ToriAnne Madeline Wischmann

In Loving Memory of our Beautiful ToriAnne Madeline Wischmann


ToriAnne Madeline Wischmann 101776 to 053015

Our Beloved Daughter, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Niece, Cousin & Friend.


Our Beautiful, Loving Sweet, Fun Pumpkin Girl Tori passed away suddenly from a Pulmonary Hemorrhage on May 30th 2015 at the young age of 38 years old.  Tori was born on October 17th 1976 at 10:32am in the morning at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, WA.


Tori was mostly Irish, Welsh, Scottish, & some Norwegian. Tori was proud to be Irish and even named 2 of her girls with Irish names & has two Celtic tattoos. Tori was named after three of her grandparents, Tori from her Maternal Grandfather Torrey, her Maternal Grandmother Madeline, & her name Anne from her Paternal Grandmothers Middle name.


Tori has always had a Great personality, is sweet, Loving giving & always fun with a leprechaun attitude. Tori Loved everyone & everyone Loved her. Tori has a big Heart & is a Wonderful Mother & Loves her four children Jast, Ices, Ireland & Vanity Moria with all her Heart & Soul, and her Husband Justin Nygard,and her younger Brothers James, David, & Dustin with all her Heart. Tori also had a special bond with her Aunt Sandy, Uncle Jim Pritchard & Cousin Topaz and loved all her Aunts & Uncles, & 100’s of cousins from both the Pritchard side & Wischmann side, as well as all of her Friends.


Even though you might not have talked everyday she always had you all in her heart!  Tori Joined Brownies in kindergarden then Girl Scouts and with that joined the International Order of Rainbow for Girls when she was 12 and became the leader of the group as Worthy Advisor, 2 times at age 13 & again at age 14 years old. Tori was proud to be a Rainbow Girl & was proud that her Daughters are now Rainbow Girls & 2 soon to be. Tori loves her Rainbow sisters.


Tori is survived by her 4 Children, Son Jast Alljridge, daughters Ices Coons, Ireland Coons, Vanity Mitchell, step children, Isabel Coons-Claflin, Cassidy Mitchell, JJ Coons & Monique Coons, Husband Justin Nygard, & father-in-law Bill Nygard.  Also survived by her Mom Merry Pritchard, Step Dad Larry Barr, Step Dad David Brodes (Donna),  Brothers, James Wischmann, David Brodes (Julie), & Dustin Brodes (Gabby), Nieces: Sabrina Wischmann, Enola & Candence Wilcox, & Nephews: Bjorn Brodes & Tristian Zimmerman. Tori also leaves behind Childhood Friends, Dana Hunt, Will Westmoreland, Shawn Ballou, Nikki Toon, Stacy Egbert, Eamonn O’Hara, Tara Andrews, Rachel Robbins, Andrea Schultz, Lisa Dizard, Aaron Denkey & many more. Preceded in death by her Father James Douglas Wischmann, Step Dad Mark Morgan, Maternal Grandparents Torrey Icen Pritchard & Madeline Goldie Barry Pritchard, Paternal Grandparents, Patricia Anne Wischmann-Keil, Wallace Wischmann, Bob Pritchett, & Paternal Great Grandparents William & Myrtle LeGaz, Uncle David Pritchard, Uncle Dennis Pritchard & Cousins Jaime Pritchard, April Pritchard, Brannon Bubba Pritchard, & Pammy Pritchard, & many more. Our Hearts are Broken but your Love & Memories Live on in all of our Hearts, minds, & souls!


Tori Annie Madelanni you are missed but we know that you are our Beautiful Angel in Heaven watching over us with the rest of our family!


Love you my Baby Girl & Best Friend Forever!


There will be a Celebration of Life Memorial on July 25th 2015 at noon to 3:00pm at the Lynnwood Eagles at: 19223 Highway 99, Lynnwood, WA. 98036. It will be a potluck so please bring your favorite dish or dessert!


15 Responses to “ToriAnne Madeline Wischmann”

  • Doreene Hulford (Pritchard) says:

    Tori, your are a free spirit who knew how to make everything look beautiful.Rest in peace my beautiful cousin. We will see again when we are all reunited with our loving Lord.

  • Marlende says:

    No better soul to have waiting at the gates when our time has come, Tori you will be missed and celebrated in this world. cannot wait to see you in the next. I keep my memories of you close to my heart until we meet again.

  • Merry Pritchard says:

    My Beautiful Daughter, I miss you so much and Love you Always & Forever! My heart is broken but I see you in each of your 4 children everyday! They miss you & Love you with all their Hearts and I know you will be in Heaven & in spirit looking over them and guiding them though their lives! Rest in Peace Pumkin! Mommy Loves you! Until we meet again! Mom

  • Topaz Jones says:

    In my memories you are forever young… I hear your contagious laughter, see your warm, often goofy smile, and feel your beautiful heart.
    We are giggling at 4 in the morning, camping out on sidewalks, living loudly and carefree. You were my partner in crime, my confidante, my friend.
    Thank you for the many memories Tori, you are deeply missed.

  • Corinne says:

    Tori I miss you every day. I will never forgot all the good times we had together. I’m so glad I got to see you again. I will never forget you, I love you Tori.

  • Tara Andrews says:

    I thought of you today,
    but that is nothing new.
    I thought about you yesterday,
    and the days before that too.
    I think of you in silence,
    I often speak your name.
    All I have are memories
    and your picture in a frame.
    Your memory is a keepsake,
    from which I’ll never part.

    God has you in His arms,
    I have you in My Heart.

  • ices says:

    i love u mom miss u

  • Justin Roy Nygard, HUB says:

    I miss you more than I can show you. You are built for me as I am built for you. I madly in love with you to this day. I love you My Luv, Your Baby Love.

  • Justin Roy Nygard, HUB says:

    I love and miss you, Luv

  • Merry Barr says:

    My Dear Beautiful Daughter, it has been 15 months now and We miss you more today than ever. We think of you everyday and there is not a minute that goes by that I wish you were here with us. The kids are going fast and look like you so much even the beauty, attitude, Fun, & creative ways. Your are our Beautiful Angel and you now have Aunt Sandy, cousin Jamie, Dad, both sets of Great grandparents, uncles & cousins & even friends.
    I know you are watching over all of us and that brings me peace. I Love you my sweet little girl. Until we meet again! Love Always & Forever your Mom





  • Vanity Mitchell says:

    Hey mom, Its vanity I just wanna let you know that I love you so so so so so so so very much and that you mean the world to me and I would do anything to see you and hug you and kiss you and love you for the rest of me and my sisters lives. I love you so much and so do my sister’s grandma Ja
    st and all your family and friends most likely do too. I send my best of love to you mama.

  • Merry Barr says:

    Dear Tori,
    My Beautiful Baby Girl!
    I miss you everyday & Love you so much!
    Your kids are going up so fast & Love & Miss you so much!
    We are raising them the best we can & they have your beautiful, even Jast in a man kinda way, artistic, loving & sometimes stubborn ways! Lol
    I miss are daily talks & planning parties, holidays, & Birthdays!
    Love you kid!
    Send our Love to Aunt Sandy, Jamie, David, Dennis, Pammy, April, Mark, & Jim & my parents & the rest of our family!
    Keep watching over us & let us know you are there!
    Love Always until we meet again!

  • Vanity Mitchell says:

    Its been almost five years mama,i’m almost in high school. I’ve been thinking about you every night, and just wishing that you were here with me.Just being able to hold me and say “everything is going to be okay,” or “i love you” or “i miss you” or even just to feel your spirit or your presence because i haven’t felt that in a very long time and writing this now, i’m breaking down in tears.

    I had a dream the other night and i woke up in tears. The dream was me laying in bed and looking off to the side and you were there telling me you loved me so much. But it didn’t really feel like you were there at all. And now my eyes burn from my wet eye lids, I hope that i will see you soon or feel your presence. i love you so dearly mama, until we meet again.

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