Jayson Lapinski

UntitledJayson’s life was one that touched so many different people over the years. Even as as little boy, he was always full of surprises. He had so much energy and spunk – nothing ever scared him. We would get a call from a neighbor, telling us to look across the street at the huge fir tree in front of the house. There he was at the very top of it reaching for a kite that was obviously out of reach. His Dad would coax him down, promising there would be a new kite. He talked us into adopting a little abandoned dog named Buddy, promising to share him with his sister, Trina. He did share – giving her the “bottom” half and he got the “top” half. Jayson had many adventures with his older brother John and his younger sister, Trina. All three of them were born within 3 and a half years so it was easy to be friends together, always busy and up to something – or into something. There were the wonderful neighbors next door, Aunt Joy, Diane and Jan who were a second family to the kids. When Jayson was about 2 years old, he would sneak out of the house very early in the morning and go next door. Aunt Joy would make him breakfast in her little kitchen and visit with him until she had to go to work. She would safely deliver him back home. It was some time before she realized that we had no idea this was going on. Jayson was a very funny, cleaver, happy child. He always had a “business” going and he was a hard worker. He loved taking things apart and putting them back together. He did this with a bike, then a boat, loving every minute of it. He had a lawn mowing business and when he was 16 years old, he went to mow his Amma’s (grandmother in Icelandic) lawn. Unfortunately the mower was not in good condition, stalling – he kicked it to start it and when it did, the laces of his high top tennis shoes were pulled into the mower. He lost two toes but he never complained about it, He went on to ski and snowboard and it never slowed him down. When Jayson was in his early twenties, he was up at Key Bank in North Seattle during a pretty notorious robbery. The robbers had guns. They had everyone in the bank terrified – the teller that Jayson was dealing with was so scared she panicked. One of the men came over to Jayson and held the gun to his head. Somehow, by the grace of God, Jayson was able to talk to the guy and calm him down.   The robbers took the money and there was a police chase which ended up in a shoot out in downtown Seattle. About a week later, I was in the bank and when the teller saw my name, she asked if I was related to Jayson. When I told her I was his mother, she started crying and said that Jayson saved her life. Jayson never mentioned it. He did tell us that when he lay on the floor, his life passed before him and all he could do is ask God to forgive him for his wrongs and take him to heaven. That is very profound to us now and a comfort. Jayson went to Seattle Pacific University for a year and decided college just wasn’t for him. He had always loved working with his hands so he asked his Dad if he would train him to become an electrician, which his Dad did. They worked together for 14 years and then Jayson went out on his own and formed his own company. He married Tami Hughes, his college sweetheart and they had 4 beautiful children, three sons and a daughter – Taylor, Jackson, Ashton and Averie, whom he loved with his whole heart. Jayson’s life was not without trouble and struggles, but he clung to the hope that the future would be one of new beginnings. He had plans that were cut short. He will be in our hearts and minds for all time and we look forward to spending an eternity with him. There’s a song called “Great Rejoicing” and that is what we look forward to someday. We thank all the loving people who have come beside us in our grief. In the midst of pain and suffering, there is love. We feel the arms of Jesus holding us through the many prayers of our loved ones.

Memorial Service

February 13, 1 PM

Peninsula Bible Fellowship Church

9590 Radcliff Avenue Northeast

Bremerton, Washington 98311

Reception to Follow

14 Responses to “Jayson Lapinski”

  • Joe Wilson says:

    I have many memories of Jason’s passion for living an abundant life. He was so enthusiastic about snow skiing, snow boarding, water skiing, boating and enjoying life with his family and friends. He was a loyal and dependable friend who will always be missed.

  • Andrea (Kankelfritz) Hightower says:

    Going through the Jr. High & HighSchool years with 3 Lapinkski’s made it easier for my brother and me as Kankelfritz’s.

    The zaniness of Jayson during our church youth group years made it okay for this awkward, red headed girl with the funny personality just be herself as well. So many wonderful memories.

    Please know how much we continue to love Jayson and your family. The strong bonds formed during those times remain even though it’s been decades.

  • Keith Lampers says:

    I have so many memories of skiing with Jason at whistler, baker and Stevens pass. Those were some great trips we had with the group. We will always have our memories.

  • Ruth Wilson says:

    Karla and John,
    I am so sorry to hear about Jayson’s passing. He had a dynamic personality and was such a good friend to Joe during High School.He was a fun guy… I remember some of their crazy antics…I think it was Jayson that got Joe to hop into a class in a bunny suit to present roses to his girlfriend. I also felt like you all were like a second family and so supportive to Joe during those years. I will pray for our Lord to bring comfort to your hearts as only HE can.

  • Susan Atwood says:

    Dear Karla and John,
    You know how much I loved Jayson and will miss him. My heart is breaking for you. I know that God is good and that Jayson’s life blessed many. He was so cute and funny from day #1. He had so much energy and such a good personality. I always knew him as a “child”, but I was so happy to get to know him as and “adult” when he did the electrical work for our home in West Seattle in 1998-99. It was so much fun to have him around! I know that Jayson is at peace with the Lord and reunited with family and friends. I am praying for peace and comfort for you both and for your whole family. I love all of you. Love, Sue (Hermann) Atwood and Gary Atwood.

  • Adelle Comfort says:

    He could not have been graced with a more loving Mom and Dad and immediate family. Truly, my prayers are being lifted up for you to find peace.

  • Al Riedmann says:

    Jason was recommended when we were looking for an electrician. As General Contractors we ultimately worked with Jason and his team on many jobs… As originally referred he was a very good electrician, who became an even better friend….

  • Joe Beck says:

    I have known Jason since he was 12 years old when he would work with his on my remodel jobs. I remember when he got his electrical license. He took some of his dads (John) contractors and I was one of them. He was great to work with and always a lot of laughs. He stayed on top of all the new systems. I have retired now but still working on my house that he wired for me. He well be greatly missed by me his old friend.

  • Stacey Solemslie says:

    I was the little Sister of one of Trina’s friends from church. As a lowly Freshman, I somehow scored an invitation to attend Jason’s 17th (or maybe it was 18th) birthday party at his parents home. I never saw him without a smile on his face and everyone that knew Jason adored him. I haven’t spoken to him in years, but will always remember his kindness and his bright smile.

  • Suzanne Adams says:

    We were all shocked and saddened to hear of Jayson’s sudden passing, including those at NSA Church who remember him. Our deepest sympathy to the Lapinsky family.

  • Barb Lippmann Krull says:

    We will be there on the 13th to give you hugs. meanwhile you are all in our thoughts & prayers and don’t forget to BREATHE! Much love, x o

  • John & Colleen Hallett says:

    We have many years of great memories of Jayson. He’d be in purchasing his materials, always in a terrible hurry and always with a big smile on his face and a funny story to tell. Lots of prayers and thoughts for Karla & John, Jayson’s family, Trina, John and their families. It’s a terrible loss.

  • Horatiu says:

    I’ve worked for Jason from 2000 to 2004, he gave me a job I knew nothing about and barely spoke any English at the time being in the US at the time for only a couple of years. I can say he gave me a future and his knowledge, his rules and work ethic.
    I left the states back in 2016 without having any clue Jason wasn’t around anymore and checked the net today in 2018 to see how could I get in contact with my friend.
    What a sad moment to find out he wasn’t with us no more but I hope that he found the peace we’re all looking for in life.
    What Morgan Freeman once said applies to me:
    I think I just miss my friend.
    Goodbye my good friend.

  • Valorie Howard says:

    Jayson did electrical work in our homes in Northgate and Kenmore back in the ‘90’s. Such a nice guy and did great work. I was looking to recommend him to a friend and am so sorry to hear of his passing. May he rest In peace.

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