Jackie Lillian

jackie lilian-aLoving Mom & Wife Jackie Lillian passed away July 11, 2015 at her home in Kirkland, Washington.  She died peacefully with all her family by her side. The Lord was gracious allowing her to reach her 63rd wedding anniversary on July 2, and her 84th birthday on July 8th before taking her to be with Him in Heaven.


Jackie was born in Bellingham, WA.   She had a older sister Carrie Wells and older brother Alexander “Jack” Wells.  Jackie went to kindergarten at Western Wash. State Collage and then on to Franklin grade & Whatcom JR high school in Bellingham.  When she moved to Seattle at age 14 she started her freshman year of high school at Queen Anne HS before transferring to Holy Names Academy for her sophomore year. She returned to Queen Anne HS to finish her Jr.  & Sr. years where she graduated in 1949.


She met her husband Frederick A. Lillian at Queen Anne HS where they flirted a bit.  Dating began in June of 1950, and after only a month they were engaged on July 2, 1950.  Due to the outbreak of the Korean War, Fred was called to active duty on August 9, 1950, with the 11th Infantry Bn. USMCR.  Fred served as a Marine in Korea and was part of the “Chosen Few”.  A couple of days before Christmas 1951 Fred returned home to Seattle.  Fred & Jackie were married on July 2, 1952 exactly two years to the day of their engagement.


While Fred was serving in Korea, Jackie worked for her mother’s real estate business managing the small office. Her business management skills and integrity enabled Jackie to work for such companies as Security Mortgage, Marshall McClendon, Northern Life Ins., Canada Dry and Foster & Kleiser.


Fred & Jackie decided early in their marriage that she would be a stay at home mother and forgo the luxuries that a two income family could provide.  Jackie managed very well the finances so that none of her children ever felt without.   Jackie was a mother who took her calling of motherhood seriously.  She made certain she taught her children, right from wrong, forgiveness and the importance of a strong moral compass.  She lived the example of the 10 Commandments and the Golden Rule.   She lived up to the meaning of her name “truthful one”, and it is said of her that she never told a lie.


Jackie was gifted with many talents.  In the realm of art she was a creative and a master in many mediums, drawings, oil painting and watercolors.  Jackie avidly enjoyed the outdoors, hiking, boating, crabbing, golf and all the activities the northwest lifestyle has to offer.  Jackie even tried mountain climbing but found that experience is one that she could live without ever again!  She was the best fisherman in the family, and always seemed to have the “Lucky Pole”!


Jackie loved music of most sorts but particularly Scottish & Irish.  Her love of music & rhythm made her an excellent dancer, jitter bug, hokey pokey, tap, you name it she could do it!


After her mother passed, Jackie developed a passion for genealogy.   Searching for the genealogy of the family became one of Jackie’s lifelong missions.  Jackie spent many hours, and at times, many weeks on end, in libraries around the country & world searching for the family roots.  Jackie was a perfectionist and made certain of the accuracy of the genealogical history she was creating.


For a time after the kids were grown and before Fred’s retirement, Jackie tried her hand at business again. With her keen eye for knowing what colors make a person look good, she became affiliated with “Color Me a Season”.   After Fred’s retirement, Jackie found travel important.  Together Fred & Jackie traveled East to China & West to Europe and several cross country road trips in between.


Jackie is survived by her loving husband Frederick A Lillian and her three children, Kathleen (Jim) Jaderholm, Fred (Kim) Lillian and Colleen (Pat) Walsh.  She leaves behind 14 Grandchildren and 8 Great Grandchildren.


Viewing and Mass will be held at:

St. John Vianney Catholic Church

12600 – 84th AVE NE

Kirkland, WA   98034

Thursday July 23, 2015

Viewing:  10:00 AM

Service:    11:00 AM – Reception To Follow


Internment at Tahoma National Cemetery on July 24, 2015 at 11:15 AM


The family wishes to thank all those who have supported us and especially Evergreen Hospital & Evergreen Hospice for all the care and support they have given.


Donations To American Lung Association

6 Responses to “Jackie Lillian”

  • Helen Kim says:

    Dear Colleen and Pat

    Our deepest condolence goes out to you and your family. She is remarkable and lived a life to love our Lord. I just got the news from Caroline’s Godmother in Facebook. In this time of grievance that you and your loved ones find comfort under his wings. Your mother is full of love and goodness. I say this because she embraced the stranger like me and my daughter. Her presence and her kindness radiated the light of truth. .

  • Michele Fournier says:

    Fred & Kim, and family,

    Very sorry for your loss. In my thoughts and prayers.

    Love you!

  • Jayneann Burton says:

    She was a wonderful grandma who leaves me with many fond memories. Til we meet again.

  • Jim Jaderholm says:

    Good reading. Wow. The first person I know of that went to kindergarten at a state college :).
    On a more serious note… At this time our feelings are very tender, thinking about Jackie and thinking introspectively.
    Usually our soles are on our feet living day to day. At this time our souls go to our knees.
    The services for Jackie provide a time for us to pull together. We are here for each other.
    We deeply sorrow that Jackie experienced such a very long and unpleasant terminal illness.
    Life is a terminal illness. I suppose we are all just living day to day. Daily preparing for dying. The hereafter is what we are here after.
    There is no death only change. She took off her glove, but her hand continues to function. The spirit world is just our next apartment.
    We are strangers here in this life. Innately our spirits yearn to go home.
    I feel there was a strong family pull for Jackie from the other side. I know of no other person than Jackie that will know more people’s names on the other side. People she has never met in this life.
    Thank you to those that have written on this site. I like the things written. I feel comfortable, in the solemnity of my soul to reach out and talk to Jackie, and other loved ones rooting for us; recognizing it is a veil not a wall.
    Love always,

  • Joyce Brooks says:

    So sorry for your loss. It is my heartfelt prayer that God will give the family peace in your quiet moments and comfort to replace your grief. Please remember, not that Jackie has died but that she lived and her life gave you memories too beautiful to forget. The Bible refers to ‘death’ as mankind’s enemy. May you draw some comfort and hope in God’s promise, “Your Dead Will Live. Awake and shout joyfully, You Residents In The Dust!…” (Isaiah 26:19)

  • Sandra Crisp says:

    To the Lillian family
    It’s been 4 years..but seems longer. I miss her. She was a spiritual and classy woman. Jackie was beautiful inside and out. So gracious and kind to all. Her faith and family were everything to her.
    We were “church friends” but i always felt a special connection to her. i looked forward to seeing her and what color beautiful cashmere sweater she might be wearing..and looking like a model in it.
    Peace be with all of you….

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