Lawrence M. Pace


Lawrence Martin PaceLawrence Martin Pace, 72, of Seattle, passed after a stroke and short illness, January 14th, 2015 at Northwest Hospital. Lawrence was an local electrician and worked with so many people throughout the Seattle area. He will be missed by an extended family many friends.


Lawrence was born in Port Angeles Washington October 12, 1942 to Jean La Doux and adopted by Leonard Pace and Edna Thorpe.


He enjoyed baseball, hockey, Formula 1 Racing, community theater, reading anything he could get his hands on and working on steam trains with friend at the Seattle Steam Plant.. just to mention a few.


He is survived by his wife, Janice Bellotti-Pace and her family, nephew Johnathon Puligese,and his sister Susan Ward of Tucson Arizona.


He was preceded in death by his father, mother and brother.


He will be laid to rest at Evergreen Washelli Cemetery at a private ceremony. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in his name to Shoreline Lake Forest Park Senior Center.

Lawrence this is for you:

My world before you came was black and white,
No shades of gray, no varied hues to see,
But then each day was wonderful and bright,
Because you brought the color back to me.
Look there! A sky so vast and deeply blue,
Green grass that gleams as brightly as a jewel
With golden-yellow flowers peeking through,
Reflected in your eyes, pure crystal pools.
But then you left, one stormy winter’s day,
And took with you the gift you had bestowed.
All yellows, blues, and greens faded away;
My eyes were left to see in black-white mode.
Yet maybe when the spring returns once more,
I might recall the vibrant days of yore.

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