Jean Marilyn Biaggi

June 1, 1935 ~ January 4, 2016

Jean of Seattle, WA passed away peacefully in her home with her family by her side. Jean precedes herBiaggi5 husband, Pierre Biaggi, in death. Jean and Pierre met in 1955 and married on May 5, 1956.  They spent the next 58 years building their life with one another.  Hand in hand.  On September 10, 1957 they were blessed with the arrival of their first child, daughter Suzette Alexander, of Tacoma, WA; then on April 2, 1962, Jean and Pierre were then blessed a second time with the arrival of their son, Michael (Theresa) Biaggi, Sr., of Seattle, WA.

Biaggi1Jean and Pierre had seven grandchildren: Jon, Saige, Kyle (Courtnie), Ivy, Dakota, Haley and Michael, Jr.  Jean was also blessed with one great grandchild…her Lil’ Princess Kenzi.

Ma was an amazing and loving wife, ma, mother, granny, sister and friend!

Ma could always be counted on by those who were there for her.  She had simple needs that were easily attained; with little effort.  She just wanted to be recognized Biaggi2for the things she did. “A Simple Thank You!”; “A Call!”; “I Love You!”; or a “Pop in Visit!” to show you care.

Ma’s sweet and loving spirit will be dearly missed.

All Our Love,

Mike, Theresa & Mikey, Jr.


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