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Capture-001Janice Marie Evert was born in 1939 in Watertown, SD to her Parents the late Albert and Eunice Ries.

She grew up in the Spokane Valley with her family of seven brothers and one sister; quite the brood!

She met her soon to be husband Don in Spokane as well, he was in the Air Force and stationed there.

They soon married, and decided to move right next door so they could continue to be near the Family.

Daughter #1 was soon born to the young couple, who enjoyed having so many babysitters right next door.

After leaving the Air Force, Don got a job in Seattle, so the young family relocated to the big city .

They lived for a time in Queen Anne , and eventually bought a house and settled in Bellevue.Capture3

About this time , Daughter # 2 came along, Amy.

Jan worked most of her career as a highly skilled legal secretary/ Paralegal, a job she loved right up until she retired.

She was fascinated by the different people and their stories, and loved to see things work out for them.

She also for a time was the President of the Legal Secretaries Association, and did very well as she was quite organized.

In her free time she enjoyed going to bingo ( and winning), bowling, and taking trips to Reno with her buddy Joan, as well as spending time with her Family.

One thing she always enjoyed was making the most of any holiday, whether it was making and hiding Easter Baskets, sewing Halloween costumes, or wrapping and decorating for Christmas, she made special memories for her Daughters.

Later in life, she acquired a passion for reading. She had many books, so many that we had to buy bookshelves for her house, and it was almost like a small library. They brought her great joy, and loved nothing more than to curl up on the couch and read all night.

We have always appreciated our Mom for was her quick wit, and lively sense of humor and her warmth and honesty. She always let us go our own way, but was also always there for us if we stumbled.

She remained positive and sweet natured as much as she could during her year long illness, and it was often commented on by her caretakers, nurses and doctors that she was ‘ their favorite’, which we suspect she enjoyed!

She was truly the most loving and supportive Mother, and we will miss her always~

Jan passed away peacefully in her sleep, with her Daughters by her side on March 10, 2015.

She is survived by her Daughter’s Lorelei and Amy, her Son-in-Law Scott, as well as her Sister Ruth, and her Brothers Jack, Pete, David, Duane, Keith, Tom and Ken.

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  • Leanne and Brannon Suttle says:

    We were so sadden to here Aunt Janice was sick and her passing. She use to live next to grandma and grandpa, so we got to see her quite often. She was so full of life. We did not get to see her as much as we wanted. But Aunt Ruth always gave us up dates. We are sorry for your loss. Bless her soul, and sorry for your loss. Love
    Always, Leanne and Brannon

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