Mark Robert Wilde

Wilde PhotoMark Passed away Nov 16th from complications of diabetes. He was born Dec 26th 1954 in Wichita, KS to Ernest R. and Jeane Wilde. He is survived by his wife Linda Wilde, daughter Barbara Wilde, his mother Jeane Wilde, step sons Kenneth Ames Jr. and Keith Ames, grandchildren Caitlin, Seth, Haliegh, Cassie, Andrea, and his sister Joan Wilde. A celebration of his life will be held 2pm, Saturday, December 13th, 2014 at Barton Family Funeral Service 11630 Slater Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034


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  • Joan Wilde says:

    So many memories, Mark. So fortunate to grow up in Kansas, in the country. Cats, dogs, swimming pool (with frogs as your “toys”). Airplane, sailboat, the Ozarks, go carts. Space Invaders. Boring car trips with back seat fun making up poems. Love you dearly, miss you much. Say hello and hugs to Dad, Bingo and Jet. Love, Sisty Ugler. Happy face
    Joan Wilde

  • Toni Leitch Bolton says:

    I have many happy memories of Mark, going to Kansas during the summer to visit….he would drive his cousins around in his “cool” car and we would listen to eight track tapes. He would take us to movies and putt putt golf. I’ll never forget shooting fireworks off by the pool… I loved going there! I was fortunate to be able to visit with Mark last year on a trip to Seattle. He will be missed very much…..

  • Nancy Finney says:

    Many fun & interesting ski trips were had with Mark, Perry, Charlie, & Jeff…..Happy memories….

  • Keith Ames says:

    My story begins way back 29 years ago he got me and my brother right away with rc cars for christmas that first year I was 11. He was nervous not sure we where going to like him or not. Mark became my step dad shortly after that. My mom was happy and they would have alot of fun from going motorcycle riding to playing in dart leagues. Mark would alway go out of his way to play with my brother and I from teaching us darts, snow skiing, and playing video games. Over the years Mark loved wood work, building things he was very detailed. We lived in an apartment for years in auburn wa. My moms dream was to have a house again so they did get one in algona wa. Mark and my mom where so happy. About the same time Barb Marks daughter came to live with them at the house Mark had waited years for this to happen to have a relationship with daughter after so many years of missing out on her life that meant so much to Mark. Bingo was Marks dog he alway wanted at boxer Bingo one a sweet loving dog that was in the family for 12 years. After the years went by diabetes had taken it toll on Mark and his quality of life had gone down significantly. He fought hard for many years it was hard on him and my mom. I am thankful Mark was in my life!! See you on the slopes one day 🙂

  • Gwen Leitch says:

    Mark was my sweet, mischievous, loving nephew…we spent a lot of time together during his toddler years, and then later…cross country distance kept us from being together more..I loved Mark and look forward to the day that I will see him again….rest easy now my dear.

  • Chuck Wilde says:

    I remember Mark fondly from our days in Kansas and much later as he went to Seattle, & I went to Florida.
    I remember Mark as a great guy with a tremendous sense of humor, and a very quick dry wit.
    Two of the biggest belly laughs of my life came from Mark. The first was at the Lake of the Ozarks when he renamed the sea sled the “Circus Board” after his Mom tried to ride it.
    The second big laugh came a decade or so later at the Morgan Horse Show in Estes Park Colorado. One evening as it started to get a little cool, we went to the tack stall to get jackets. I asked Mark which jacket was his, he responded “The one with the snot on the sleeves. Gods speed Mark, we’ll miss you.

  • Kathy Baughman says:

    I pray the Lord watches over your family during this time of loss. I wonder if Dad and Mark have seen each other? If so, I believe they both will fondly remember times together and the love of their family, as we do. Blessings to all of you.

  • Russ & Terri Reynolds says:

    So many memories of Mark and the “Ohio Family”. You are in our prayers

  • Barbara Wilde says:

    Dad, I remember the first time I met you now 17 years ago now. I wish there was more time we could have had and I will value the time we did get to spend together. This last year has been tough for you and I’m relieved that you get to rest in peace now. I know you will always be with me and in my heart. It’s comforting to me to see the wonderful impact you have had on so many lives and I’m proud of the fight you gave. Bless your heart and soul dad. You will always live on through many people’s lives and their pleasant memories. I aspire to be a strong and patient as you have shown me. With love always and forever. Barbara Jean 💜

  • Leslie Wahlquist says:

    Rich and I always enjoyed seeing Mark at the holiday get-togethers. Even with the health issues he was dealing with, he was a lot of fun and we shared many laughs at those gatherings. We will miss him.

  • Annis Taylor says:

    Regretfully, I couldn’t attend Mark’s service today. My heart hurts for you, Aunt Jeane and Joni. This will be a tough day for you.

    Mark endured so many health issues in his life, but, my memories of this cute, younger cousin are all fun, humorous, and full of sweetness. He had this darling
    way of talking and smiling that could melt your heart.
    Even as a baby and toddler, he could get his way just by being cute!

    The year I lived in Wichita, I got to know Mark as a teenager. Smart, talented and handsome. He loved coming to Lake of the Ozarks and enjoyed boating and skiing with us.
    After he and the family moved to Seattle, I didn’t see him as often.
    So, in my heart he will always be that sweet, handsome young man.

    The battle is over, little cousin. You can rest. You are loved by many!

    Annis and family❤️

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