Helen Theresa Meader

Meader2Helen Quattrini born Januray 11th 1922 in Elmira New York.  Helen and her sister moved to S. California to work in a factory that made bomb parts for the World War 11 war effort. She met and married Lester Rash,they had four children, Lester Ronald the second, Michael, Kathleen and Gregory.  My Mom’s lifetime love of flowers led to her becoming a florist and owning a few shops in California.  In later years she married William Meader and moved to Plattsburgh N.Y.After his passing she moved to Washington State to live with Kathleen and her son in law Peter. After 2 years she move to the Gardens at Newcastle where they gave her loving care for nearly seven years.  She passed peacefully on August 24 2014.

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  • Kathleen Nelson says:

    I forgot to mention my Mom’s three grandsons and a granddaughter on the way. Jesse,Eden and Steven and Vivian..
    We miss our Mother very much

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