Daniel John Olmstead

January 13, 1974 – September 26, 2015

Danny OlmsteadDanny Olmstead was born and raised in Kirkland, Washington. Adopted by John and Kathy Olmstead at 9 days old, he was an answer to prayer. He grew up in a loving family and home.

Danny was gifted in many areas including just about any sport he tried. He played Pepsi Baseball and Kang Football where he held the record for most-yards-ran in a season for many years. Danny was an avid backcountry skier and was on a quest for the freshest powder; often leaving the house at 4am to get what he referred to as, “fresh tracks.” Dan also had a love of music and began playing the guitar in first grade; something he continued throughout his life.

Dan married his high school sweetheart in 1997 and they had a daughter together, Natalie, whom he adored and considered his crowning achievement. Together, the three with their dogs Bogey and Boomer lived happily for many years in Fall City.

Danny attended Bellevue College and Renton Voc Tech where he studied Land Survey. He was recruited out of the Renton Program by Triad Associates where he worked for many years as a respected Party Chief. He went on to become an Associate at Triad, an accomplishment he was very proud of. Dan went on to work at Geo-Dimensions where he continued his career as a Land Surveyor.

Dan had a large group of family who loved him which included adopted and biological members. Danny Olmstead2He is survived by his daughter Natalie Barrett of Redmond and parents John and Kathy Olmstead of Woodinville; Parents Doug Wallin and April Whitton; Sister’s Krista Dinsmore, Erin Williams and Ginny Moriarty; and brothers Brian Wallin and Robert Moriarty. Nieces Sophie, Gracie and Molly Dinsmore; Joelly and Farrah Williams and many cousins, friends, aunts and uncles who lovingly referred to him as Dan-O and knew him for his huge smile, big laugh and sense of humor. May you rest in peace Danny, and find everlasting serenity.

The family requests donations to a benevolence fund for his daughter’s college education at BECU if desired in lieu of flowers.

A Private service will be held for friends and family. Please contact for details: Kathy Olmstead at kathyandjohn2@frontier.com, Krista Dinsmore at kristadinsmore76@gmail.com or Casey Mebust at caseybarrett212@yahoo.com.


9 Responses to “Daniel John Olmstead”

  • April Whitton says:

    That is a beautiful obituary. My heart is very sadden for all involved with Dan’s life. He’ll be remembered for the rest of my life as a precious gift to this world and who could not have gotten a more wonderful family. I am so very thankful that his mom Kathy (who worked at the hospital where Dan was born) and dad John were there to take their little bundle of joy home with them. With love in my heart I thank you all.

  • Lynn Kelly says:

    I loved Dan the minute I met him handsome and strong. He was charming and considerate

    His obituary tells all about Danny. Written so Beautifully with grace and love.

    He will always have a place in my heart
    Wish I could attend his service. I am 88 and live in Fl. Too bad.!

    I was his grandmother by marriage Casey

    He was blessed with a wonderful family ,
    John and Kathy Olmstead and sister Krista.
    I had the pleasure of meeting them

    Rest in peace dearest Danny.

  • Lynn Kelly says:

    Danny was my grandson by marriage
    Always charming and considerate

    To know him I was to love him. Great guy.
    My cup runneth over with love

    Rest in peace darling Danny
    Adoringly Grammy Lynn.

  • Julie Benson Caviezel says:

    Oh Danny John, for all of my childhood you were the cool big (God)brother I admired & looked up to. Your sweet, handsome smile and calm, quiet demeanor will be what I remember most. Attending so many of your baseball games with your family was a highlight of my youth. May you know how truly & deeply you’ve always been loved. Countless tears have been shed for you and your family, and many heartfelt prayers have been said in Jesus’ name on your behalf. Rest in peace, Danny.

  • Jacob cooper says:

    Rest in peace. My dearest friend…DAN-O. I love you forever.. COOP-

  • Pam Bush and Harvey Bush says:

    To Danny’s family and many friends. What a beautiful words about Danny and the life he had with his dear family and friends. The lose of Danny is very sad and know each of your hearts must be feeling this sadness in so many ways. How do you say goodbye to someone you love. It is a long journey but hope the love and kindness of all the people who care will help make each step a little easier. Not easy but maybe a little less sad.

    I remember the first time we met Danny. We were at John and Kathy’s house for a Christmas get together. Danny walked up to us with that huge smile of his and introduced himself. I think that smile is what we will always remember most about you Danny.

    With much love
    Pam and Harvey

  • Steve & Shar says:

    We met Dan when he was 7yrs old. He would camp out on our front room floor(with Krista Joy, who was 5yrs old) before school at Rose Hill Elem. After school all he would ever want to eat was peanut butter toast. We had the Olmsteads kids until 6th grade.He had so much charm; a boy of few words. The most awesome talent he had was his enjoyment/kindness to younger kids. He was a big brother to my kids & we believe he was instrumental in Doug playing baseball. We enjoyed the swimming time at aunt Dorothys pool. He will always be in our hearts & missed very much. Someday we will see him again in Heaven, O what a wonderful day that will be For now he is with Jesus, having a glorious time!

  • Douglas Wallin says:

    Daniel Son you came into my life late and you left way too early. It was a great day for me when you met everyone on my side of the family. We all loved you and couldn’t get over how much we all looked alike-like looking into a mirror. There is never enough time. Always tell the people you care about that you love them. You will be greatly missed. We love you and will always miss you. See you soon Danny.

  • Janie Watkins says:

    Dan-O, you were a part of our family and loved so much from the time you and Jacob meet as kids. You two would skateboard all over Kirikland and even Seattle, which was never talked about doing until you were back of course. I’m so sad and broken hearted that you have left us. You will be missed by us all. Know you were always loved and always will be. God bless and rest in peace.

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