Joyce Helene Bradner Frisbie

Frisbie1Joyce Helene Bradner Frisbie died Sunday, January 25, 2015 at the age of 87.  She left peacefully in her sleep at her residence in Seattle, Washington.


She was born May 12, 1927 at Providence Hospital in Seattle to Grace Gertrude Knaggs (Namie) and Charles Edward (CE) Bradner she was the middle child to brother Charles Enos and sister Florence Margery.


Joyce was married to Robert R. Frisbie for 27 years until they parted in 1974.


She attended Roosevelt High School in Port Angeles, Washington and Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.  Joyce was a sister in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority and a member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter EN in Seattle, Washington. Joyce was a parishioner of St. Marks Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, Washington.


Joyce spent her life studying and celebrating Art in every form of beauty from jewelry, pottery, tapestry, rugs, glassware, furniture – really anything possessed of those special timeless ethereal qualities that captured her eye.  This joy and passion stayed with her through her journeys to Seattle, Port Angeles, Seattle, Kansas, and back to Seattle.  She always came home.Frisbie2


Joyce’s pursuit of eclectic beauty was her hobby, her sport, her lifelong interest, drive, and passion.  She loved to learn, never stopped reading, had no fear of asking questions or giving her opinion. She was a pinch-of-this dash-of-that gourmet’s gourmet that would try anything. Her love of cooking wonderful things provided endless delight for all fortunate enough to grace her table.  No one will ever forget being a part of those meals. She loved the Mariners, the first incarnation the Sounders and the Seahawks.


Joyce is survived by her sons David Scott Frisbie of Boise, Idaho and Brian E. Frisbie (wife Angie) of Seattle, Washington; her daughter Deborah Sue Frisbie; her granddaughters Katie Jen Frisbie Bunten (husband Matt) and Brenna G. Frisbie all of Seattle, Washington; and as life would have it, her first great grandchild is due to join us even as we celebrate her passing; her sister Florence Margery Bradner Odion of San Diego, California; and sister-in-law Willanna J. Bradner of Bellevue, Washington; and many beloved nieces, nephews and long time friends.


Predeceased by Robert R. Frisbie, April 3, 2011 and brother Charles E. Bradner, April 3, 2002.


The following excerpt from a poem was penned by Joyce, in her beautiful script, on her bathroom wall in permanent marker:


What would the world be, once bereft

Of wet and of wildness?  Let them be left,

O let them be left, wildness and wet;

Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.

…from Inversnaid by Gerard Manley Hopkins



Eclectic Bohemian Beauty


Generous Gregarious Loving


Artistic Curious Freethinker


How do you sum up a life? The act of living and loving well tells it all.

6 Responses to “Joyce Helene Bradner Frisbie”

  • DSF says:


    Irtyday Ozenday

    Curvy girls
    Set Their place
    As time unfurled
    Lives to share
    And celebrate
    Adjust your stockings
    What’s your measure?
    Discuss your date
    And time..
    Laughing and smiling
    Of the Lives they’d sing
    So special to each
    Together in their world
    They embraced
    Orgivefay Emay!
    Aughlay otay ethay oonmay
    Ethay oysbay ofway ummersay
    omingcay omehay oonsay..
    Laugh to the moon
    The boys of summer
    Comin home soon
    Life a treasure
    Excitement and

    Taking their measure
    Dozen pair of eyes
    Keeping faith
    Sharing hopes And cries..
    Viewing the ‘Men’
    Sizing em up
    Comparing secret

    Uthtray andway Ieslay
    and lies..

    The dirty dozen
    Took on that world
    And served it well
    Sweet beauties all
    And not so meek
    These dozen girls
    Eekchay otay eekchay
    Cheek to cheek..
    A world to make
    Dozens of husbands
    Their faith To shake
    Solid as hell
    Through and through
    On and on
    Lived lives
    For all their children
    All the stories told
    Inway owinggray oldway ?
    In growing old
    And on their way..
    The dirty band had
    Their say
    Gave life a whirl.
    Ethay Irtyday Ozenday
    onay egretsray..

    The Dirty Dozen
    no regrets.

  • Brad F. says:

    We are so sad to hear of your loss. You are in our thoughts here in OKC.

  • dsfII says:

    Mom – you will be missed!

  • Pam VL says:

    I will always remember my dear Auntie Joyce; Always larger than life, a mountain climber and a valley dweller. The evermore free spirit and a true box of chocolates. She will be missed by many. Send love and heartfelt condolences to Deb, Dave, and Bri. Xoxo

  • Mona says:

    I will remember you Joycey as a beautiful and fun loving soul! My love to all the family, Mara

  • Kris Bradner says:

    Ah, AJ, what can I say? Memories of attending early Sounder games, Frederick and Nelson special art exhibits, gallery openings, King Tut, dinners throughout Seattle, the Canlis piano bar, the Seattle Enological Society, touring Eastern Washington wine country, Elliot Bay fireworks with Uncle Enos, parties, parties, parties…liver pate, serious eggnog, Joyce’s bar cookies…Flair, she had it in force. Creative beyond measure. Curious about everything. Fun. A life well lived. Peace.

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