Dale Brookie

Dale_Brookie_Professional(5)Dale Brookie, 72, passed away on July 27, 2014, at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, Washington. Dale was born in Bozeman, Montana June 10, 1942, to Robert and Edna Brookie. He grew up in Bozeman, Livingston, and Missoula. Dale loved music. He played the trombone in dance bands during high school and was a drum major in the Montana State University marching band. During summers while attending MSU, he was a fire-fighter out of the smoke jumping unit in Missoula.  While in high school, he met the love of his life Patricia (Pat) Gruhn. They later married while he was attending MSU. Together, they moved to Spokane, started their family, established a home, and created a business. Dale and Pat, always focused on family, found a place to enjoy and relax on Spirit Lake. Dale bought a catamaran. He had so much fun sailing (and sometimes tipping). Pat passed away in 1982 and Dale worked tirelessly to keep the traditions that BrookiePat and he created for the family. The family made lifelong friends at the lake which is a place Dale loved to spend his time. With his degree in architecture, he eventually started a firm, Tan, Brookie, Kundig (TBK) with Ron Tan and Moritz Kundig. Later, through a combination of several firms, Northwest Architectural Company was formed. He thoroughly enjoyed his career: from the remodel of his homes to the creation of schools housing thousands of students. He was proud (rightfully so) of what was created. In addition to designing, he enjoyed the relationships he formed with the people and districts that he worked with. He made many wonderful friends. It always seemed that no matter where we traveled, Dad would be able to take us to see a building that he helped create.  Being so dedicated to his work made it difficult to imagine what retirement would look like. Well, he could not have done it better. He enjoyed traveling in the United States and the world, including two cross country road trips 30 years apart. He loved driving and would take trips to see his children and grandchildren. He had so much fun playing with the grandkids and watching them participate in a variety of activities. Spending 4th of July or a week in August on Spirit Lake became a tradition. Dale loved to play golf or go to a Mariners game with family or friends.  Dale is survived by his brothers: Jim and Dean Brookie; his children Kim Hauck, Kelly Brookie, and Brant Brookie; grandchildren Madison, Kiara, Thomas, Zoey, James, and Nicholas; and his dog Max


2 Responses to “Dale Brookie”

  • Doug Griffith says:

    It was great fun to become reacquainted with Dale after many years abroad. I was glad to call or drive from my niece’s place when I came to the West Side. I was looking forward to more conversations, more visits.

    I bless him and pray for him on his next path.

    And I bless all his family and his memory with you.

    Doug Griffith
    Spokane, WA and Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo, Philippines

  • Keith M Henrickson says:

    Dale will be missed. I worked with him on a few projects over the years and found him to be so fair and compassionate.He was one of the good guys.

    Keith Henrickson
    Temecula California

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