Ridge Ronald Hinkley

06-09-1954 to 07-17-2015

Our great, strong husband, father, son, brother and friend has passed on ahead to make the way.  Ridge was a native of Seattle and relished that. An outstanding athlete, part of the unstoppable Ingraham Rams All State championship football team, he maintained the  friendships he made there until the end.  He had friends from his Boys Club days, from the neighborhood growing up in North Seattle, and from work.  Then he met his wife’s family and a whole new network of friendships opened up.  His good natured way with people drew us all to him, his humor kept us coming back for more.  He was the proud father of three, Caitlan, Ridge and Daisy and married for 32 years to their mom, Laurie.  The loving son of Lorraine and his father Ron, who predeceased him.  He also leaves his sister Randi, brothers Jace and Chad and their families, all of us with aching hearts and the sense that there is now a hole in the Universe that wasn’t there before.

Raise a glass to our beloved Ridge.  He would appreciate it.

Family will gather in August for private services and a gathering of friends will be announced later.

11 Responses to “Ridge Ronald Hinkley”

  • Roy Larson says:

    Man what a shock. Ridge was a Great friend for 15 years at the Mill. I don’t know what else to say. Lori, let me know when you have the friends gathering, I’d love to go. Sorry for your loss.

  • Carolyn Price says:

    I went to Oak Lake Elementary and all the way up to Ingraham with Ridge. I didn’t know him well but I always remember him as being very funny! I am sorry for your loss of this great guy.

  • Christina Burt says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Ridges passing. I knew Ridge through my brother, Gil Pena who went to school with Ridge from Oak Lake through Ingraham. My thoughts and prayers are with Ridge’s family at this most difficult time. Please let me know when the friends gathering is as my brother, Rick and I would love to attend.

    Christina Pena Burt
    Ingraham Class of ’71

  • David Harris says:

    To the Hinkley family,
    Hi my name is David Harris and I have cut Ridge’s hair since he was in high school. I remember when he met Laurie, that was a great story – If I remember right it was in the ER. I know Ridge did a lot of good stuff for the community and the kids, which takes a lot of time and energy – not all parents could do this with a smile like Ridge did. I also want you to know that Ridge has been one of my favorite customers.

    I hope time is able to heal some of this loss that you are experiencing. Ridge was an exceptionally great person and has left an incredible legacy with big shoes for others to fill. He will be missed. I will miss his big smile and hearty laugh, I know he would have made a great sea fair pirate like he always wanted to do.

    Your in my thoughts – Dave the Barber ( if you would like to talk at any time you can call me at 206-399-5339)

  • Laurie says:

    Thank you for your kind words. Dave, you were a bright spot in Ridge’s life. The twice a year haircut guy. And is that cousin Roy?
    To all, there will be a gathering of friends on August 16th in Edmonds at the home of Ridge’s oldest friend, Ron Olson.
    Address and time to follow. Please check here. Thank you all.

  • Laurie says:

    A get together for friends will be held August 16, at 4:00pm.
    Home of Ron and Deana Olson
    7409 204th St SW. Lynnwood 98036

  • Roy Larson says:

    Laurie, it’s Roy from the Steel mill in Ballard.

  • Laurie says:

    Haha yes I remember you Roy. I used to tease you about being my cuz because we had Larson/Laursen last names.

  • Laurie says:

    Christina and Carolyn, thank you for your wonderful memories. Ridge loved Gil and always talked about his extraordinary skills at baseball. He admired him so much. Wonder if they’re tossing a ball right now?

  • Craig Daly says:

    Wow, what a shock. We knew Ridge was ill, but still the suddeness of it takes one back. One of the old Greenwood Boys Club mates, through elementary, junior and high school. Lots of memories on the football and baseball fields with Ridge and the gang. He still laughed about my Studebaker Lark that we rode in in high school – I had cut rugs out of my parents old throw aways, and put them in that old Studebaker and would tell the guys, “Don’t mess with my rugs” and of course Ridge always messed with the rugs and never missed a moment to tell me, even 40 years later, “Hey Crog Dolly….don’t mess with the rugs!” What a great laugh from the gut he had! We’ll miss him and may he rest in peace with Peter V.
    Craig Daly

  • Craig Nelson says:

    Laurie, I just now heard of Ridge’s passing. He was a great friend in high school. I so like his 1963 white Nova hardtop.

    He made us all laugh and he had to be the attention of the group.

    I will always have a fond memory of him.

    Craig Nelson

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