Michele Stacey Montanaro

“A Legacy of Love”

Michele was 52 years of age when she departed Seattle, WA.  Saturday, June 7th at 5:15 PM from Virginia Mason Hospital, after a valiant and noble battle against a cruel opponent, Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer.

Born on October 11th, 1961 at Swedish Medical center, just blocks from where she passed to; Richard Arlen Ackerman and Monica Gene Wood.  She was their only child, but Michele was blessed with many cousins.  Brother and sister alike from younger to much older, all were much beloved by Michele.

Michele adopted many along the way.  She was a sister to every human she ever knew.  Some closer than others, she called them all family.

More than anything, Michele loved God.  From a very young age she felt a call to serve His creation.  She did so with grace and passion, at every juncture.  Whether it was her own children, or simply a butterfly, she was a Mother.  Always at the ready to touch with Love, in the name of God.

Michele never chose a profession, instead one chose her. Her home, Husband, Children and much too recent, Grandchildren and their nest was her sanctuary.  It was her “Wheelhouse” her “Power Alley”, her passion.  One need only to walk through it once, to experience her artful, heartfelt and deeply careful love for her family.

Michele spent very little time expressing displeasure about anything.  Those expressions were usually reserved for things that bothered her most, like injustices towards children and also injustices against the poor, the needy and the elderly.  Vanity and pride were among her dislikes.

One would be amiss to mistake her meekness for weakness.  If you poked Michele once, you would most of the time evoke a response of love.  Poked to an excess she would likely respond, with the wit and intellect of an Einstein or a Darwin . . . or of her Christ.  All of course, tempered with love . . . her legacy.

Michele is survived by: Her Husband Jeff of 33 years.  Her four grown Children, Daniel, Brynn, Ian and Kaitlyn.  Her Father Richard and many Cousins. In-Laws, as well as adopted family.

5 Responses to “Michele Stacey Montanaro”

  • Lynn Trombetta says:

    Truly the most wonderful model of a mother….she loved her children and grandchildren and it was evident EVERYTIME I saw her w/ them.
    Her husband called her blessed and would glow when he spoke of her….
    She will be missed forever but has left a legacy that will always evoke a smile….
    I know God is carrying each one of you thru this valley and He will continue to comfort and carry you in the days ahead.
    Love to you all….

  • Gayle Cruse says:

    I will always Smile when I think of you Michele. . We may not have talked as much as we both would have liked but when we did, look out girl. . Such meaning, love and compassion in your words. . I love you my friend and will forever miss you! 💋 one last kiss on the cheek and I will see you next on the streets of gold as we both dance with our Lord Jesus!

  • Bethany Rohde says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to a gorgeous woman inside and out. Over the last 17 years that I’ve known her, I was so appreciated her calm and sweet disposition. She was such a refreshing person to see at a party. Never loud or rude and always with a smile. I’m so sick for Brynn, Daniel, Katelyn, Jeff and Ian to have to go without her right now. Love to your family from mine.

  • Serah Gaswint says:

    When I think of Michelle, I will think of her hugs. I unfortunately have to say I didn’t know her all that well but that never stopped her from giving me the biggest hug every time we would say goodbye. You will be greatly missed my dear. Love and miss you!

  • Cousin Jimmy says:

    It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a decade already.

    Ah Michelle, I sure miss you. I miss the unique snorting sound of your laughter. Man, we shared some laughs as I grew up in your shadow.

    You filled far more roles in my life than simply being my fellow Libra cousin. You were like a 2nd mom and a great friend.

    When I’m missing you I draw much strength in knowing your very last words to me were “I love you, Jimmy!.

    Now, your baby boy Daniel is up there by your side. How fitting.

    I know you are looking over me and the rest of your family while we navigate this crazy world.

    You’ll always be my angel. I love you (and your family) forever!

    Cousin Jimmy. ( :

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