my two young daughters to be near family, Michael hired me again. Tough to adequately describe the healing old friendships, love and laughter deliver. I am 56 years old today – Billy and I married thirty years. We can count on one hand men with as much personality, generosity of spirit, love of life and laughter as Michael. Everyone that met him – from Billy’s mom to my best friend Janet from Virginia – adored him. One of our favorite pictures of him is at our wedding – laughing his signature center of every celebration laugh. Your papa was rare in this world Dana, dearly and deeply loved, and oh so in awe of you. Please know that we are holding you, your family, and everyone that shares our love and affections in loving thought and prayer. We welcome also calls from anyone that simply wants to join us in singing his praise. This we will most assuredly be doing for a very very long time to come. 760.803.0837

  • Michael Montgomery says:

    I count Michael as one of my close friends over the years. We’d had infrequent contact the last ten years or so, as friends do when separated geographically, but when we did get together Michael was always Michael. I guess that defines the guy, Michael was always Michael. He was always glad to see you, quick to laugh or make a joke, or console if the occasion called for it, and he’d do anything in the world for you. He was a good man. I watched him on any number of occasions initiate conversations with complete strangers and have them laughing in only a few minutes. Michael enjoyed life.

    I had the good fortune to share many an escape with Michael There were the many trips to Loon Lake and a cabin full of people. There was the float-plane drop that Dana and I flew into some desolate pass up in the San Juans to meet Michael’s boat. There were the many drunken Friday and Saturday nights up in Roche Harbor. And, of course, there were the many conversations over the bar at Henry’s.

    Michael had girl friends, he loved his lady friends. Some were entertainingly destructive, some were good for him. Either way, he gave as good as he got. And Michael had stories, he loved to tell his stories: “About the time……..” And Michael was never ashamed of his obvious embellishments and he’d laugh and laugh and laugh. Michael was always Michael, you could depend on that, and he was always a joy to be around. He will be missed, I miss him now.

  • Al Culdice says:

    I would like to also second the above sentiments from Michael Montgomery & Marlaine. Met Michael at Henry’s Off Broadway in 1977. He was without a doubt one of a kind. My first trip to Sun Valley was a road trip with Michael. Got to Mountain Home, Idaho in the midst of a blizzard, and already dark. Continued in a blizzard where you could barely see the front of the car..such fun.
    Trips to the cabin, water skiing at 6 o’clock in the morning..football games. Dinners..drinks..lots of drinks..
    Michael’s 40th birthday at The Lakeside…OMG…has to go down as one of the all time great birthday parties.
    Michael could tell the same story 20 times & enjoy it as much in the telling the 20th time as he did the first time…loved stories..loved to laugh..
    I also lost touch with Michael over that last many years…but when I did think of him, I always remembered good times.
    He will be missed…
    Love you much Michael…Rest peaceful.

  • Farrah Patricia Bahm says:

    I’d like to genuinely send my condolences to all those affected by Michael’s passing.

  • Angelita De Leon says:

    I met Micheal in Seatlle in1986…He was a wonderful person.
    A man I I secretly or so Ithought had a crush for many years.
    It turned out he knew. I am deeply saddened by his loss.
    A love I will never have again. We had not seen each other in 30 years, then 1 day on the Ferry from Friday Harbor there he was I the car next to mine. It was a beautiful day and we had a great view being on the first row and he recognized me and he said aren’t you the girl that 30 yrs ago up and left Seattle and moved to Maui never to be heard from again until now……Angelita DeLeon….My thoughts were is this a psychic!!! I asked who are you and how do you know this of me???? He said Micheal Foerester…..I jumped out of my car and he jumped out of his and we hugged and kissed. Then all this secret feelings I had for him surfaced. It turns out we were an item many years before as he refreshed my memory thru many calls.
    He was such a special person. I regret not seeing him again. I miss him and I am sad by his passing. I know he loved Dana somuch as he was his life. I miss him so much. I miss his voice I miss that we never got a chance to be together again. I offer my sympathies to Dana with all my heart. Terribly saddened.

  • Angelita De Leon says:

    I spoke to him that morning at 8:40 am and he sounded great. I am very saddened byhis loss . Rest in peace and yes heaven has beautiful angel.

  • Frances T. Schunter says:

    Hi Dana,

    Just learned of your father’s death and was sad to hear the news, and I’m deeply sorry for your loss. I knew him only on a professional basis but always enjoyed talking with him. He was very proud of you and very concerned when you had the “bike” accident, and of course very happy with your recovery.

    He will be missed.

    Frances T. Schunter

  • Kimberly Brown (Yontz) says:

    I just learned of your father’s passing and I am so sorry for your loss, Dana. My father (Herman Brown) and your father go way back. I can remember a time when your dad spent all day preparing Vichyssoise, and I took one bite and said “yuck it’s cold!”, my dad said “Shhh! be quiet! of course it’s cold, it’s suppose to be, Michael has been working on this soup all day!” Your dad just cracked up laughing. I happened to be preparing for a trip back home to Seattle and I came across the obituary. Dana there are no words to say, except we loved your dad, and we are truly sadden! Call me some time (404)483-8653.


    Kimberly Brown-Yontz

  • Vicki Dalton Kharitonov says:

    Dear Dear Friend and Love. I just learned of your passing and my heart is broken. We had such glorious times together and I loved every minute sweet man. I met you shortly after arriving in Seattle in 1984 and until I moved to Arizona in 2014 we saw each other often. I enjoyed long lunches on your boat with you and then I would have to back to work. You had a golden heart and were so kind to all. What a fine generous man you were. I know how much you loved Dana and he must miss you terribly. Knowing that I won’t see you again in this life but in the next…You are with the angels now… Rest in Peace and Love Vicki

  • jim easterly says:

    Knew michael when we were kids on lake shoecraft. We both had hydroplanes and raced all over shoecraft and Goodwin. A true friend and real man. Never forget his joy of life.

  • jim easterly says:

    Real person long remembered

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