Ewald Jack Havist

July 12, 1920-March 1,  2015


image001Ewald Jack Havist was the second son born to Gustav and Ella Haaviste July 12, 1920 in Vastelinna, Estonia.  In 1934 he lost his grandfather, father and older brother and had adult responsibilities thrust on him.  When he was 19 he saw his hard work of the previous five years lost when the communists took half of his livestock and produce.  He was shot by a retreating Russian soldier as the Germans approached. In late 1944 the Germans conscripted him and he was wounded at the Battle of Narva.  He was aboard the Moero and was one of the few fortunate to be rescued.  At the end of  WWII he was considered a  prisoner of war and spent time at Camp Uklei, and Zedelghiem.  Ewald found his way to Nuremberg where he was a member of the Estonian Motor Pool employed by the American Army to serve the judges of the trials and tribunals.  He was the private chauffer for several American judges, including Judge William Wilkins who sponsored his coming to the United States in 1949.


He worked as the lead engineer for Hansen Baking Company and the Van de Kamp Bakery. After image004retirement he enjoyed the years on Marwald Farm raising registered Black Angus cattle. This was a happy time for him, back to the life he had left years before, and now for enjoyment.


Ewald was a member of the Seattle Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, and a long time member of the Seattle Estonian Society. He was a member of IUOE and a twenty year volunteer National Ski Patrol serving at Snoqualmie Summit.


image006He will be missed  by his wife, Marjorie, daughter Susan West, son Bradford and four grandchildren, Kelly and Brennan West, and Jennifer and Lindsay Havist  He is also survived by three nieces and their families in Estonia.


Ewald  wished the final services for him would be in the Vasteliina Lutheran Church, and his ashes to be placed with his parents.


Donations in his memory may be made to Providence Hospice of Seattle Foundation, 425 Pontius Avenue N.,  Suite 300,  Seattle  WA 98109


22 Responses to “Ewald Jack Havist”

  • Marjorie Havist says:

    We met when you were 47 and you left me at 94, after spending one half of your life together.
    The first ten years were family oriented – children and school activities, skiing, camping, fishing, mootohome trips, ski boat excitement, cruising through the Government Locks, graduations and children leaving.
    Then came the twenty four years on Marwald Farm, cattle and calving, chickens, ducks, geese, humming birds and eagles, and a German Shepherd and Blue Heeler and cats There was gardening and haying, all new experiences for me. The happy Thanksgivings and Christmas times with a house full of family with grandchildren.
    The last ten years we were city dwellers, in a smaller house with less yard, yet there were fruit trees and small bushes which called for your attention. These last years allowed us time to get to know each other better – we had time to talk and reflect and I learned about the first half of your life that you had mentioned so little during the busy years.
    I am remembering the good times. Marjorie


    To the Havist family:

    Rose and I were saddened to hear of Ewald’s passing. While we never met Ewald (a lost opportunity for us)we
    felt that the book that Ewald dictated and Marojorie wrote gave us an understanding of what a unique man he
    was. We have shared that book with many of our friends. You all are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Our best, love

    John & Rose

  • Sandi Bride says:

    What a lovely memory of someone I never met, but had such an interest in since reading your book. You spent many happy years making up for the difficult ones, surrounded by those you loved, in an idealic setting. Sleep peacefully, Ewald, and Marjorie may you live a life full of joy and peace.

  • Jennifer Havist says:

    There are so many memories I have of Poppa I don’t even know where to begin. I remember playing in the barn with so much hay in there that we could hide forever! Or walking back to the creek in boots too big that Id trip over them. We took many tractor rides where I learned to drive them or would ride in the back where the hay goes! I have a lot of memories while on the farm- Christmasand Thanksgiving’s with all the family sitting around the table listening to Poppa tell us stories and eating delicous food! I will cherish these memories forever.
    Rip Poppa

  • Paul Raidna says:

    Dear Marjorie and family,
    Please accept my deepest condolences and the condolences and appreciation of the Estonian community on Ewald’s passing.
    I knew Ewald from the time I was a boy in ski school and he was a Ski Patrol member. I came to know him better through the Estonian community and in conversation at the many events and parties over the years. He had an abundance of energy and a great sense of humor, always appreciated. I enjoyed reading Ewald’s book that the two of you put together and learning more about his background, serving his native Estonia and later the USA. He will be deeply missed in our community, but we will all celebrate his as a life well lived. God bless you.
    Paul Raidna

  • Hildy Lightfoot says:

    My dear friend Marjorie
    I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. I have been missing you’re great company in the pool these past many weeks and hope you’ll be back when you’re ready so I can give you a hug.

  • Hildy Lightfoot says:

    My dear friend Marjorie – I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. I’ve missed you these past many weeks and hope to see you again when you’re ready so I can give you a hug.

  • Mary Dellino says:

    Though I have never met your dear husband nor formally met you, may I take the liberty of offering my deepest sympathy and my suggestion that you have your biography published. It could be a source of inspiration to countless others.

    May you have peace of soul knowing that your lives have made a positive difference. “Your reward will be great in heaven.”

    March 10, 2015 at 3:30 pm

  • Mindy Coslor says:

    Dear Marjorie,

    Please accept my condolences on Ewald’s passing. He was colorful and entertaining. I enjoyed talking with him and hearing about the adventures on Marwald Farm. Please share my kind regards with your children, Susan and Brad, and their families. May the good times sustain you.


  • Linda Hendrick says:

    Marjorie, I am so sorry to learn of Ewald’s passing. My heart felt condolences go out to you and your family. I love the early photo of Ewald. I would like to imagine him mowing the grass which is coming up on the farm.

  • Audrey Carson says:

    Dear Marjorie, My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I grew to respect and love both you and Ewald, during those years I came to the farmhouse to help you out. I was never an employee, but always a royally treated friend. I have often talked about how great you both were, to friends. May God bless and keep you, and may Ewald rest in perfect peace. with love, Audrey Carson

  • Marla Wilk says:

    Dear Marjorie,
    I remember some very fun times with you and Ewald at your farmhouse, food and drink and stories. And corralling cattle on the highway! Ewald was so helpful and always willing to lend a hand.
    I hope all the good times you had together will help you and your family through this.
    Marla Wilk

  • Sally Lund says:

    Dear Marjorie,
    I was sorry to read the brief obituary for Ewald. I didn’t get to know Ewald but I know he enjoyed the farm at Big Lake. My cousin, LaVonne and I were wondering if you still own the farm. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Marjorie.
    Sally Lund

  • Carmen Jackson says:

    Many long years have passed since we were neighbors on 119th SE. I was so sorry to hear of Ewald’s passing but reading of the many years spent so happily, both on Marwwald Farm and later in the city, made me realize how wonderful a life you spent with Ewald. I know these memories will sustain and comfort you in this time of loss. My prayers and heart are with you, Suzi, Brad and your grandchildren.
    Much love from Carmen and Kenneth Jackson

  • Marilyn Cass says:

    Dear Margery,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you in these days of loss. I trust that warm memories will bloom like a garden of roses and their fragrance will fill moments of sadness.
    With love, Marilyn

  • Cathie Bjork says:

    Marjorie, I was so sorry to hear of Ewald’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. Love Cathie

  • Jay & Marianne Wilkins says:

    I think of you folks out on the farm with Banty Chickens and baby colored eggs. What a great spot. The judge always thought of Ewald as a very capable man. He was glad to help bring him to this country. Our condolences to you and the family.
    Love, Jay and Marianne Wilkins

  • Brad (your son) says:

    Sideburns, blue aluminum bat, Lake Jameson, Cortez, latterhosen, “hold my thumb”, Preile, Cortez alternator, skiing, “wet noodle in a seagulls mouth”, Halloween trick, Susi’s rehearsal dinner, electric fence, and so many more.
    Memories I will always have.

  • Ellen Christilaw says:

    Dear Marjorie,
    I am so sorry to hear of Ewald’s passing. Sending you love and hugs during this difficult time.

  • Jackie McKee says:

    I am sorry to learn of your loss. Certain you know Ewalt’s life was extended by your loving care. May your wonderful memories sustain you in this time of lonely sadness and your faith bring you peace.

  • Richard Harmon says:

    Ewald you were my next door neighbor and a very good one. When my lawn mower broke down you came over and mowed my lawn for me then you helped me replace the head gasket and get my lawn mower back into operation. Thank you for being my neighbor.

  • Annika Klemmer says:

    Memorial service for Ewald was September 5-th in Vasteliina Lutherian Church.
    Mälestustseremoonia Ewaldile toimus 5.septembril Vasteliina Kirikus ja urn maeti Vastseliina kalmistule perekonna hauaplatsile.

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