James Edwards Bach

IMG_0385James Edwards Bach “Jim” was born August 27, 1953 and left this world October 11, 2014 battling prostate cancer. Jim was born in Fresno CA to Sam and Doris Bach. He was the oldest of three siblings with John Bach to follow then the adorable Julie Bach (both boys had to give her kisses every morning before school). Jim graduated from McLane High School in 1971 then attended Reed Community College for a short stent before joining the Air Force where he traveled to Thailand and Louisiana (he learned his love of spicy food). He then relocated to the PNW where he worked as a civilian for The Department of Navy, and he was able to retire as a GF-11 in 2012.


Jim was known for his love of sports, he played and coached on multiple of teams for softball and this is where he found the love of his life Emma in 1982. They played together on a traveling softball team and won the hearts of many. Once he settled down he found his love of golf. Jim joined a golf club at Wellington, then later Lynwood golf group. He was able to play at the Pac-Am in Sunriver, OR for multiple years (and even won a trophy or two). He was able to get out with his brother John one more time to Arizona and got out to watch them play and attend Arizona Diamondbacks games.


Jim was a staple at Sluggers and was known as the “greeter” and welcoming people “to hell” (only the buddy bar would understand). He came by almost everyday DSC_0096for the last 22 years; this is where he was known as JB and Emma Pickle Pimp. He loved to get to know people and shoot the shit with them. His biggest strength was remembering their name, their story and always asking about them or just listening. Jim was the go to guy for useless knowledge, trivia questions, and of course the betting guru. Jim made impressions everywhere he went; he will be truly missed.


Missing him everyday is his wife Emma Bach, daughter Samantha Fentress, son in-law James Fentress, grandson Connor Fentress of Port Orchard WA, brother John (Juan) Bach, sister in-law Becky Bach of Tahoe, NV and Julie Bach of Fresno, CA.


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  • Jeanne and James Fentress says:

    Beautiful story about Jim Bach. My husband and I enjoyed his conversations at family gatherings and he always had a smile and kind words. He was always talking up Emma and you could see the love in his eyes for her. I know he leaves a big hole in Emma’s and Sammy’s hearts.

  • Roger Lund says:

    i will miss JB very much. In addition to his wonderful nature of reaching out to people and genuinely caring about them. I will remember how he loved certain places for certain foods. He introduced me to his favorite burger and pastrami hideaways.

    Rest in peace JB

  • Glenn Kamppi says:

    Jim will be sorely missed by countless people. We could always count on him to bring humor to any situation, no matter what. RIP buddy.

  • Sam & Sara Kawewehi says:

    Sara and Emma worked together and that’s how we met Jim. He used to come to the holiday bazaars where Emma sold her famous pickles. I don’t think Jim ever met a stranger. His bear hugs and sincere love of people brought joy to anyone lucky enough to be near him. He had a wicked sense of humor. He loved his Emma and was so proud of her, and she of him. He spoke of his daughter often and loved her so much. We will all miss him.

  • Kathy O'Leary says:

    Jim was one of the most upbeat people I’ve ever met. Never a down moment – he was just “up” and positive no matter what. I loved being on the bowling league with him back in the 80’s – down at “Village Lanes” – those were some fun times indeed! Jim was a great fun loving person wise-cracking and so kind at the same time – a rare combination. I will always remember him and miss him very much.

  • Lois Hofmann says:

    Jim was a wonderful person and friend. We were Birthday Buddies, sharing the same date, 27th of August. Even if we didn’t see each other when I was working at SUPSHIP, we connected. It’s been 12 years since I have seen Jim, but he was always thought of on the August 27th. Jim will be missed.

  • Ruthann & John Langkamp says:

    Jim was a true joy to know and play with whether we were bowling or playing softball with our co-workers. John and I enjoyed all our times together. We think of him often and will miss him very much. Our best to Emma, you were a saving grace in his life, a true love. Sam was his joy.

  • Dennis O'Neill says:

    Jim was one of the “Lights” of SUPSHIP Seattle. He could locate material that hadn’t been manufactured for a ‘coon’s age’ to repair an old minesweeper or tugboat. I could send him a name of a part and a partial stock number or manufacturers part number and he would come up with a price and availability in a matter of hours! I have to echo Kathy though in that his greatest attribute was his sunny disposition. Whenever we came together it was “grip ‘n grin” and all smiles. Was looking forward to hearing years of retirement stories at get togethers for the old guard but will have to settle for this great story instead. Great life; really great guy!

  • Ted Coombs says:

    I have to echo what Dennis O’Neill said, but will add that Jimmy B, was also a big help and friend. I heard about the Pickles and the golf as well as stories about Sluggers.

    I am going to miss jimmy B, as I was looking forward to getting together for some activities after he retired.

    I stopped in and visited for a few minutes while he was in the Hospital and found him much the same Jimmy B, except he tired very quickly, but was upbeat and fighting his cancer.

    Rest In Peace, Jimmy B….

  • Regina Foucht says:

    Jimmy was a wonderful soul. He had a great sense of humor and remembered so much information! The guy was an expert trivea man and full of interesting facts! Jim and Emma were a part of my family for a long time! I will miss getting together with Jim up in Index and “howling” at the moon…well looking at images we could conjure while looking at Mount Index!

    I still remember the times when Jim and Terri would trick me to come up to Index by telling me Pj was already up there, but when I got there, it would just be the two of them and they just wanted my appetizers…lol

    Thanks for sharing your time with us. We will never forget you! I hear you are moving Emma…I will miss you too! You will always be part of our family! I love and miss you both!

  • George Flores says:

    First met Jim Bach during the old supship bowling league days after I was hired into the organization. Always one to greet with a hearty hello and a pet name once he gets to know you. My name is George but after we got to know each others quirks, my name forever became “Horkay”. I am extremely Blessed to have known “Jimmy BOY Bach” (my pet name for him). Rest in Peace with the Jesus Christ in Heaven my Friend.

  • Dale and Melody Burson says:

    Jim will always be front and center in our slightly alcohol fogged memories of the golden years of the SUPSHIP bowling league, softball games, and picnics. As others have noted, Jim was a genuine caring man and we count ourselves very lucky to have known him and to have seen him one more time at his retirement party this year. We will miss him.

  • Lee Moffitt says:

    My friend of over 30 years is gone. I am really glad that I was able to visit with him the month before he died. He was always happy, outgoing, physical. Bowling, softball, volleyball, golf. He loved to talk to people, even the people he did not know. Always said hello to everyone he passed and I mean everyone. I cannot recall exactly when I met Jim but if he was here he would be able to tell you. He had the best memory of anyone that I have known. It would amaze me the things or people that he would remember. I will miss him deeply and if I believed in angels I would want Jim as mine. Jim, your family and friends miss you. Emma, Sammy, Julie and John, bless you all.

  • Anne Mulder says:

    Jim was always fun, always nice and the biggest sports fan I’ve ever met. Thanks for letting me come over and visit after work and for talking music with me. We’ll all miss you a lot. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful memorial to Jim.

  • Trevor says:

    Some might be surprised that I remember Jim, I only met him once or twice in Index at the cabin, but I remember him and Emma. HE was fun to get to know a bit around the fireplace and I’m sorry to learn that he’s gone. He was a good soul.

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