Scott Lee Martin

scott-a6550-aWe mourn the loss of our husband, brother, and friend, Scott Lee Martin. He was born on New Year’s Day 1955 in Vancouver, BC and died on September 10, 2015 at the age of 60. Scott was the third child of Kenny & Sweetie Martin. He is survived by his loving wife of 18 years, Kim Martin; his sister, Sally Martin; and members of the McNamee family. He was preceded in death by his parents, and by his older brother, Tom Martin.

Scott was very musically talented as we all know. He was a self-taught guitar player; he loved to jam with his friends but also was a member of quite a few bands and combos. He appreciated all kinds of music but guitar riffs were his favorite.scotts-016

In addition to music, Scott was also had a phenomenal grasp of everything mechanical. From a very young age he would tinker with small engines and take apart everything possible in the house just to see how it worked. His expertise helped many of us out–by making our old mechanical things go again–cars, vans, lawn mowers, motorcycles, jet skis, anything that required gas to go, he could make work again.

Scott was just three years old when he launched himself down the hill in front of the family home on a two wheeler with no brakes. He got some good air but couldn’t stop and went off the twenty foot drop to the driveways below. This was his first taste of riding and even though he was a very safe and capable driver as an adult, he was a speed demon in his teen years and had the scars to prove it. He loved motorcycles and he loved going on long trips with his Kim holding on behind.

He was able to parlay his mechanical abilities to work as an instructor at Lake Washington VocTech where he taught classes in small engines along with motorcycle maintenance and repair. He could share his love with those students, always giving them creative applications for problem solving. And, he broke up a biker fight every now and then as he was the coolest head in the room. Scott loved teaching and sharing his know-how with all manner of students. Many times he was a guest speaker teaching Kim’s students elementary students over the years.

303446_193534964096658_1698890939_nBecause of his creative mind, Scott was involved in a variety of entrepreneurial businesses. He sandblasted signs for a time as an off-shoot of his dad’s Omar the Woodcarver waterfront shop. Scott made marker signs for the Alaskan Iditarod race as well as many corporate building signs around the area. He loved working with his hands.

We are so very sad that he had to leave us but if you knew Scott you’d know that he would want us to have a big belly laugh, hang out with friends, go for a ride, or just crank up the music really loud–that’s what he’d do to find joy.


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  • Richard Donnelly says:

    I met Scott when I was a student at LWTC. He was my instructor first and the later my friend. He was very good at both. In the time I knew him I don’t believe I ever heard him say anything against anyone or ever saw him loose his temper. I will always remember him as a happy, loving, generous man. The world is a little darker without his light and he will surely be missed.
    RIP Scott.

  • Nancy says:

    Oh, Sal, and Kim whom I have not met, I am so very, very sorry. This is a lovely tribute for a great guy gone too soon. My heart breaks for you. Love, Nancy

  • Brian Smithson says:

    Scott and I were very good friends from Enatai, BJHS, BHS, and a little beyond, best friends for much of that time. I lost touch after moving out of the area and hadn’t seen him since a BHS reunion in 1993.

    I have such fond memories of his music (we played in bands together), his spectacular sense of humor, working on bikes and cars and everything, and just being pals and getting in all sorts of trouble together (not to mention the stuff we didn’t get caught for!).

    Remembering Scott now made me realize how much his sense of humor, his music, and his unstoppable mechanical aptitude, became a part of who I am today.

    I understand that his last years had been quite difficult and I wish I could have been there for him. But I have nothing but happy memories of the silly, crazy, fun times I had growing up with him. I will treasure those memories forever.

    RIP Scott, I love you always. My sincere condolences to Kim and Sally. Now I’ll try to stop crying, and crank up some music!

  • Donny Baugh says:

    Well said Brian, seeing Scotty’s face again brought tears to my eyes, by what you said, it made me realize how much Scott affected my life, what a truly great brother he was, he always made me laugh!. the last time i saw him, I was living in a shack at the corner of Kirland Redmond road and 148th. He came over and jammed with me without stopping for four hours and it was incredible becauuse I hadn’t seen him in years before that. We had a gas! We were the best of friends from what 5th or 6th grade on through highschool

  • Tim Cat Haase says:


  • B Nelson says:

    Marty made you laugh with his uniquely wry humor.

    We had a band in the six grade called the Stolen Goods.

    I could not play a lick but all those other Enataiers

    became great musicians, and Marty just had a knack

    of talent for anything. He must of been a well loved

    Teacher. In memory of Marty from the way back days.

    Let the music play on. bnelson

  • Shirley & Jim Riley says:

    As good friends of Scott’s sister Sally, after reading about his interesting life and many talents, we regret that we never got to know Scott. We extend our best wishes and deepest condolences to his wife and sister with the hope that special memories of good times and laughter sustain you both.

  • Jan says:

    Beautiful tribute for a beautiful person. He left too soon but confident he’s no longer hurting. RIP Scott.

  • Erik Jokinen says:

    I am wishing the best for Kim and the rest of Scott’s family. In my few interactions with Scott, I remember he quickly remedied a dead motor I had by walking me through an easy fix on the phone….sure enough all went well, and I was indebted to his unselfish ability to help other people.

  • Lynda says:

    I feel so sad and my heart goes out to my good friend Kim,( who I have known since 5th grade but have just recently got in touch with again)and to all of Scott’s family. I remember Scott from BHS and hadn’t seen him for so long,but I remember him being a nice guy and quite a character. I feel the loss of such a talented and kind man. I’m so sorry.

  • Greg Packham says:

    We had a lot of good times hanging out with Brian Smithson, listening to music, getting into trouble and having good times. Scott was always a good friend and fun to be around.

  • John Zukerman says:

    I was deeply sorry to hear of Scott’s passing. I have a long road of memories back to 3rd grade little league with the Hawks and beyond. Pranks and shenanigans filled our formative years. I can’t forget times like when we borrowed some beer out of the neighbor’s carport before they had a party, helped our moms set up garden club shows at the Olympic Hotel, food fights in the junior high cafeteria, cruising town in his 61 Chevrolet station wagon and a host of outings just hanging out with the boys. Scott was always a pleasure to be with; an upbeat personality with a great sense of humor. My condolences to his entire family and may Scott R.I.P.

  • BHS Class of 73 says:

    Remarks from BHS Class of 1973

‪Marcia Hill Lyle ‪ I’m so sorry to hear about Scott. He was a sweetheart. Hugs and prayers to Kim and their family. RIP Scott.


‪Michele Tenny‪ Kim McNamee-Martin, I am so sorry to hear of your loss!


‪Rosann Hoffert Walsh‪ RIP Scott, such fond memories of you!


    Karen Mincin Stewart‪ I am so very sorry to hear the news. Kim and family, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this difficult time. Although I hadn’t seen Scott in years, I always considered him a friend and I know he will be missed.


‪Ed Bolles‪ So sorry for your loss.



‪Sandra Linde Corcoran‪ Kim, My sincere condolences to you and your family. I too have such fond memories of Scott, Enatai, BJH,and BHS. Although I have not been in contact with Scott for years, I have thought about him and all of the rest of the people we hung out with. RIP my friend.


‪Mary Lawrence‪ So sorry to hear of Scott’s passing. Have good memories of him from school

    Terri Tollefson Gordon‪ So sorry to hear sbout Scott. I remember him fondly. Great guy…such a loss.


‪Jan Wilhelmi‪ R.I.P. Scott, I am very sorry to hear this.


‪Carol Kothe‪ Although I hadn’t seen him since High School I have many fond memories of Scott and Don working on cars together while I fed them.


‪Amy Tennent‪ Sorry to hear he’s gone, he always made me smile. Had not seen him since school but he’s not forgotten.
September 18 at 6:22pm ·


‪Nancy Monino Schulz ‪ Kim, I’m sorry to hear of this news. I told Mary and we would like to see you in the near future. Her husband died 3 years ago of a massive stroke. So sad. Thinking about you.

  • Amy Butson says:

    Kim and Sally, I am so sorry for your loss. May you find peace, smiles, and warmth in your memories of Scott. His music will live on.

  • Dwayne and Judith Johnson says:

    “Only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love.”
    ― George Eliot
    We miss you already. Our deepest sympathy and love.
    Dwayne and Judith

  • R Kizer says:

    Scott was a great host. One Christmas Eve after the Martins moved to the Everett house, he wanted to give us a tour of the national lampoon Christmas lights in the neighborhood. With a great Chevy Chase narration, he drove us around to see all the lights AND the amazing variety of inflatables. Our favorite that still has me laughing was when he pulled up in front of the inflatable manger scene attended by the 3 Wise Snowmen…thanks, Scott, for the memories and the laughter!

  • Jim Reinking says:

    Scott was my friend and band mate from 5th grade thru high school! We were all a part of the south Bellevue gang of mis- behaving teenage rock/jazz/blues musicians totally swallowed up by the vibe of the late 60s.Scott was a free spirit who was definetly the funniest guy in our group and the first quality guitarist I ever played with! I love my memories of Scott,rest in peace good friend.

  • Brian Stroud says:

    Scott was a very kind soul who brought much joy to those around him. Kim and Sally, I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this tribute to Scott. It paints a vivid picture of a man who will no doubt live on in the hearts of those whose lives he brightened.

  • Robin Levine says:

    Over the years I would run into Scott randomly when I would be visiting Sally. It was always fun to stop and listen to his rich voice describe something going on in his life and then chuckle about the rapid fire of witty back and forth comments only a brother and sister can do. His presence will be a great loss to all that knew him.

  • Dennis Keough says:

    After a few years of nursing my aged Lawn Boy through mowing seasons Scott offered me a nearly-new Honda. The previous owner had run it over a stump, resulting in severe internal damage. Scott worked his magic, rebuilt the engine, and sold it on to me. He told me, “If ever it doesn’t start on the second pull, call me!”

    It’s been a decade or more, with a few Martin tune-ups thrown in. The Honda still mows, running perfectly, and, yes, it still starts on the second pull. Rest in Peace, Scott……May the small engines up there always start on the first pull.

  • Barry Verdin & Jan says:

    Jan and I feel so blessed to be able to have the time we did with Scott, an extremely intelligent & talented guy. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him. Scott could really shred it! I miss the banter. Going to miss the talks.
    The words to Roll ‘n Roll Heaven by the Righteous Brothers comes to mind.
    RIP my partner, my brother, my friend
    Our hearts and prayers go out to Kim and family. Thank you so much and God Bless you

  • S.O. says:

    My thoughts are with you and your family at this very difficult time. I did not know Scott well but what I did know of him painted the picture of a man with a good sense of humor, big heart and he saw the value in telling things like they were. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Kim Martin says:

    It will be one year on Sept. 10. I miss my very best friend, the other half of me. We laughed so much, played so often, loved so deeply… I would do anything to have Scott in my life again. It’s so lonely and empty without him. Hardly a life at all. It is cruel actually, to be given a soul so perfect for you, only to have it taken away.

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