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leegrdnCharles Lee McCormick was born on Saturday, October 10, 1953 in Wichita, Kansas to parents David and Twila (Broadhurst) McCormick. Lee  had two older siblings, Cathie and Doug.


The McCormick family lived in Mt. Hope, Kansas, a small farming community where everyone seemed to know each other.  Lee attended Mt. Hope grade school thru the 4th grade. Because of his parent’s change in employment, the McCormick family moved to Hutchinson, Kansas in 1963. Lee finished grade school at Morgan Elementary, then attended Jr. High at Liberty Junior High School.


His favorite dog was named Cookie, a beautiful German Shepard and Collie mix – a truly faithful friend. Cookie accompanied the McCormick children wherever they ventured.  The McCormick’s family’s first indoor pet came from their grandmother’s cat “Jack” and this Siamese kitten soon ruled the McCormick household.Magwed


Lee graduated from Hutchinson High School in 1971. After high school, Lee moved to Kansas City and worked for the Hallmark Card Company. Lee had always enjoyed artwork. After leaving Hallmark, he and a friend hiked through Europe. When Lee returned home, he moved to the state of Washington.


Lee married Maggie (Fung Siu Wong) in August of 1999 and they resided in Shoreline, Washington.  Lee loved to walk in his wife’s beautiful garden and working around their home. He enjoyed his adventures when traveling to China with Maggie and learning about her culture.


Lee worked at Sign Pros in Redmond, Washington for 33 years and wore many hats.  He began as a talented hand painter for custom signs and most recently served as Manager for their Large Format Printing Department.


Lee McCormick passed away on Sunday, May 10th, 2015 at home from a long term heart illness.


LeetuxLee is survived by his wife, Maggie, his sister, Cathie Haen and brother Doug McCormick, five nieces and nephews, and five great nieces and nephews.

8 Responses to “Lee McCormick”

  • Paula says:

    I was so sorry to hear about Lee’s sudden passing but I am certain he is enjoying his Ying-Yang crispy beef dish in heaven now!
    My sincere condolences to Maggie and his family.

  • Mary Calhoun says:

    To Maggie and Lee’s Family…

    We share your grief and disbelief in Lee’s passing. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. We wish Lee Godspeed on his journey. May you take solace in the love that you share with friends and family. What would we do without the support of our communities?

    Be well,
    Mary and Harry (friends of Maggie)

  • Doug McCormick says:

    I will miss you little brother it was always fun to get together when we could. With love always Doug and family.

  • Dick Barrere says:

    Lee was a great guy to work with. He was talented, solid and dependable, and very attentive to details. He worked hard, and was serious around the shop most of the time, but every once in a while his odd sense of humor would show through and he would flash that big smile. He had been at Sign Pros longer than almost anyone could remember, so it was a big shock for us all to hear about his sudden passing. We’re still trying to process it, and I can only imagine how hard it is on those who knew and loved him. Our hearts go out to Maggie and the rest of his family and friends. We will all miss him!

  • Devon Styles says:

    To say I was floored when I received the news would be an understatement. Lee was always open with me from back when I started at this company at 17 years old. That wasn’t very normal as most new people he didn’t care much for speaking with. I grew up with him. Now at 36 years old it is still crazy and foreign to pass his area and not have some words of advice or funny quips come from the back.. There will never be another Lee and I for one feel blessed to have known the man. My condolences to his wife and family. I do want to thank you for loaning him to us for the long hours of the day, he was a very special person. Rest in Paradise my friend

  • Lauren Pate says:

    I’d only worked with Lee for three years but news of his passing still shocked me. From what I saw and the way everyone talked about him it was as if he was going to be here forever. He was dependable like that. Lee was the type of person that didn’t say much but you just knew he saw everything. Every so often when I passed him on my way to the back office he would make a joke that would make me do a double take. I’d turn around, laughing, and he’d say nothing else, just let his eyes shine with a small smile as he went back to work. It’s strange to pass by his area and not see him. Weird to get a package delivered and not be able to ask where he wants me to put it. My deepest sympathies go out to Maggie and his family. Your loss is being felt here, too.

  • Jim McCormick says:

    Lee and I were friends in high school. I just heard of his death from one of our mutual friends. The last time I saw Lee was at his Mother’s funeral here in Hutchinson. It was then that I got to meet Maggie. Lee told me that he was very happy and his life was going well. I will never forget the fun times Lee and I had riding around in his white Volkswagen bug.
    Lee was a great guy and I know he will be missed. My prayers are with Maggie and his family.

  • Ken Foltz says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Lee and working with him for the last thirty years. He’s been with Sign Pros since the beginning and is an integral part of our culture. His loss is huge, both emotionally and professionally. My condolences to Maggie, Lee’s family, and friends.

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