Sharron Reams

Sept 17, 1935 to November 10, 2015

sharronreamsweddingpicOn November 10, 2015 we lost the love of our lives. Sharron Reams of Bellevue, passed away with her husband by her side and surrounded by her loving family.

Sharron was the master of unconditional love. She was a most incredible woman, wife, mother, friend, and absolute savior of those left by the wayside. She was funny, fun, and made a point to always look at the positive side of life even during the most difficult of times. Sharron’s family joins in saluting their wonderful wife, mother and grandmother for the lifetime of love and caring she exemplified.

Even in her profession as librarian at Mark Twain elementary it was unconditional love, to the students, teachers, and parents, where people still talk about her and asked her to come back to work at the library.
Sharron is survived by her loving husband Bill, daughter Susan, son Jay, and granddaughters Emily, Mollie and Savannah. Emily has followed in her grandmother’s footsteps and has also become a teacher. Mollie and Savannah will soon graduate from Gonzaga University and the University of Washington. Sharron’s son Scott passed away in 2014 and is also greatly missed.

When the grandchildren were in elementary school, Grandma Sharron read weekly to their classes and read to them whenever she could. She read the classics, but also knew the latest wonderful fun book. She believed reading to be a most important thing, and she read to her children each night at bedtime. Sharron continued to volunteer in her grandchildren’s elementary schools reading to other children to share the importance of being a good reader.

In celebration of Bill and Sharron’s fiftieth wedding anniversary Sharron took the family on a memorable Inside Passage Alaskan cruise. She planned excursions like dog-sledding, visiting glaciers and wonderful shows and entertainment. This was just one of many incredible vacations or educational trips she organized for her family and grandchildren.

Sharron was a devoted lover of animals. All of the Reams dogs and cats were rescued from animal shelters and lovingly cared for throughout their lives. Her family remembers many times where she would pull over in the Country Sedan and we would together rescue stray cats and dogs, or even wildlife. Sharron even took care of the Squirrels at her home in Medina and generations of squirrel mothers would bring their tiny baby squirrels to mom for peanuts.
Together Sharron and Bill created an amazing marriage and friendship based on love and respect for each other. Their love and respect held them together through many beautiful, memorable years. Sharron provided a lovely home for her family taking care of every need.

Sharron was a native Washingtonian, born in Seattle. She was a Lincoln High School graduate and cheerleader. Sharron then attend the University of Washington graduating with a degree in Education and later returning to take Master‘s degree courses in Library Science. While at the UW, Sharron became a Husky cheerleader and Vice President of Kappa Alpha Theta UW sorority.

Sharron became a teacher and began working in California. On a trip back to Seattle, she planned to attend a dance with her male friend who often took her to dances and events. Her friend had met someone else who he had also asked as his date. So, he asked his friend Bill Reams, “Hey, would you take my good friend Sharron to the dance?“ Little did Sharron and Bill know that this date would turn into a permanent life-long love. Bill and Sharron lived together for 57 years and just celebrated their wedding anniversary.

After marriage, Bill and Sharron adopted three children, Susan, Scott, and Jay. They took these babies home and gave them all the happiness that anyone could receive and unconditional life-long love. Sharron and Bill even participated in and paying for their children’s birth searches, meeting birth family members when the children wanted to find out more about their biological background. But, Sharron’s children always knew who their real mom was and that God had made a special plan for them to be the children of Bill and Sharron Reams.

A celebration of 80 years of an incredible and exemplary life is planned for Sharron Reams at Overlake Golf and Country Club on November 24 at 5:30 p.m., 8000 NE 16th Street, Medina, WA 98039.
In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made to the Seattle Humane Society (, or, to the Washington Adoption Reunion Movement (, in Sharron’s memory.
Please visit her online memorial page at

3 Responses to “Sharron Reams”

  • Jay Reams says:

    Missing an amazing person and mother!!

  • Patsy Rosenbach says:

    To Bill and all of Sharron’s family. What a tremendous loss. Hearts go out to each of you. Bill you may not remember me, but I was the young girl that worked just out of high school at the Insurance Agency beside the real estate office you represented a few decades ago. Your lovely Sharron surely created a great deal of pride in her dedication to family and education, plus the family’s outreaching to abandoned pets. May all be well with all of you as you make your way through this grievous loss. Such caring thoughts, Patsy Cook Rosenbach, Kirkland, WA

  • Susan Reams says:

    Mom was s wonderful and I miss her each day. She was a trooper even in the end fighting the biggest battle of her life. One day when I was about 10, Mom gave me a poem framed that my great-grandmother Clara had given her and then to give to me. Clara had been adopted from the Orphan train and so, there was an affinity there. The poem is my Mom. “You. You’ve a little way about you, that is very, very dear. A special way that makes folks glad to have you near. That brings a smile to welcome you, a sigh when you depart, and that little way about you has endeared you to my heart.” Anonymous.

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