Pierre Michel Augustin Biaggi

3.23.33 – 6.13.14

Pierre2.2.2Pierre leaves behind many who love him, and, call him an amazing . . . Honey, Daddy, Pops, Dad, Boompa, Grandpa and Friend. Pierre was born to mother Genevieve Andree Juliette Banet and father Virgile Michel Biaggi in Marseille, France on March 23, 1933 where he lived until the age of 20 years old in 1953.  By that time his late mother Genevieve had already moved here to Seattle, Washington.  Pierre’s father Virgile had passed away.  At that time, Pierre’s mother Genevieve was able to write a letter to the President of France for Pierre to move here to Seattle, Washington in the early spring of 1953.

Pierre obtained a job working for Building Maintenance Co. washing windows on the outside of Columbia Center until he retired at the age of 69.

In 1953 Pierre met who would become his loving wife, Jean Marilyn Aho of Pierre1.2South Dakota.  Pierre and Jean married on May 5, 1956 and spent the next 58 years building their life with one another.  Hand and Hand.

On September 10, 1957 Pierre and Jean’s daughter Suzette Jean Alexander of Tacoma, Washington was born and then on April 2, 1962 their son Michael Jon Pierre Biaggi Sr. (Theresa) of Seattle, Washington was born.  On June 2, 1966 Pierre became an American citizen.  Pierre spent his life working hard at providing for his family.

Pierre3.2Pierre was an amazingly wonderful, funny and loving man.  Pierre and Jean had also been blessed with 7 grandchildren.  Jon, Saige, Kyle, Ivy, Dakota, Haley and Michael Jr..  Pierre Michel Augustin Biaggi has many more Family and Friends.

Pierre passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his loving Family.  “We will miss him dearly!”Pierre4.2

2 Responses to “Pierre Michel Augustin Biaggi”

  • mike cochran says:

    sorry to here about pierre I work with him for long time he was a great friend.

  • Michael Biaggi jr says:

    I am Pierre’s youngest grand son I remember always looking forward to going to Seattle with mom and dad to go see grandma and grandpa. Grandpa and myself would always end up doing something weather it was building my first birdhouse, building or painting something that we made together on our work benches in the basement or going to toy store that grandpa loved taking me too because he loved seeing the look and excitement on my face when I would see everything, during the summer he would take me to the park around the corner because the little pool would always be full during the day. Some how at the end of every visit grandpa would bring me into his TV room and pull a big bag of change out of his nightstand drawer where he kept his tobacco and favorite pipe, at the end of every visit I would be sad that we had to go but happy at the same time cause I knew I would be back soon and me and grandpa could go have fun again. As I write this I try to hold back my tears but I can’t, trying to make the sun rise in the west and set in the east would be an easier task. I miss my grandpa ever second of every day because he was my best friend and no friend could ever take his place. I only hope that I have made him proud of me with what I have chosen to do with my life.

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