Jack W. Cooper

Jack and MonaJack W. Cooper, 83, born 8/21/1931-7/3/2015, was peacefully guided by heavens angels back home to be reunited with God and his family that passed on before him. He’s left behind a loving cherished wife Mona G. Cooper mother to Kelly Jo Cooper and Bryan Ames Cooper. He had a memorable life filled with adventures, wisdom, travels and a myriad of unlimited teaching which he shared especially with his son Bryan, who exclaims his father Jack to be known as a man who he deeply respected, was a great leader and teacher. Having many fond Jack and Mona (2)memories such as traveling far places throughout the countries and being known for being a Iron Man driver not stopping “ever”. His final struggles at the end of his life were Alzheimer’s/ dementia / Parkinson’s disease / heart health (pacemaker)- and the final blow – stomach cancer. Special Jack and Bryanthanks to all of the Evergreen hospital team in Kirkland including Hospice and final day resting place Inglewood Heights – we would not of made it through without the support from all including neighbors and families abroad. God bless all involved for making the transition smoother.

Jack W. Cooper obituary at Barton Family Funeral

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