Scott Hobson


Scott-HobsonScott Hobson, 50, of Kent, Washington, died December 8, 2014 of complications resulting from multiple sclerosis. He was born May 7, 1964 to the late Charlotte and Dean Hobson in Seattle, Washington. Scott was an avid car racer and loved to work on all kinds of vehicles. He made his living painting cars and enjoyed a short career as a tow truck owner/driver. When he was sidelined by multiple sclerosis, he kept himself busy and happy by taking care of his wife, family and friends in any way he could.


Scott was best known for his sense of humor and his winning smile. He also had a sense of adventure that prompted him to go on wild theme park rides and skydiving, even after he was confined to a wheelchair. Scott is survived by his wife of 19 years, Bonnie, and his two brothers, Barry Hobson of Seattle, Washington and Kirk Hobson of Medford, Oregon, along with many extended family members and church friends.


A memorial service will be held for Scott on Friday, December 26, 2014 at the First Christian Church of Kent, located at 11717 Southeast 240th Street, Kent, Washington at 11:00 am. The family requests in lieu of flowers that donations be made to the First Christian Church of Kent.

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  • David & Melody Bruce says:

    Bonnie, Our sympathies and prayers for you at this time. We pray that the service will be uplifting and that God’s healing will touch you as well as all family and friends.

    While we won’t be attending the service … we will remember you and send our love across the miles.

    God Bless …
    Dave and Melody Bruce

  • Nancy Rairdan says:

    I love the picture of Scott! So many memories have come flooding back over the last 10 days. Here’s two or three. I don’t remember how many people I’ve shared with, of him taking me out for about 4 week-ends, helping me shop for a new car. Giving unselfishly for 4 straight Saturday’s, and then negotiating a great deal for the payments! He used to come to the office, pick up my car and take it home, change the oil, then bring it back. One winter, the pipes froze in my garage, so he came over and helped me install insulation on all the pipes and wrap them with tape. He had such a big heart!!

    I can’t take away the pain of your loss, but know I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Bonnie. You have so many people that love and care about you. Lean on them when you need too.

    Love and Hugs, Dan and Nancy Rairdan

  • Brenda Barnes says:

    I will miss our brainstorming conversations. Love and miss you Scott. We will smile and laugh when we think about you.

    Bonnie, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am here for you anytime, day/night, if you need me. Love you bunches.
    Barry and Kirk, family and friends. Your all in my thoughts too. We will all see him again. Til then, Scott will always be in our hearts, smiles and laughter.

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