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Marci1Marcia Kay Williams-Storm, our beloved Marci passed away quietly at 11:30 PM, Thursday, March 12th due to complications from the cancer she had been battling since 2013.

Marci was born in Seattle on 12/15/1947 to Jim and Leona Williams following Jim’s return from the war. She was the second child in what would eventually become a family of nine children. Initially they lived in West Seattle but moved to Federal Way above Redondo when her father became successful as a builder. Marci’s childhood was primarily centered on family and church. She had many memories of the joys and challenges of growing up there with her many siblings and friends. She attended Federal Way Schools until her senior year when her family moved to Port Orchard.

After graduating high school in Port Orchard she attended Northwestern College for a short time. It was there that she met her first husband and father of her three children. With him Marci’s idyllic life changed to one of instability and challenge. The young family moved often during those years and lived in various places in Marci3Washington and Oregon. Eventually Marci left the marriage and raised her children alone in Washington and, for a short time, in SE Alaska.

Life as a single mother of three was a constant struggle until Marci found her life’s calling in selling new homes for McPherson’s Real Estate. Her success there enabled her to buy a home in Marysville where she and her children lived until Marci’s second marriage. In that marriage she lived for short periods in Massachusetts and California but returned to Washington where she resumed selling new construction homes. Her second marriage was stable but her children were often an issue and it ended in divorce in 1997.

A profound influence in Marci’s life was family. Particularly her children, but also her parents, siblings and extended family. Due to her lifestyle choices in her early life her relationship with them was often strained. That began to change with her third marriage to Reagan in 1998. She became very close to her mother and father spending many hours with them while they were living on Hood Canal. Marci loved the time with her children and grandchildren. She relished family reunions.

During her life Marci was devastated by several events: In 1982, one sister and four other family members were killed by a drunk driver; In 1988, her youngest son David died; In 1992, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and almost died before it stabilized; In 1998, her mother and father were in a serious auto accident which left her mother disabled; In 2009, her father died; And in 2013, Marci was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Marci’s faith in God and love for family has continued to grow through all of the adversity.

MS and eventually cancer made Marci increasingly disabled. As her ability to move was compromised she discovered genealogy and spent many hundreds of hours researching her family history. She loved sharing family photos and stories she discovered with her father and siblings.

Marci2Marci’s love for people led her to Facebook and she developed many close friends on line. She would spend many pleasant hours each day communication with them.

Marci was a beautiful, strong, confident, resilient, optimistic, opinionated, compassionate, loving woman that we all appreciated and loved. Marci loved God and in spite of all of her life’s challenges God was good to her.

Marci is survived by her husband Reagan Storm – Everett; her son Billy Jackson – Everett and his four children, Billy, Hunter, Brandyn, and Ashlynn; her daughter Resia Jackson – Bothell and her two children Angelica and Isabella; her mother Leona Williams – Bremerton; seven siblings, Linda Johnston – Kent, Jim Williams – Port Orchard, Karen Risch – Port Orchard, Sandy Davis – Bremerton, Greg Williams – Port Orchard, Tim Williams – Port Orchard, and Tammy Williams – Port Orchard, along with numerous other uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews , and nieces.

5 Responses to “Marcia Kay Williams-Storm”

  • Thom Smith says:

    A great Lady and a very true friend.

  • Jeri and Jim Short says:

    Marci,she was such a spiritual mentor to me.She was Jim and my,business partner.Jim built homes and Marci would sell them.She quickly became a dear friend.We shared a lot about family,and our faith in the Lord.I will miss your laugh,dear friend,until we meet again.Love,Jim and Jeri Short

  • Michele White says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing the Williams family and having Marcia’s sister Tanya for a best friend. I always heard from Tanya how much Marcia was loved by her entire family. I witnessed the closeness with the entire Williams family. My condolences go out to all of her family Although it has been many years since any contact with any of them, they have left me with fond and always welcome memories.

  • Michele White says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing the Williams family and having Marcia’s sister Tanya for a best friend. Her family loved her beyond measure. Although I did not know her personally, my condolences and love go out to the entire family.

  • Lorinda Stone Petersen says:

    Marci and I became quite close friends in recent years thanks to Facebook. Although we grew up together and attended the same schools through high school, we were not close.

    Her optimism, faith, encouragement, sense of humor and openness became a joy to me, and as we continued to talk and text we found out how much alike we were. Although she was very ill at the end, she always thought of other people first. What an incredible lady and friend! I miss her very much, and send my love and support to her family and other friends.

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