Eduardo Reyes Muldong

“Limitless undying love
which shines around me like a million suns,
It calls me on and on,
across the universe”

-the beatles


Master Chief Ed Muldong

Eduardo Reyes Muldong will always be remembered for his sunny smile, his youthful nature, the absolute strength and conviction of his character, and his undying loyalty as husband, father, grandfather, relative, brother, friend and colleague to many who loved him. Eduardo fought the hard fight against the recently diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer to the best of his ability, even knowing the diagnosis was terminal. In the last weeks, he chose to be surrounded by all of his family who lovingly cared for him. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, July 26, at 1:25pm, when he passed away peacefully at his daughters home in the lush green Cascadian foothills of Washington state. He was 68 years old.

Born in Manila, Philippines on March 22, 1947 by his Father, Eusebio Sylvestre Muldong and his Mother, Severina Erandio Reyes. He came from a big family, The Muldong Family; his sisters and brothers being: Herminia (Emy), Rosario (Charing) Oscar, Leonila (Leonie), Nestor and Antonio (Tony). After losing his mother at a young age, he spent his childhood learning to be wild and free, along with life’s hardships, and while being thankfully being raised by his sisters and brothers. It was these very impressive early life experiences that drove him with great determination to join the United States Coast Guard in 1970 at the age of 23.

Ed earned many awards and USCG achievements, entering as enlisted and retiring as a Master Chief. His career in the Coast Guard took him all around the world, traveling and raising his family in Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Washington, Alaska and Florida. His work would also take him on solo missions away from family, where they knew he worked hard in Okinawa, Japan as well as courageously serving on the ice breaker ships six months at a time in the North Pole and the South Pole. In his travels, he was also able to visit many exotic places including Fiji, Peru, Bolivia, Chili and others. After 30 years of service to our country, he retired with his wife, Bobbi in 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He also very much enjoyed mechanics as a hobby and after retiring decided to indulge his interests there and work as a mechanic for the US Postal Service, where he enjoyed his work and time shared with his colleagues from 2003 to his retirement in March of 2015.



Ed was also known very endearingly as “Honey”, “Dad” and “Pops”. He fell in love and married his life long wife and partner of 44 years, Barbara Jean Muldong, in 1971. Without hesitation, he adopted and made her 5 year old son also his own and renamed him after himself, Eduardo Reyes Muldong Jr, otherwise known as Ed Jr, or Little Eddie. In 1973, came the birth of their daughter, Severina Reyes Muldong, (Severina Sol). Together they grew as a family as the Coast Guard took them around the coasts, and that family bond would stay strong over time. In 1995, we lost Ed Jr to lymphoma cancer. In 1997, a ray of sunshine brought the birth of Severina’s firstborn son, Sky Shelton Dover. Ed very much enjoyed being a grandfather to Sky, alongside Nana and spent the past 17 years helping to raise Sky up the way grandparents do, and shared in many vacations, summers, golf, movies, food, and most importantly, lots of laughs. In May of 2014, Ed saw the birth of his second grandson, Orion Sinclair Gabriel. He had the joy of holding him at his birth and spending that precious time in the first weeks of Orions life, and in Pops last weeks and days, it was this baby grandson that could be sure to get a smile out of Ed.

Eduardo joined the Masons in 2014 and will forever be remembered by his home Lodge King Solomon 58 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ed golfing in St. George, 2012

Ed golfing in St. George, 2012

Golf was his favorite way to enjoy the day, golfing solo, going on trips with golfing buddies and sharing his hobby with his grandson, Sky. He also enjoyed football games; GO HAWKS! and having once been a triple black belt in karate, he was also a fan of boxing.

Ed very much loved his family, relatives, friends, Brothers and colleagues. He felt that he lived very full and fortunate life. His only disappointment in life was that it was cut far too short. He had just retired and picked up his last paycheck a week before finding out about his illness. He had many dreams, plans and goals of pursuing his Masonic studies, golfing, traveling with his wife, vacations and long lengths of time with his daughter, son in law and grandsons. His last wish is that we all live our life to the fullest! He says, “don’t wait.. LIVE YOUR LIFE!”
Ed is survived by his immediate family; wife: Barbara Jean Muldong, daughter: Severina X Sol, and grandsons: Sky Shelton Dover and Orion Sinclair Gabriel. He is also survived by his sisters, (Emy) Herminia Muldong Magdangal, Charing, (Charing) Rosario Muldong Bohol, and (Leonie) Leonila Reyes Muldong.

Special thank you to Evergreen Hospice, VA Hospital Nevada, Marquis Centennial Nursing Home, Nurse Elma of VA Clinic Services Nevada, Barton Funeral, Yahn and Sons Funeral Home, Masons from the King Solomon Lodge 58, and the Masonic Brothers representing and officiating from the Grand Lodge of Washington.

A Memorial Service, Veterans Funeral and Celebration of Life gathering is to be held August 13, 2015.
55 W Valley Hwy S, Auburn, WA 98001

The memorial service will be held at the Chapel room in Yahn and Sons Funeral home
Masonic Ceremony Service performed by Masons Lodge of Washington
Video and photo viewing
“If” by Bread, song performed by Severina
Coffee, Tea and snacks will be provided for after the service

18600 SE 240th St, Kent, WA 98042
Full veterans honors and the lowering of his ashes to the ground

location to be announced (check back here for update!)

One Response to “Eduardo Reyes Muldong”

  • Roberto (bobby) Muldong says:

    I chanced upon the name of EDUARDO REYES MULDONG who passed away last year. There’s only a few Muldong in this world and i believe we are all related. It is unfortunate that i came accross his name when was gone. I offer my sympathy to the bereaved family as i will pray for the eternal repose of his soul. Farewell to my brother mason.

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