Mary Elizabeth Fowler

Mary Elizabeth Fowler-Obituary


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5 Responses to “Mary Elizabeth Fowler”

  • Brandy Swanson says:

    Cheers to a great, long life led!

  • Jack Knoebber says:

    104 years is a rare thing. I read the obituary and i see a lot of Elizabeth in her daughter Deahn. Elizabeth lived a full life and left a great legacy behind with her children. MJ and i consider Deahn as much a part of our family as our own. RIP Elizabeth!

  • Leslye (Bassett) Pescatore says:

    Mary, I have not seen you in many years, but I still have fond memories of Yesterday. Rest in peace Mary, you are a wonderful loving person. Say hi to my mom and dad.

  • Alice Winship says:

    I knew her since I was a child, and came to consider her as much a part of my family as any of my blood relations. She was always so kind and seemed genuinely happy to talk with me. I have many fond recollections of her at family gatherings. I am glad she could be with us so long, but I will miss her and will treasure the memories.

  • Laurie Molton & Judith (Gain) Thommasen says:

    Dear Aunt Mary, What a long and glorious life you have had! We will miss your smiling face, your gentle caring voice and the strength with which you carried yourself throughout your lifetime. We know you are beside us as we continue on, giving us strength and leading us the right direction. Thank you for having blessed us with your presence here. Rest easy you beautiful soul!

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