Carmen Ghia Macedon-Frazier

Sunrise                        May 10th 1959

Sunset                         September 16th 2015


Carmen Ghia Macedon-Frazier, San Francisco native and longtime resident of Seattle Washington passed away peacefully in her home on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 surrounded by loving family members.

Carmen was born on May 10th 1959, in San Francisco, California to parents Erma and Camille Macedon. She was the third girl in a family of 9 children, which included 3 brothers and 5 sisters.

Carmen attended both elementary and high schools in San Francisco, California. She was a graduate of Saint Agnes elementary school class of 1973, and Cathedral high school class of 1977. Carmen was outgoing and enjoyed playing sports throughout her elementary and high school years, and played on both the volleyball and basketball teams.

After graduation Carmen began her employment career with the California Automobile Association (AAA) in San Francisco, California where she was a dedicated employee; it was there where she met her future husband of 21 years Chef Edwin Frazier.

On October 13th 1989 Carmen welcomed into her life her eldest son Theo Hunt, who inherited the same infectious smile his mom wore daily. On July 23rd 1989 Carmen and Edwin Frazier were joined as husband and wife in San Francisco California and shortly thereafter relocated to Seattle Washington to begin their journey as a family. Six years later on October 24th 1995 the family welcomed an additional son Adam; named after her stepfather Adam Dugas. Carmen is survived by her many beloved family members including: her husband Ed Frazier, sons Theo and Adam as well as stepchildren Edwin Jr., Antoinette, and Tiffany. Brothers and sisters, Don Gholston, Andre Macedon and sister-in-law Valorie Macedon, Angel Macedon, Pamela Macedon-Cooper and brother-in-law Gary E. Cooper, Patricia Macedon-Stribling and brother-in-law Michael Stribling, Jocelyn Dugas, Ishuab Njoube Dugas, Nzingha Dugas and a host of nephews, nieces cousins and friends.


Carmen was blessed with many talents and enjoyed sports as much as she did her various hobbies. She was an avid reader and enjoyed cooking like her mother Erma, she also enjoyed taking photographs and supporting her sons in sports, especially football; she was a Who-Ra football mom! Carmen later learned to crochet and knit enjoying making gifts for family and friends.

Carmen’s warm hugs were a gift that matched her smile, and both spread far and wide and will surely be missed by family, friends and the fellowship.

~Her loving Spirit will be missed and will remain within each of Us.


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