Ray Martin Ostrom

In Memory of Ray Martin Ostrom

Ray was born in Ballard January 20, 1930 to Anna & Edwin Ostrom.
He attended Adams Elementary, James Monroe Jr. High & Ballard High School, graduating in 1948. From age 12 thru Jr. Hi. He had hefty paper routes, & then in high school he worked for I. Lachmann Wholesale Jewelers until he was drafted into the US Army in 1951. Ray was stationed at Ft. Bragg N. Carolina, where he made a group of life-long friends.
In 1953 Ray married Kathryn MacWilliam, a Very good idea which was to last 62 years!
He also started the UW that year in History & Education, graduating in 1957. He started teaching at Sharples Jr. Hi., moved to Jane Addams for 14 years, taking 1 year out to obtain his Masters from the University of Colorado. He then was Vice Principal at Jane Addams, 10 years at Whitman & 2 years at McClure, which ‘Done him in’ and he retired. Throughout his career he led his classes & conducted his administration with the rules to always be Firm, Fair, Friendly, Flexible & Forgiving. Come to think of it, those were the same principles he used with our family as well.
In retirement he spent much time the first 8 years with a friend who had Parkinson’s, delightful times fishing with our next-door neighbor of 50 years, working in the yard, and doing what he most of all loved – being with our family !! We spent one week each year at Ocean Shores, financed, as he loved to tell the kids & Grands, by the US Savings Bonds he had taken out of his paychecks each month over the years – a Very broad hint to save on a regular basis & enjoy a little ‘Delayed Gratification’!
We were blessed with 4 children: Paul, who we lost to MS in 2005, but he gave us Nicholas, Matthew & 3 Great Grands; Dorothy, who brought us Gordon, and they gave us Karla, Mike, Jacob & 8 Great Grands; Russ, who brought us Elizabeth, and they gave us Anna, Emma, Jenna & 1 Great Grand; Gus, who brought us Lori, and they gave us Benjamin, Emily, Kathryn & 2 Great Grands. Ray loved them all, was concerned for them, and loved them some more.
The last 6 weeks of his life he lived in Dorothy & Gordon’s home, where he could be wheeled out onto the deck to enjoy tranquil Cottage Lake & was perfectly cared for by family & the incredible services of Group Health & their Hospice group, with family coming in daily. Those were treasured days for all of us, as we each had our special moments with him, and in the wonderful ways he had of telling each of us how dear we were to him. How many times did he say, “It’s been a Great Ride”? But he was tired & ready to move on, secure in his salvation thru Jesus Christ. He often said about Heaven, “I don’t want to play a harp, but what I really want to do is be able to look back on history & understand why things happened as they did & what God’s plan has been for it all.” I’m sure he will be Amazed !!
Memorials may be made to Seattle First Pres Church for art project or to Women’s Enterprises for water tank project in Kenya Africa . Both are the same address:

1013 8th Ave.
Seattle WA 98104


9 Responses to “Ray Martin Ostrom”

  • Karen & Gary Steward says:

    Kathyrn & family,
    What a beautiful tribute to Ray. We are thinking of you today, and wishing you God’s peace that passes all understanding.
    Our sympathy and love,
    Karen & Gary

  • Brian Pelton says:

    Mr. Ostrom was my Social Studies teacher when I was in the 7th Grade at Jane Addams Junior High. He made the subject fascinating while holding us to a high standard. He once crept up behind me and snatched a note I was passing back and forth to classmate. It was an embarrassing moment but we got past it. Mr. Ostrom looked professional and dressed nicely. I only wish I’d known him as an adult.
    God Bless you all through your time of loss.

  • Donna Godfrey says:

    Dear Kay,
    I just wanted to let you know how saddened I am about Ray’s passing and to send my condolences to you & your family. May the Lord’s countrnce shond down on all of you granting you comfort & peace in His embrace.
    Lord bless Kay, her children, grand & great grandchildren and hold them in your arms and give them peace in knowing Ray is with you. Amen

  • Charlie Clark says:

    Words cannot begin to describe how saddening this news is.

    Ray and the entire Ostrom family were like family to me. Ray was like the father I never knew.

    God bless and rest in piece.

  • Phil Cereghino says:

    I cherish fond memories of Mr. O from fifty years ago, History class at Jane Addams. He gave insight and appreciation for events happening beyond my immediate surroundings. I wrote a term paper about Israel and their conflict with a little known terrorist organization called Hamas… as a seventh grader! So glad to hear that he is rejoicing in the presence of our Savior.

  • Joe Clay says:

    I was fortunate enough to experience Ray as a teacher (9th grade at Jane Addams), as a colleague (at Whitman) and as a friend. He was a great teacher, a fantastic administrator, and a wonderful friend. I’ll always cherish my time in his class and I thank him for hiring me at Whitman, but my favorite memories will always be our conversations and shooting some pool at “Room 600” over a cold one. Thanks Ray, you are already missed. Patty and I send our heartfelt condolences to Katherine because we know the special bond between the two of you and cannot think of one without thinking of the other.

  • Ann Harris Johnson says:

    Kathy–my thoughts and love to you and your family.

  • Kathryn Ostrom says:

    I am So happy to see the notes from former students! You made his professional life very pleasant. BTW, those term papers? He read very one of them – & I read a lot of them too, just because they were So good and so interesting! You ‘Done Good’ and he loved you all!

  • Faith Beatty says:

    Dearest Kathryn, Ray is a sweetheart!!! I am so glad that Cindy & I visited you & Ray. Ray & Cye Daniels were my first administrators in the Seattle Schools. They were GREAT Administrators with compassion, massive support & always listened. Those were the good old days. I got my Principal’s Credentials because of Ray. He counseled the Whitman students & I admired Ray. In those days the Vice-Principals worked with the troubled students. I never became an administrator because I wanted to still teach students and counsel them. Ray always gave me good advice. I will always have fond memories of my administration internship with him. Also, he would call me and say…. “what is happening?” He was a detective and I found out where the fights were or the negative events around the school. Kids told me a lot!!! Bless you & I know you have wonderful memories of your life with Ray. Much love and Hugs to you and Ray. Faith

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