Wayne James Gee, Sr

10525666_10153382792753902_30217173479357050_nBorn May 22 1944 of Vancouver B.C. passed peacefully in his Seattle home on the morning of November 4th 2014. He is survived by is companion Mary; his ex-wife Joan; his children Christina (Brian), Wayne Jr. (Rachel) and Ciara; his step children Dana (Tracina) and Carey; his grandchildren Alana, Claire, Macayla, Vanessa, Isabella, Mariana, Ariella, and Maggie, among many loyal lifelong friends and extended family. Services in honor of him will be held on Friday November 21st @ 11am Columbia Funeral Home 4567 Rainier Ave. S. Seattle, WA

Wayne Sr. had the kindest of hearts as he truly enjoyed the company and conversation of loved ones and never asked for anything more. He was a fan of the outdoors. Many camping and fishing excursions; solo, with earth bound and heaven bound lifelong friends and with his children as they grew. He had many hobbies throughout his lifetime including drag racing in his younger days, learning and practicing shooting, going Jeeping with his pals and so many countless adventures. He was a graduate of Franklin High. Once graduated he went on to work for the Boeing company and Post Office before he started his latest career before retirement working for the City of Seattle where he was a street maintenance/ truck driver. In his latest years of retirement he began to take up gardening; which he thought was “pretty cool!!” and also spending time with his grandchildren. His down to earth kind of nature and love for ALL gave him peace and brought him simple happiness. He was one of the most generous of souls and will be truly missed by all whose hearts he has touched.

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  • Larry Alcantara says:

    Brother Wayne your soft spoken way and gentleness will be carried in my spirit, and while there is sadness on your passing, I rejoice in times shared. I love you Brother.

  • Ray Weaver says:

    Wayne, you are a childhood friend and because of that you are part of my being. We had fun as kids in a carefree world. I will cherish all of the time we had together especially our hiking/camping trips to Snow Lake where we would all sit around the campfire, drink coffee and ponder life. I will never forget you Wayne.
    because you were in my life on earth you will be in my life in Heaven.

    Friend and Brother

  • Siv Ancheta says:

    My favorite memory of you:
    The fishing excursions to Vashon Island. You always made me feel like I was part of the family. I remember your smile and your kindness, even when you were surrounded by a bunch of rowdy children that managed to scare the fish away as we all ran up and down the dock, playing tag. I remember your Jeep, and going for rides… the first time I had ever been to a drive-in (and first time ever seeing a movie on a big screen), and the first time at the swap meet. Thank you, Wayne, for being a part of my childhood memories.

    My condolences to Wayne’s family and friends.

  • Tonya Vaughan says:

    Wayne you and my dad were always full of stories when us kids were growing up i miss those days but heaven i know is a much better place 🙂

  • Doug Weaver says:

    Wayne was my best friend growing up. The memories of those days and all we did wash over me in floods right now. Where I went he went, where he went I went. We were together almost every day from junior high through high school and beyond. There are so many memories it would be hard to pick any single one to talk about. I remember our camping trips to Snow Lake and Wildcat Lake. On one such hike it was a particularly hot day and we had heavy, wood-framed backpacks on our backs. The straps on Wayne’s pack started to dig into his shoulder so he removed the pack from his back and carried it on his head. Looking back down the trail at Wayne (you always had to look back for Wayne because he was always last in the line)it struck me funny because it looked like Wayne was on a safari the way toted the pack on his head. A little later he got really hungry and we had no time to stop and eat. This didn’t sit well with Wayne who promptly began envisioning every tree in the forest as a french fry!
    I remember going to Vancouver with him on a couple of occasions. Those were wonderful times! I stayed with his family and enjoyed the lavish meals produced in a restaurant the family operated. We went to the PNE exhibition and shot “snooker” pool in the billiard hall. Lots of fun! I remember that Wayne had the nicest bike of anyone in our neighborhood. He had a red J.C. Higgins English racer with ten speeds while my brother, Ray, and I had old Schwinn middle-weights with no gears. Wayne was proud of that bike and always kept it looking great!
    I regret that we did not stay in contact over the last few decades and I accept responsibility for that. Wayne was such a huge part of my growing up years that he will always live within me no matter what.
    My condolences to his wonderful family and friends. It is for us, the living, to grieve our loss but I’m sure Wayne is happy to be where he is, in Heaven, catching all those big cohos! A toast to my best bud, Wayne, for living his life well! His legacy is the warm thoughts and memories we all have of our time together with him on earth. Peace be unto you, my friend.

  • Chris says:

    Been thinking about life’s changes….
    I am grateful to have a dad that was loved by many life long friends. The stories that were shared were AWESOME and totally sounded like my dad! I only wish I could hear more! Love and Miss you too much!

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