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JanHeadshot01Jan Collins-Pritchard (Olberg), 76, of Kirkland, WA, passed away on May 21, 2015, after a courageous battle with leukemia.
Jan was born on January 14, 1939, to Clarence and Irene (Calder) Olberg in Bremerton, WA. Highlights from Jan’s childhood years spent in Allyn, WA at the Bar-J Ranch included horseback pack trips in the Olympic National Park, generally just with her father but sometimes including friends. Jan’s love of cooking and entertaining started with helping her mother with the renowned Olberg parties. Jan remained in close contact with her friends from Bremerton High School throughout her life.
After some time living and working in Seattle, Jan met her first husband – Richard (Tom) Collins. Tom was working for Jan’s father and noticing her picture on the mantelpiece, asked for an introduction. A tale of their early relationship was when Tom asked her to go water-skiing. She claimed she didn’t know how and was being coached by the boys in the boat. At the last minute, she yelled, “Hit it” and surprised them all by dropping a ski and getting up on one ski. That sealed the deal and Tom was smitten. They lived for a time in Kennewick, WA, before moving to Lakewood near Tacoma and then to Sunset Avenue in West Seattle, which became the family home for the next 25 years.
Jan devoted much of her time to raising two much-loved children – Tom and Stephanie – with weekends often spent at the Ranch, as well as snow skiing in the winter and putting together wonderful holidays. Jan continued to cook and entertain, and her talent for interior design emerged. She also embarked on the first of her ambitious remodeling projects. Jan was well-known in the Seattle interior design community, and owned Collins-Draheim along with her partner Terris Draheim.
After Tom passed away, Jan met her second husband, Mike Pritchard, through their common love of Scottish Deerhounds. Mike first saw Jan at a dog show, wondering “Who is that beautiful classy lady?” Jan was in the stands watching her dog being shown while Mike was showing his own dog. Jan and Mike shared many fun experiences with their dogs, winning numerous ribbons at various events around the country. Jan and Mike lived in Portland, OR (another remodel) for a few years before returning north to be closer to Jan’s family and friends, moving to Kirkland, WA (two more remodels in two homes). They enjoyed traveling (not always with dogs), with several trips to England and France, and also cooking and entertaining together. Their last big trips were in 2013. The first was to attend the wedding of Mike’s niece in France followed with catching up with friends and family in England. Later in the same year Stephanie was married to Conrad in Maui – a wonderful wedding on the beach and a total contrast to the very traditional French wedding.
We were extremely proud of Jan and her grace through her fight from diagnosis to her passing. She continued to be our beautiful mother and spouse, that we were fortunate enough to spend special time with as she neared the end of her life. We were awed by her ability to stay positive through an illness that came on suddenly.
Jan was a beautiful, classy, tasteful, talented, spirited, sassy, and very giving mother and wife who had a heart of gold.
Preceded in death by parents Clarence and Irene, sister Barbara, and first husband Tom Collins. Survivors are husband Mike Pritchard, son Tom Collins, daughter Stephanie Collins and son-in-law Conrad Russell.
A celebration of Jan’s life will be held June 28, in Seattle. Please let the family know if you plan to attend (or if you can’t attend but would like to share reminiscences) by emailing to JanCelebration@5circles.com.


For more memories, visit http://bartonfuneral.com/category/obituaries/. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (http://www.lls.org).

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  • Karen Stuart Fountain says:

    Jan and I have been friends for over 60 years.(she would hate me to say the number.) Through these years we have experienced many of lives joys, and times that were not very happy. I will never forget her phone call after meeting Mike, and her immediate attraction to him. Thank you Michael for the wonderful life you shared with Jan. Our friendship has become our beautiful daughters loving relationship, Stephanie and Tia. They are the closest of friends, including being together for their weddings. So, Jan lives on, in her children and our hearts.

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